Oct 26

Practive Video: Deposition Reenactment

This is a funny one-minute skit about answering questions at a deposition. Depending on your speed and your familiarity with Q&A designations, this could be a good burst of practice for you.

Here are some briefs for some of the words and phrases used in the video:
my name is= MAOINS
in this case= NIK
Have you ever had your deposition taken before?= VUFRPD
for the record= FRORD
Where do you work= WROURK
urinalysis= AOURNLZ
unemployed= TPHROID
airport= AIRPT

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  1. Virginia T. Kempson

    Dear Elsie:

    thank you, for all the material to work on @ ur site. Q: when u write the question, have you ever had ur depostiion taken before, do u write vufrd ur deogs taken bf, or the same way u have it , vufrpd? When possible can u please get back to me on this…



    1. Elsie

      Hi, Virginia. *waves* Hope all is well. In my dictionary, I imputed “Have you ever had your deposition taken before?” as one stroke; VUFRPD. For me, VUFR= have you ever. I also have, “have you ever had your deposition taken” as VUFRP in my dictionary. I hope that helps and answers your question. :)

  2. Virginia T. Kempson

    Dear Elsie:

    When u wrote, have you ever had your deposition taken before, is it the same way you have it or is it, vufrd ur depgs taken bf?

    Can you please get back to me on it, @ ur conveince, Please.


  3. Virginia T. Kempson

    Elsie, I enjoy doing this video. It’s funny and fun.

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