July 28 2017

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
give me= GIFM
stick shift= STHIFT
no need= NOFRN
jury trial= JIRLT
between them= TWAOEMT
is at the= STE
did hear= DHAER
did you hear= DHAEUR
other than this= OERNTS
form of the question= FOFRMGS
think about this= THIBTS

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July 26 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 11


intrusion= SBRAOUGS
fixtures= FURXZ
for the record= FRORD
New York= NORK
litigation= LIGS
temporarily= TRAERL
return= RURN
partner= PARN
practice= PRA
privileged= PRIFD
accident= SD-
ambulance= BLANS
cousins= KUFNS
futility= FAOU/T*ILT
passively= PAFLS
jurisdiction= JURD
Sudanese= SAOUD/NAO*EZ
United States= UNTS
complaint= KPLAINT
termination= TERMGS
wrongful= WROFL
agenda= JAEND
skillet= SK*ILT
premeditated= PRAOEMTD
accidental= SD-L
conceal= SKAOEL
alive= LOIF
tort= TORT
theory= THAOER
terrorism= TRIFM
financial= F-NL
awesome= AUFM
polygraph= POIL/GRA*F
malpractice= M-P
hospital= HOPT
disturbance= DURNS
excuse me= SKAOUM
excellent= XLENT
inquiries= KWOIRS
medical treatment= MAOEMT
respirator= R-RP
sovereign= SOFRN
immunity= KBAOUNT
genocide= JENDZ
life support= LORT
betrayal= BRAEL
first of all= FRAUL
consciousness= KONS/-NS
policy= POIL
Congress= KO*NG
rescue= SKWU
population= POPGS
bipartisan= BIFRN
advisement= VAOIFMT
cause of action= KAUX
sedated= SDAITD
liberal= LIRBL or LIBL
politics= PLIX
recognizance= ROGZ
million dollars= M-LDZ
schedule= SKELD
determination= DERMGS
hearsay= HAOERS
survive= SWAOIF
incriminate= KRIMT
declaration= DLAIRGS
exception= XEX
prejudice= PREJ
something else= S-LGS
international= SBAL
attorney general= TOERNG
Attorney General= TO*ERNG
media= DWRA

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July 26 2017

Dictionary Builder: Propitious

Propitious is defined as, “giving or indicating a good chance of success; favorable.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: propitious= PROE/PIRBS
OPTION #2: propitious= PROE/P*IRBS
OPTION #3: propitious= PROE/PIRB/*US
OPTION #4: propitious= PROE/PIRB/SH*US
OPTION #5: propitious= PROE/PIRB/SHUS
OPTION #6: propitious= PROE/PIRB/YUS
OPTION #7: propitious= PROE/PIRB/Y*US

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July 24 2017

Briefs And Phrases From Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad
unemployed= TPHROID
that is= THAS
loaf= LOEF
kilt= KILT
out of= OUF
holy= HOIL
member= MEB
gate= GAET
perimeter= PRIRMT
at you= TU
really= R-L
upstairs= UPTS
are you= RU
in the hospital= NOPT
with you= WU
on the ground= OG
where I want= WRIPT
when I want= WHIPT
who I want= WHOIPT
tonight= TONT
chocolate= KHOKT or KHOK/LA*T
strawberry= STRAU/B*ER/YI
vanilla= VA/NIL/LA*
alive= LOIF
pretty= PRIT
crazy= KRAEZ
superman= SAOUP/MAN
national= NAL
canary= KA/NA*ER
worst= WO*RS
rumors= RAOURMS
abilities= ABLTS
metahuman= MET/A/HAO*UM
listen= L-N
hitman= HIT/MA*N
elite= AOE/LAOET
clientele= KLAOINLT
exterminator= STRERMT
contract= KR-T
zeros= S*ERS
zero= S*ER
window= WID
forever= FOFR
kind of= KAOIF
threaten= THRENT
threatened= THRENTD
business= BIS
leveraged= LEFRJD
year-old= YAOERLD
Gotham= GO*T/A*M
city= STI
daughter= DAUR
I know= AO*IN
I can= IK
pancakes= PAN/KA*IKS
supposed= SPOEFD
I want= IPT
resources= SRORSZ
to you= TOU
worry= WOIR
I just= IJT
anonymous= NOUMS
please= PLAOES
all right= L-RT
where’d= WR*D
doctor= DR-
psychiatrist= SKRIFT
asylum= A/SAOIL/*UM
assigned= SOIN/-D
clown= KLOUN
thoughtful= THAUFLT
you could= UKD
machine= M-N
machines= M-NS
we have= WEF
you think so= AOUNGS
king= KING
queen= QAOEN
disrespected= SDR-PTD or DR-PTD
she is= SHES
itch= IFP
belong= BLONG
I don’t want= YOPT
enjoying= GOIG
yourself= YOURZ
that’s right= THAERT
that was= THAFS
beginning= GING
company= K-P
crazier= KRAERZ
fearless= FAOERLS
Deadshot= DED/SHO*T
captain= KAPT
boomerang= BAOM/DL-S/RANG
Australia= AUS/AUS
at least= TLAOEFT
America= MERK
target= TARGT
honor= HON
pyrokinetic= PAOI/ROE/K*INGT or PAOI/RO*E/K*INGT
homeboy= HOEM/BO*I
tangled= TAING/*LD
catch= KAFP
surrendered= SRERND/-D
jumped= JUFRPD
incinerates= IN/SIN/RA*ITS
security= SKAOURT
video= VAO
evolution= EFLGS
backwards= BAURDZ
monster= MON/ST*ER
monsters= MON/ST*ERS
sanctuary= SA*ING/WA*ER
disappear= SPAER
witch= WIFP
dimension= DMENGS
archaeologist= KHOLT or ARK/OLGT
enchantress= EN/KHANT/TR*ES
inhabits= KBHABTS
releasing= RAOEGS
body= BOED
where is= WR-S
pocket= POKT
crocodiles= KROK/DAO*ILS
girlfriend= GOIF
boyfriend= BOIF
village= VIL
villains= VIL/A*NS
United States= UNTS
colonel= KOL
help= HEP
personal= PERNL
person= PERN
I have= IF
follow= FOL
writ= WRIT
White House= WHOUS
president= PREZ
contingency= TIJZ
Korea= KRAE
fluoride= FLOR/RAO*ID
water= WAURT
terrorist= TRIFT
becomes= B-KS
defeat= TKPAOET
in our= NOUR
covertly= KWERLT
general= JEN
attributed= A/TRIBTD
control= KROEL
briefing= BRAOEFG
earth= *ERT
likely= LAOIL
magic= MIJ
meeting= MAOEGT
incredible= KBREBL
weapons= WEPS
weapon= WEP
ministry= MIN/STRAO*E
Teheran= TAI/RA*N or TAI/RO*N
years= Y-RS
thank you= THAUNG
touch= TOUFP
I can’t= YA
authorize= THORZ
establish= BLIRB
program= PRAM
under the= N-RT
Mr. Chairman= MR-RM
welcome= WEM
assist= SIS
in any= N-N
maybe= MAEB
burrito= BUR/RAOE/TO*E
ma’am= MAM
let me= LEM
peace= PAES
restraints= STRAENTS
what is= WHAS
is this= STH-
what you can= WHAUK
chamber= KHAIM
record= RORD
history= HIFT
browser= BROURS
absolutely= SLUL
trigger= TRIRG
months= MOS
jokers= JOERKS
custody= KUD
supervised= SPR-FD
education= JAEGS
college= KLEJ
Harvard= HAR/VA*RD
Yale= YAIL
it is= T-S
criminals= KRINLS
psychotic= SKOKT
navy= NAEF
phone call= FOENG
coma= KMA
nobody= NOB
complex= KPLEX
disappearing= SPAERG
stamp= STAFRP
Louisiana= LA/LA
site= SAO*IT
do you know= DAOUN
who I am= WHOIM
I get= IGT
do you think so= DOUNGS
to be= TOB
time of= TAOIFM
morgue= MORG
sister= ST-R
brother= BROER
routing= RAOUGT
number= NUB
what happened= WHAPD
humans= HAOUMS
worshipped= WOFRPD
we were= WERP
build= BL-
building= BL-G
so I will= SO*IL
destroy= STROI
if you have= FUF
medical= MEL
physician= F-GS
pulse= PULS
compressions= KPREGSZ
midway= DWAI
attack= TW-K
circus= S*IRKS
prisoner= PRIRS
cooperating= KAOPGT
extraction= XRAX
extract= XRAKT
is that= STHA
injection= KB-JS
successful= SK-FL
verified= VOIFD
transferred= TR-FRD
what do you mean= WHAOUM
delivery= DLOIFR
access= SKES
behind= HIND
they say= THES
mistake= MAEK
I will= IL
military= MILT
alert= LAERT
evacuees= AOE/VAK/YAES
representative= REPT
alpha= AL/FA*
bravo= BRA/VO*E
voices= VOISZ
voice= VOIS
mahjong= MA/JO*NG
explosive= SKPLOEFS
grenade= GRA/NA*ID
disobey= SBOEB
escape= SKAEP
otherwise= OERZ
irritate= IR/TA*IT
vex= VEX
forewarning= FOER/WARNG
that happens= THAPS
motivation= MOEFGS
standard= ST-D
triangle= TRAOINL
anymore= NIM
cigarette= SGRET
pinky= P*ING/YI
behold= BHOELD
active= TIF
mission= MIGS
suicide= SWAOID
squad= SQAD
cut= K*UT
mowing= MOEG
advise= VIZ
victims= VIMS
stench= STEFP
what happened= WHAPD
terror= TROR
I don’t know= YON
dollar= DLAR
credit cards= KRERKDZ
assets= SAETS
undamaged= UN/DAJD
with our= WOUR
question= QE
standing= STANG
operational= PRAILGS
hostiles= HOFLS
divert= DW*ERT
continue= T-N
east= AOEFT
north= NORT
Amanda= A/MAN/DA*
copy= KPAOE
riddance= RID/A*NS
Harley= HARL/YI
flinched= FLIFPD
objective= OFBT
visual= VIRBL
engaged= GAEJD
people= PAOEPL
chopper= KHORP
ready= R-D
motion= MOEGS
detectors= SDERKTS
floor= FLAOR
extreme= STREM
caution= KAUGS
I don’t like= YOBLG
I do not care= YO*K
circle= SL-
to get= TO*GT
Jackson= JAFN
cardio= KARD/YO*E
would you= WOU
careful= KAIF
relax= RAEK
you ever been= UFRB
textbook= TEGT/BAO*K
sociopath= SOERB/YOE/PA*T
heart attack= HAURK
embarrassed= KBRAFD
cancer= KAERN
all of this= AUFLTS
precision= PRAOEFGS
studying= STOIG
average= AFRJ
retiree= RIR/YAE
elderly= LERLD
system= ST-M
consequence= QENS
consequences= QENSZ
accept= SEP
Nelson= NEL/SO*N
Mandela= MAN/DEL/A*
temple= TEFRPL
lady= LAED
mistakes= MAEKS
prison= PRIS
element= L-MT
professor= PROEFR
disarmed= DARMD
freedom= FRAOEM
hijacked= HAOI/JA*KD
soda= SAOD
yes, ma’am= YEM
confirmed= K-FRMD
it is= T-S
we had= WED
so much= SOFP
swirling= SWIRLG
trash= TRARB
in the= N-T
subway= SBAI
subway station= SBAIGS
miracle= MIRBLG
almost= L-M
despite= DPAOIT
patsies= PATS/YIS
preaching= PRAOEFPG
how many= HOUM
women= WIM
you’re welcome= YOURM
normal= NOL
ugly= OIG
creatures= KRAOEFPTS
letters= LERTS
underneath= NAO*ERT
meds= M*EDZ
detonate= DET/NA*IT
shadows= SHAODZ
how long= HOUNG
have you been= VUB
satellite= SAT/LAO*IT
secret= SKRET
facility= FAEFLT
last time= LAFMT
we should= WERB
beneath= NAO*ET
go ahead= GHAED
sentences= SNENSZ
espresso= ES/PRES/O8E
hypotenuse= HAOI/POT/NAO*US
sidewalk= SWAUK
variables= VARBLS
that I would= THAILD
you feel= UFL
seriously= SAOERLZ
brilliant= BRIL
jewels= JAOULS
legal= LAOEL
exposure= SKPAOUR
what do you do= WHAOU
answers= AENSZ
protection= PROEX
deliver= DLIFR
friendship= FROIP
leverage= LEFRJ

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July 24 2017

Medical Monday: Heteroplasty

Heteroplasty is defined as: “A plastic operation in which the portion grafted is taken from an organism or person other than the patient.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAS/T*I
OPTION #2: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAS/TAO*E
OPTION #3: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAFT/YI
OPTION #4: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLA*EFT
OPTION #5: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAS/T*I
OPTION #6: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAS/TAO*E
OPTION #7: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAFT/YI
OPTION #8: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLA*EFT

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