April 27 2016

Case CATalyst: Changing Your User Icon

Yes, you can change your mundane Case CATalyst user icon from the default one that is shown below.
Case CAT Default User Icons
Case CAT offers a handful of options for user icons. You can also import your own via browse. However, if you are importing your own icon, beware that the size of the graphic shouldn’t be too large. If it is, the icon will not look detailed.

I recently changed my user icons to the images of steno machines. These are images that are offered by Stenograph as options. (See picture below.)
Case CAT Machine User Icons copy

How To Change Your User Icon:

1) In manage jobs select Tools.
2) Select Options.
3) Select Manage Jobs General.
4) Select Select User Icon.

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Posted April 27, 2016 by Elsie Villega in category "Information

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