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Nov 02

Theory Thursday: Elsie Villega’s Audio Practice Briefs & Phrases Part 1

summit= SUMT garage= GRAJ garbage= GARJ accountability= KABLT accountable= KABL secondary= SERKD governance= GOFRNZ convene= KWAO*EN convenes= KWAO*ENZ queen= KWAOEN queens= KWAOENS (Note: Queens= KWAO*ENS; as in Queens, New York) He was accountable for the garbage in the garage. The queen called a summit for queens that will convene in Brooklyn. The governance of the …

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May 07

Theory Thursday: Prefix/Suffix Exercise

Source: Moss4ACI (You Tube) Machine briefs from video: Prefix out-= AOUT operation= PRAIGS promotion= PROMGS please= PLAOES Prefix up-= AUP we need= WAOEFRN to do= TAOD competitive= KPEFT is there= STHR anybody= NIB available= VAIBL for the= F-RT afternoon= AFRN Prefix on-= AON investigation= VEGS century= SEN when was= WHFS doesn’t= DOENT traffic= TRAFK surgery= …

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Mar 23

Steno Resources: Word Pronunciations

There’s a You Tube channel that specializes in word pronunciations. The user name of the channel is Emma Saying. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/EmmaSaying Emma Saying’s channel includes playlists that are categorized into topics such as: Top challenging words, pairs of confusing sound-a-likes, difficult words to pronounce, NBA players, Hollywood stars, historical figures, and even a …

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Mar 29

Practice Audio: Q & A 170-210 (2-Voice)

I’m a big fan of John DeCaro’s practice audio. I especially love the way he does the Q & A. His Q & A actually has different people dictating along with him so that you hear more than one person’s voice. This is helpful to me because I noticed that I have developed a habit …

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Jan 20

Practice Video: 180 200 Jury Charge

This is a jury charge practice at 180 and 200. I found this great video on You Tube created by user name, Moss4ACI. It includes some useful briefs at the beginning of the video as well as briefs and phrases further along in the video. It also includes a great read back of the material …

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Nov 27

Practice Audio: Lit and Q & A

This is a great combination lit and Q & A practice. The dialog (Q & A) part of the dictation is repeated twice in the audio. This practice is great for a moderate-lit workout, and a slow Q & A practice. The Q & A part is especially helpful for students who are also working …

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Nov 21

Practice Audio: Acronyms

Sep 25

Invest, Investigate, and Inspect Word Drill

Here’s another word drill from Steno Thing’s podcast. This drill is great for working out any confusion that may emerge when writing words in the “invest, investigate, and inspect” word family. Here are some briefs from the drill: invest= VEF investor= VEFR inspect= SPEKT inspector= SPERKT investigate= VEGT investigator= VERGT

Sep 24

Jury/Injury & Related Words Dril

I found this word drill on Steno Thing’s podcast page.