July 15 2019

Medical Monday: Supination

Supination is defined as follows: “(1) The act of turning the palm of the hand, or the corresponding surface of the forelimb, upward. (2) The position of a limb so turned; opposed to pronation. (3) The act or state of lying supine.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: supination= SAOUP/NA*IGS
OPTION #2: supination= SAOUP/A/NA*IGS
OPTION #3: supination= SAOUP/PA/NA*IGS
OPTION #4: supination= SAOU/PA/NA*IGS
OPTION #5: supination= SPINGS

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May 28 2019

Legal Vocabulary: Spoliation

Spoliation is defined as follows: “(1) Destruction; mutilation; alteration; specifically, the erasure, alteration, mutilation, or destruction of a paper to prevent its being used as evidence. (2) In English canon law, the taking of the fruits of a benefice under a pretended but illegal title, or a writ or suit brought on such grounds. (3) The destruction of a ship’s papers so as to conceal its nationality, the character of its trade, cargo, etc.

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: spoliation= SPOE/LAO*EGS
OPTION #2: spoliation= SPOE/LAOE/A*IGS

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April 22 2019

Medical Monday: Retinitis

Retinitis is inflammation of the retina.


OPTION #1: retinitis= RET/NAO*ITS
OPTION #2: retinitis= RET/NAOIT/T*IS
OPTION #3: retinitis= RET/NAOI/T*IS
OPTION #4: retinitis= RET/TA/NAOI/T*IS
OPTION #5: retinitis= RET/TA/NAOIT/T*IS
OPTION #6: retinitis= RET/TA/NAOIT/*IS
OPTION #7: retinitis= RET/A/NAO*ITS
OPTION #8: retinitis= RET/A/NAOI/T*IS
OPTION #9: retinitis= RET/A/NAOIT/*IS
OPTION #10: retinitis= RET/A/NAOIT/T*IS

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April 19 2019

Legal Vocabulary: Replevin

Replevin is defined as follows: “(1) An action to regain possession of personal property unlawfully retained, on giving security to try the title and respond to the judgement; recovery of property by such action. (2) The judicial writ of process by which such proceedings are instituted.”


OPTION #1: replevin= RA/PLEF/*IN
OPTION #2: replevin= RA/PLEF/V*IN
OPTION #3: replevin= RA/PLEFN
OPTION #4: replevin= RA/PL*EFN
OPTION #5: replevin= RAOE/PLEF/*IN
OPTION #6: replevin= RAOE/PLEF/V*IN
OPTION #7: replevin= RAOE/PLEFN
OPTION #8: replevin= RAOE/PL*EFN

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