July 11 2016

Rules Of Grammar: Discreet vs Discrete

Rules Of Grammar LogoDiscreet is defined as follows in the Webster Dictionary: “(1) Not likely to be seen or noticed by many people. (2) Having or showing discernment or good judgment in conduct and especially in speech. (3) Unpretentious, modest. (4) Unobtrusive, unnoticeable.

Discrete is defined as follows in the Webster Dictionary: “(1) Separate and different from each other. (2) Constituting a separate entity. (3) Consisting of distinct or unconnected elements; noncontinuous. (4) Taking on or having a finite or countably infinite number of values.

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: discreet: SDRAOET
OPTION #2: discreet: DIS/KRAOET
OPTION #3: discreet: DIZ/KRAOET

OPTION #1: discrete: DIS/KRA*OET
OPTION #2: discrete: DIZ/KRA*OET

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Posted July 11, 2016 by Elsie Villega in category "Briefs", "Grammar", "Vocabulary

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