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Jul 25

Rules Of Grammar: Hew vs. Hue

Hew is defined as: “To make and shape with blows of an ax.” Hue is defined as: “The particular shade of a color; that in which one color or shade differs from another.” Machine Briefs: hue= HAOU hew= HAO*U

Jul 25

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: The Septet Homophone

QUESTION: What is the one septet of homophones in the English language? ANSWER: raise, rays, raze (to completely destroy), rase (to erase), rehs (mixtures of salts found in India), res (steps on the musical scale), reis (a currency unit in Brazil and Portugal).

Sep 07

Rules Of Grammar: Amend vs. Emend

Amend is defined as follows: “(1) To change some of the words and often the meaning of a law, document, etc. (2) To change and improve something, such as a mistake or bad situation.” Emend is defined as follows: “To correct errors in something written.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: amend= MAEND OPTION #2: amend= A/MEND …

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Aug 17

Rules Of Grammar: Biannual vs. Biennial

Biannual is something that occurs twice a year. Biennial is an occurrence that happens every two years.

Jul 11

Rules Of Grammar: Discreet vs Discrete

Discreet is defined as follows in the Webster Dictionary: “(1) Not likely to be seen or noticed by many people. (2) Having or showing discernment or good judgment in conduct and especially in speech. (3) Unpretentious, modest. (4) Unobtrusive, unnoticeable. Discrete is defined as follows in the Webster Dictionary: “(1) Separate and different from each …

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Jun 29

Rules Of Grammar: Auger vs. Augur

An auger is a tool that has a bit in the shape of a helix. This tool is used to bore holes in wood. An augur is a soothsayer; a person who foretells events by omens. It is also a word used todecribe an official diviner of ancient Rome. Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: auger= AURG …

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Mar 17

Rules Of Grammar: Paul vs. Pall vs. Pawl

Of course, there is the name Paul. Then there is pawl and pall. Pall has the following definitions: “(1) A cover for a coffin, bier, or tomb, often made of black, purple, or white velvet. (2) A coffin. (3) A covering that darkens or obscures. (4) A gloomy effect or atmosphere. (5) To become insipid, …

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Mar 04

Rules Of Grammar: Colombia vs. Columbia

Columbia is the name of a New York City university. It is also the name of a clothing company. However, Colombia is a country in South America that is bordered by Panama, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Machine Briefs: Columbia= KLOM Colombia= KLO*M

Feb 10

Rules Of Grammar: Flair vs. Flare

Flair is defined as follows: “(1) A natural ability to do something. (2) An unusual and appealing quality or style.” Flare is defined as follows: “(1) A light that shines brightly and briefly. (2) A very bright light that is used to give a signal, to light something, or to attract attention. Also, a device …

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Jan 25

Rules Of Grammar: Descendant vs. Descendent

Descendant is a noun that is defined as follows: “One who is descended lineally from another; offspring.” Descendent is an adjective that means: “Proceeding downward; descending.” It also means, “Issuing by descent, as from an ancestor.”

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