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Sep 25

Case CATalyst: Pausing And Resuming Audio

To pause audio recording via your steno machine when writing realtime, write the following steno strokes: /PAUS/PAUS. This is defined as {Pause Audio}. Resumption of recording audio does not automatically begin when you start writing on your machine if you have paused the recording by writing /PAUS/PAUS. If you have paused audio recording via writing …

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Jul 26

Case CATalyst: How To Search For Acronyms, Social Security Numbers, Phone Numbers, And More In A Transcript

Jan 18

Case CATalyst: What Are Work Units?

Work units are a function of Case CATalyst that is usually used in network situations when reporters provide daily copy, or take turns using the same computer. Work units are consecutively numbered files that are created as a separate copy while a reporter writes realtime. Meanwhile, the original realtime file remains as one cohesive file. …

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Jun 02

Case CATalyst: Tapemarks- Defining Them & Scanning For Them

Stenography machines are equipped with buttons that allow you to make electronic marks on your steno notes. These tapemarks are used by stenographers to make special notations in their notes. For example, a stenographer might want to be reminded of a place in their steno notes that they want to review later, and they may …

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May 05

Case CATalyst: Auto Log On

You can use Case CAT without having to click on a user to get to your files. If you are the only person who uses your Case CATalyst system, this may be your preference. To eliminate this click, you would turn on your Auto Logo On function. To do so, do the following steps: 1) …

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Apr 27

Case CATalyst: Changing Your User Icon

Case CAT Default User Icons

Yes, you can change your mundane Case CATalyst user icon from the default one that is shown below. Case CAT offers a handful of options for user icons. You can also import your own via browse. However, if you are importing your own icon, beware that the size of the graphic shouldn’t be too large. …

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Dec 18

Layout Conversion Figures

When measuring margins for Case CATalyst settings, a ruler that has the inches divided into tenths is a useful tool. However, such a ruler is not always readily available. Most rulers divide the inches by sixteenths. Below is a list of figures that shows the decimal equivalents for sixteenths of an inch. These conversions are …

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Aug 12

Case CATalyst: Creating A Seating Chart

Jul 20

Case CATalyst: Spell Check Checks More Than Spelling

The spell check option in Case CATalyst can check for more than just spelling errors. The spell check function allows you to check for a bevy of errors including: Words that are written out in all capital letters, words that contain more capital letters than an initial cap, a combination of letters and numbers, repeated …

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Jul 07

I Love Steno The Student Edition: Practice Your Read Back From A Tablet, Smart Phone, etc.

With computer-aided transcription, gone are the days when court reporters have to read back from paper notes. When I first started court reporting school, I used an Stentura Protégé. In transit, I would read back from my paper notes for practice. More than a couple of times I dropped my accordion-like arrangements of notes. I …

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