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Oct 25

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: Which State Has The Most Court Reporters?

QUESTION: Which state has the highest level of employment for court reporters? ANSWER: According to Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2015 tabulation, the state of Maryland employs the most court reporters in the United States.

Oct 24

Medical Monday: Cirsotomy

A cirsotomy is “any operation for the removal of varicose veins by incision.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/O*E/M*I OPTION #2: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/O*E/MAO*E OPTION #3: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/A/M*I OPTION #4: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/A/MAO*E OPTION #5: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/TO*EM OPTION #6: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/TO*IM

Oct 21

Friday Phrases

which is known= KH-FN which is known as= KH-FNS which is known as the= KH-FNTS what is known= WHAFN what is known as= WHAFNS what is known as the= WHAFNTS this is known= THIFN this is known as= THIFNS this is known as the= THIFNTS that is known= THAFN that is known= THAFNS that is …

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Oct 20

Theory Thursday: One-Syllable Words & Stitching Practice (Part 1)

Yes, this is a children’s video, but it is also a great way to practice your theory words and stitching!

Oct 19

Court Reporter Spotted: Treme- Season 1, Episodes 5 & 7


It looks like Madam Reporter has a Stenograph Mira. Why is it sitting on the table though? Smh! Still, I’m glad she’s at least depicted.

Oct 19

Rules Of Grammar: Tortuous vs. Torturous

Tortuous is defined as followed: “(1) Full of twists and turns. (2) Excessively lengthy and complex.” Torturous is defined as follows: “Characterized by, involving, or causing excruciating pain or suffering.”

Oct 17

Medical Monday: Arm and Forearm Arteries

artery= AERT collateral= KLARL radial= RAID/YAL or RAID/YA*L anterior= AOR posterior= PAO*R inferior= KBAOR ulnar= UL/NA*R interosseus= SBER/ROS/Y*US brachial= BRAIK/YAL or BRAIK/YA*L recurrent= RAOE/KURNT profunda= PROFND/A*

Oct 14

Rules Of Grammar: Temblor vs. Trembler

Is an earthquake a temblor or a trembler? It depends on the source you site. According to The Grammar Bible, a temblor is an earthquake and the word “trembler” refers to one who trembles; as in a person who shakes due to excitement or anxiety. However, a Google search has revealed that there are word …

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Oct 14

Friday Phrases

until this= N-LTS prescription drug= PRIPD prescription drugs= PRIPDZ at or around= AORND is that a fact= STHAFT is not= S*NT is it your understanding= STURNG is it your testimony= STURMT

Oct 14


“You have to stay aligned with your passion because as you start to move forward, you have to make sure that you remember what you started off doing it for.” -Dr. Sampson Davis Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

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