November 2 2017

Theory Thursday: Elsie Villega’s Audio Practice Briefs & Phrases Part 1

summit= SUMT
garage= GRAJ
garbage= GARJ
accountability= KABLT
accountable= KABL
secondary= SERKD
governance= GOFRNZ
convene= KWAO*EN
convenes= KWAO*ENZ
queen= KWAOEN
queens= KWAOENS
(Note: Queens= KWAO*ENS; as in Queens, New York)
He was accountable for the garbage in the garage.
The queen called a summit for queens that will convene in Brooklyn.
The governance of the secondary school was garbage.
Let’s convene in the garage tomorrow.
he was= EFS
for the= F-RT
that will= THAL
in the = N-T
called= KAULD
tomorrow= TOM

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