January 18 2021

Medical Monday: Tracheitis

Tracheitis is inflammation of the trachea (windpipe).


OPTION #1: tracheitis= TRAIK/AO*ITS
OPTION #2: tracheitis= TRAIK/YAO*ITS
OPTION #3: tracheitis= TRAIK/YI/AO*ITS
OPTION #4: tracheitis= TRAI/KAOE/AO*ITS
OPTION #5: tracheitis= TRAIK/YI/AOIT/*IS
OPTION #6: tracheitis= TRAIK/YI/AOIT/T*IS

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March 26 2020

Legal Vocabulary: Appurtenant

Appurtenant is defined as follows: “Pertaining to something that attaches. In real property law this describes any right or restriction which goes with that property, such as an easement to gain access across the neighbor’s parcel, or a covenant (agreement) against blocking the neighbor’s view.”


OPTION #1: appurtenant= A/PURT/NA*NT
OPTION #2: appurtenant= A/PERT/NA*NT
OPTION #3: appurtenant= A/PURNT
OPTION #4: appurtenant= A/PERNT
OPTION #5: appurtenant= A/PUR/TA/NA*NT
OPTION #6: appurtenant= A/PER/TA/NA*NT

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