Sep 25

Invest, Investigate, and Inspect Word Drill

Here’s another word drill from Steno Thing’s podcast. This drill is great for working out any confusion that may emerge when writing words in the “invest, investigate, and inspect” word family.

Here are some briefs from the drill:

invest= VEF
investor= VEFR
inspect= SPEKT
inspector= SPERKT
investigate= VEGT
investigator= VERGT

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1 comment

  1. Virginia T. Kempson

    Elsie, Just finished practicing the invest, investigation, investor, investigating, and investigated. Also, the inspect, inspecting, inspector, and jury, jury room, juror,. Here’s one for U: jury charge=skwr-fp, and jury box=skwrobgs, jury excused=skwrebgs, or J-x, jury present=skwr-pt, and jury not present=skwrout, jury trial=skwr-t or skwrurt. Enjoy. Virginia. P.s. U may already know this, if not, here it is.

    (LC), Lol. Tha’s hou i rer ur name. I mean Well. U R my STENSPIRATION… MUCH LOVE VIRGINIA.

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