October 24 2016

Medical Monday: Cirsotomy

A cirsotomy is “any operation for the removal of varicose veins by incision.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/O*E/M*I
OPTION #2: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/O*E/MAO*E
OPTION #3: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/A/M*I
OPTION #4: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/A/MAO*E
OPTION #5: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/TO*EM
OPTION #6: cirsotomy= SIR/SOT/TO*IM

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October 21 2016

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
which is known= KH-FN
which is known as= KH-FNS
which is known as the= KH-FNTS
what is known= WHAFN
what is known as= WHAFNS
what is known as the= WHAFNTS
this is known= THIFN
this is known as= THIFNS
this is known as the= THIFNTS
that is known= THAFN
that is known= THAFNS
that is known as the= THAFNTS

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October 14 2016

Rules Of Grammar: Temblor vs. Trembler

Rules Of Grammar LogoIs an earthquake a temblor or a trembler? It depends on the source you site.

According to The Grammar Bible, a temblor is an earthquake and the word “trembler” refers to one who trembles; as in a person who shakes due to excitement or anxiety. However, a Google search has revealed that there are word definition sources that cite “trembler” as also meaning an earthquake; although these sources have this rendition of the definition listed as “informal.”

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