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Oct 26

Practive Video: Deposition Reenactment

This is a funny one-minute skit about answering questions at a deposition. Depending on your speed and your familiarity with Q&A designations, this could be a good burst of practice for you. Here are some briefs for some of the words and phrases used in the video: my name is= MAOINS in this case= NIK …

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Oct 26

Friday Phrases

off and on= FAON up and down= POUN promissory note= PROET off the record= FRORTD (NOTE: As a parenthetical I type, “OF/OF”) subpoena duces tecum= SP-D than the= THANT thank you very much= THAUFP thank you, Your Honor= THAURN up-to-date= P-TD

Oct 23

Practice Video: Opening Statement

Below is an instructional video for making opening statements. I found it to be good practice on the machine. Here are some briefs from the video: cocaine= KOIK perfect= P-FRT informant= N-FNT police department= PLEPT identity= AOEUD transport= TR-PT simply= SOIM prosecution= PR-GS reasonable doubt= -RD expert= SPERT pressure= PRERB ask you= SKU impossible= KBOB …

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Oct 22

Medical Monday: Cataplasm

Cataplasm is defined as: “A soft usually heated and sometimes medicated mass spread on cloth and applied to sores or other lesions.” Machine Briefs: Option #1: cataplasm= KAT/A/PLAFM

Status update

“Court reporters often interrupt proceedings to get every word uttered by someone in a low tone or if more than one person is speaking at once. Recording equipment cannot do that, which explains the “inaudible” entries that often punctuate court transcripts from digital recordings.” -From the article, “Fewer Court Stenographers as N.J. Courts Go Digital” By: The Associated Press

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Oct 19

Friday Phrases

admitted into evidence= DMIFD during deliberation= DURGD during deliberations= DURGDS during your deliberations= DURBGS carbon monoxide= KMOX carbon dioxide= KBOX I object= IB I object to= IBT

Oct 17

Practive Video: Dictation On Economics

The following video is great lit practice. The background music is also great for practicing focusing while there are distractions.

Oct 15

Medical Monday: Angiogenesis

“Angiogenesis” is defined as: “The formation and differentiation of blood vessels.” Machine Briefs: Option #1: angiogenesis= AN/GAOE/OE/JEN/SIS Option #2: angiogenesis= AN/GAOE/O*E/JEN/SIS Option #3: angiogenesis= JO/JEN/SIS

Oct 15


“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” -Maya Angelou

Oct 12

Friday Phrases

over-the-counter= SROURPBT place of business= PHRAEUBS place of employment= PHRAEUPLT errors and omissions= RORGSZ half an hour= HAUR half hour= HAUF lump sum= LUMS

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