January 29 2016

Friday Phrases: And Phrases Part 14

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and I should= SKPIRBD
and I shouldn’t= SKPIRBD/-NT
and I think= SKPING
and I think the= SKPINGT
and I told= SKPILT
and I understand= SKPINDZ
and I understood= SKPIND
and I want= SKPIPT
and I wanted= SKPIPTD
and I was= SKPIFS
and I wasn’t= SKPIFS/-NT
and I was not= SKPIFNTS
and I were= SKPIRP
and I were the= SKPIRPT
and I will= SKPIL
and I will see= SKPILZ
and I would= SKPILD
and I would see= SKPILDZ
and I wouldn’t= SKPILD/-NT

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