February 27 2019

Rules Of Grammar: How To Identify A Verbal Phrase

The test to identify whether a phrase is a verbal phrase is as follows: If you don’t need to change the tense of the verb from past to present or present to past in order to change the tense of the entire sentence from past to present or present to past, the phrase is a verbal phrase.

Example: Cooking after doing laundry is exhausting.
Cooking after doing laundry was exhausting.

[Note: You did not have to change the verb “cooking” to “cooked” in order to change the tense of the sentence.]

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February 27 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 8

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 8
so many= SOM
what are you= WHA*UR
good morning= GORNG
on it= O*NT
cargo= KARG
Los Angeles= LOS/LOS
Washington= WARB/WARB
debris= DBRI
eyewitness= Y-NS
oncologist= ON/KO*LGT
in the hospital= NOPT
butterball= BURT/BA*UL
martini= MAR/TAOE/NAO*E
as soon as= SNS
Snickers= SN*IRKS
consultant= SKUNLT
century= SEN
industrial= STRIL
Davos= DA/VO*ES
Switzerland= SWITS/LA*ND
finance= F-N
economic= KMIK
international= SBAL
2005= TWOUF
discipline= SPLIN
terrorist= TRIFT
glitch= GLIFP
stockholders= STOERLDZ
Nathaniel= NA/THA*NL
image= KBAJ
identify= AOIF
mechanical= M-BLG
tarmac= TAR/MA*K
suspect= S-PT
fertilizer= FERT/LAOIRZ
part-time= PO*IM
summit= SUMT
ultimately= LULT
Oklahoma= OEK/OEK
playbook= PLAI/BAO*K
residue= REZ/DAO*U
chemicals= KHEMS
warehouse= WROUS
subpoenaed= SPAOEND
footage= FAOJ
are the= R-T
itinerary= AOI/TIN/RA*ER
one thing= WUNG
identity= AOID
aviation= AIFGS
airline= AIRL
fingerprints= F-PS
Malaysia= MA/LAIZ/YA*
Kuala= KAOU/A/LA*
Lumpur= LUM/P*UR
Fairfax= FA*IR/FA*X
suburban= SYURB
cancer= KAERN
surgeon= SURN
asset= SAET
plastic surgeon= PLURN
tickling= TIBLG/-G
beets= BAO*ETS
celery= SEL/RAO*E
carrots= KROTS
ginger= GIRNG
kale= KAIL
dyspeptic= DIS/PEP/T*IK
elasticity= LAFKT
vulture= VUL/T*UR
confidentiality= K-FLT
practice= PRA
Bradley= BRAD/LY
vital= VAO*ILT
livelihood= LAOIFLD
Cockapoo= KOK/PAO*
secrets= SKRETS
Christina= KRIS/TAO*E/NA*
discretion= SKREGS
we believe= WEBL
pilot= PAOILT
licenses= L-NSZ
documentation= DAOUMGS
background= BAUGD
anonymity= AN/N*IMT
surveillance= SWAINS
expertise= SPAOERZ
devoted= DWOETD
Reagan= RA*ENG
imminent= KB/NENT
on the ground= OG
Sophia= SOEF/YA*
Nebraska= NE/NE
Denver= DEN/V*ER
Sam= SA*M/SA*M
too long= TAONG
manifesto= MEFT/O*E
influence= FLUNS
corporations= KORPGSZ
oligarchs= OEL/GA*RKS
credit card= KRERKD
storage= STORJ
facility= FAEFLT
elaborate= LAEBT
frequency= FREKZ
Queensboro= QAOENS/BRO*UG
goodbye= GAOIB
adopted= DOPTD
shadows= SHAODZ
she will= SHAOEL
I know= AOIN
software= SWA*ER
proprietary= PROIRPT or PRAET
eyelash= YARB
algorithm= ALG/R*IMT
beautiful= BAOUF
commitment= KMIMT
financial= F-NL
blueprint= BLUPT
counterfeit= KOURNT/F*IT
irony= OIRNT
studio= STAOUD
apple= AEPL
original= ORJ
arrested= ARD
funeral= FAOURNL
talk about it= TA*UBT

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February 22 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 7

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 7
Farragut= FAR/G*UT
café au lait= KAEF/O/LAI
dining room= DAOIRM
orange= ORNG
blue= BLU
yellow= YOEL
did I= SDI
display= DPLAI
window= WID
thoughtful= THOUF
Patrick= PARKT
episcopal= AOE/PIFK/PA*L
last time= LAFMT
briefcase= BRAOEFK
in the morning= NORNG
samples= SAMS
pumpkins= PUFRP/K*INS
ridiculous= KAOULS
invaded= KBA*ED
personnel= SNEL
biological= BL-L
transit authority= TROT
precisely= PRAOIFL
radio= RAO
radioactive= RAOFKT
impersonal= KBERNL
Barnes= BA*RNS
biochemical= BAOI/O*E/KH*EM
Annapolis= AN/NAP/L*IS
cytochlorin= SAOI/TOE/KLO*RN
phosphorus= FOS/FOR/*US
paratoxin= PA/RA/TOX/*IN
scientist= SAOINT
savant= SA/VA*NT
autocrat= AOT/KRA*T
at once= TWUNS
detachment= DAFMT
designer= SDAOIRN
arteries= AERTS
pseudoaneurysm= SAOUD/O*E/AN/R*IFM
maxillary= MAX/*IL/LA*ER
artery= AERT
Kurz= K*URZ
oxygen= SHEN
in this case= NIK
lunch= LUFP
follow me= FL-M
Minnesota= MIN/MIN
infections= N-FXZ
virus= VAOIRS
contagious= TAIJS
clusters= KLUFRTS
weaponized= WEPDZ
strontium= SRONT/Y*UM
modified= MOIFD
isotope= AOIS/TO*EP
immunosuppressant= KBAOUN/O*E/SPR*EFNT
apprehended= PRAEND
vaporized= VAIRPDZ
this afternoon= TH-FRN
Donald= DONLD
Reston= RES/TO*N
guayabera= GA/YA/BAOER/A*
in the meantime= NAOENT
Havana= HA/VAN/A*
purchase= PR-FP
obsessive= OB/S*EFS
puzzle= PUZ
Purdue= PUR/DAO*U
phone number= FUB
variant= VAIRNT
infected= N-FKTD
good time= GAOMT
pharmaceutical= FARL
radar= RAIRD
ignored= GORD
invest= VEF
aside= SOID
Qassam= QAS/SA*M
transaction= TR-X
trout= TROUT
jury= JIR
summons= SMONS
Arlington= ARLG/TO*N
courthouse= KHOUS
federal agent= FRALGT
stairwell= STAIRL
second floor= S*FL
evacuate= AOEFKT
including= KLUG
out of the= OUFT
gun= G-N
escrow= SKROE
jury room= JIRM
random= RAOND
genders= JERNDZ
protocol= PROELT
firearm= FAOIRM
hostage= HOFJ
exceptions= XEPGSZ
regulations= RELGSZ
administrative= MIF
sweetheart= SWHART
gumball= GUM/BA*UL
waltz= WALTS
coverage= KOFRJ
which means= KH-MS
why would= Y*LD
biopsy= BAOIPZ
immunity= KBAOUNT
antidote= AOINT/DO*ET
Ethan= AO*ET/A*N
subway= SBAI
souvenir= SUF/NA*IR
guava= GA/VA*
pity= POIT
and believe it= SKP*BLT
relationship= ROIP
to believe= TOBL
furniture= FUTNT
lamp= LAFRP
to go= TOG
memories= MEMS
clearance= KLAOERNS
Seychelles= SAI/SH*ELS
Doha= DOE/HA*
Florence= FLORNS
Marigot= MA/RAOE/GO*T

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February 22 2019

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
good time= GAOMT
good times= GAOMTS
and believe it= SKP*BLT
and believe the= SKP-BLT
and believe this= SKP-BLTS
transit authority= TROT
trial court= TRORT
Staten Island= STAOINLD
right to refuse= R-FTS

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February 21 2019

Theory Thursday: 2018′s Most Instagrammed Sneakers

I Love Steno The Student Edition (Cropped)
According to Business Insider, the world’s most Instagrammed sneakers in 2018 is as follows:

Adidas= A/DAOE/DA*S
Vans= VA*NS
Converse= KW*ERZ
Chuck Taylor= KH*UK/K-L/TA*IRL
Stan Smith= STAN/SM*IT
Huarache= HA/RAFP/YI
Air Jordan= AIR/K-L/JOR/DA*N
Flyknit= FLAOI/N*IT
Cortez= KOR/T*EZ
Puma= PAOU/MA*/K-L
Pharrell Williams= FA/R*EL/WL-MS

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February 15 2019

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
just like= JUFBLG
just like the= JUFBLGT
just like it= J*UFBLGT
just like this= JUFBLGTS
whether or not you need= WHROUFRN
whether or not you needed= WHROUFRND
whether or not you are the= WHROURT
whether or not you are it= WHRO*URT
whether or not you are this= WHROURTS
crash cart= KRARBT
crash carts= KRARBTS

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February 14 2019

Briefs And Phrases From The Punisher- Season 2, Episode 13

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 13
psychopath= SKPA*T
teenagers= TAIRJS
and I need= SKPIFRN
what do you think= WHAOUNG
Lemuel= LEM/AOU/*EL
you have the= UFT
bunch= BUFP
flowers= FLOURS
bridge= BRIJ
when you find= WHUFND
what he says= WHAESZ
bedside= BED/SAO*ID
flesh= FLERB
flinch= FLIFP
I didn’t want= YIPT
any of this= NIFTS
how could= HOUKD
poster= POEFRT
plausible= PLAUFBL
deniability= D-NLT
some of them= SM-FMT
prejudices= PREJS
legacy= LEGZ
right thing= RAOING
righteous= RAOIRBS
they believe it= TH*EBLT
plenty= PLENT
too late= TAOLT
trailer= TRAIRL
is that= STHA
who you are= WHOUR
here’s= HAO*ERS
therapy= THAERP
state of mind= STAIFMD
yourself= YOURZ
should have known= SHUFN
preserve= PREFRB
crime scene= KRAOEN
finish= FINS
flattered= FLARTD
liable= LAOIBL
to say= TO*S
murdering= MURGD
decency= SDAOENZ
airport= AIRPT
shuttles= SHULTS
tougher= TUFR
he’ll= HAO*EL

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February 13 2019

Briefs And Phrases From The Punisher- Season 2, Episode 12

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 12
committee= KMAOE
kidnapping= KIPG
Tuesday= TAOUS
thank you very much= THAFM
to tell you the truth= TLAO*UT
promise= PROM
barbecue= BA*RB/QAO*U
where he went= WREFRG
senator= SNOR
highway= HOI
too good= TAOGD
front door= FRAOR
shotgun= SG-N
kneecap= NAOE/KA*P
from time to time= FRIMT
quarrel= QAERL
admire= DMAOIR
David= DAIFD
blackmail= BLAK/MA*IL
terrifying= TROIFG
how many= HOUM
too many= TAOM
overwhelmed= WHOEMD
immune= KBAOUN
panic= PA*NG
we’ve= WAO*EF
one thing= WUNG
gloat= GLOET
funny= FOIN
blue= BLU
Dutch= DUFP
what kind of= WHAOIFND
secret= SKRET
have you ever= HUFR
excuse me= SKAOUFM
background= BAUGD
mischief= SKHIF

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