April 4 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 7


deposition= DEPGS
anything else= NILGS
emergency room= MAOM
questions= QES
surgery= SURG
as soon as= SNS
witnesses= WNSZ
docket= DOKT
endangerment= SBAIJT
probation= PRAIBGS
criminals= KRINLS
guilt or innocence= GOINS
tenants= TANTS
landlord= L-LD
plea= PLAOE
building= BL-G
electrical= LEBLG
property= PRORT
opinion= P-N
robbery= ROIB
assault= SAULT
possession= PEGS
informant= NFNT
bullet= BULT
precedent= PR-NT
cited= KRAOITD
consent= SKENT
procedure= PRAOER
legitimate= JIT
puncture= PURNGT
inquiry= KWOIR
transcript= TRIPT
conditional= K-NL
compliance= KPLAOINS
intrusion= SBRAOUGS
tissue= TIRB
suspect= S-PT
anesthesia= STHAOEZ
hypocapnia= HOIP/KAP/NAOE/YA*
hypotension= HOIP/TENGS
incision= KB-FGS
recovery= ROIFR
amendment= AEMD
solely= SLEL
nerve= NEFRB
cardiac arrest= KAURKT
solicitation= SLIFGS
ambulance= BLANS
police= PLIS
emergency= M-J
beg your pardon= BURPD
as a matter of fact= SMAFT
plea agreement= PLAOEMT
discipline= SPLIN
stitches= STIFPS
colleague= KLAOEG
pursuant= PRAOUFNT
jurist= JUFRT
presentation= PRENGS
judicial= JURBL
contempt= KEMT
discreet= SDRAOET
casino= KAOFN
influence= FLUNS

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