November 30 2012

Friday Phrases: Blood Phrases

blood cell= BLAOL
blood cells= BLAOLS
blood clot= BLAOKT
blood count= BLAOK
blood pressure= BLAOPS
blood sample= BLAOFRPL
blood serum= BLAORM
blood stream= BLAOFM
blood sugar= BLAORB
blood sugar level= BLAORBL
blood test= BLAOT
blood transfusion= BLAOFGS
blood type= BLAOP
blood vessel= BLAOFL
blood vessels= BLAOFLS
blood alcohol= BLOL
blood alcohol level= BLEFL

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November 28 2012


“Like many other colleagues in our profession, I am a perfectionist. I am very demanding of myself. I have a natural drive to work hard and accept challenges. Having a positive attitude and working with enthusiasm and perseverance is a tremendous asset. Having a passion for the work is truly a blessing!” -Tess Crowder (From the October 2012 Edition of The JCR)

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November 27 2012

Practice Audio: Lit and Q & A

This is a great combination lit and Q & A practice. The dialog (Q & A) part of the dictation is repeated twice in the audio. This practice is great for a moderate-lit workout, and a slow Q & A practice. The Q & A part is especially helpful for students who are also working on punctuation.

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video:

movie= MO*EF
champion= KHAON
season= S-N
cell phone= SLOEN or SFOEN
at the end of= TEFN
upset= SPET
football= FAOBL
baseball= BAIBL
restaurant= STRAUNT
especially= EP
United States= *US
negative= NEF
library= LAOIB

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November 19 2012

Medical Monday: Globulin

Globulin is defined as: “Any of a group of proteins occurring in plant and animal tissue, insoluble in pure water and soluble in dilute salt solutions and coagulable by heat”; or, “Any of several groups of blood plasma proteins, divided into fractions, as alpha, beta, or gamma globulin.”

Machine Briefs:
Option #1: globulin= GLAOUB
Option #2: globulin= GLOB/LIN
Option #3: globulin= GLOB/AOU/LIN

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