September 28 2012

Practice Video: Commonly Used Words with “L”

This video is great practice for theory students.

Here are some briefs from some of the words spoken in the video:
little= LIL
along= LAONG
below= BLOE
children= KHIRN
almost= L-M
example= KP-M
himself= HIMZ
usually= AOURBL
early= ERL
leter= LERT
English= GLIRB
built= BILT
special= SPERB
already= L-R
longer= LORNG
carefully= KAIFL
although= AOL
simple= SIM
suddenly= SULD
itself= T-Z
language= LANG
listen= L-N
lost= LO*S
travel= TRAFL
yourself= YOURZ
yellow= YOEL

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