November 30 2014

Steno Fitness: Jump, Jump

GNC Jump RopeAn inexpensive and highly effective conditioning tool, the jump rope is great for exercising and increasing coordination.

According to, your jump rope should be of a length that allows the handles to reach about armpit height. It is also recommended that you jump on shock absorbent surfaces, such as: a boxing ring, running track, wood floor, or gym mat.

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November 20 2014

Steno Fitness: The Importance Of Taking Vacations

I Love Court Reporting Logo (Cropped)“In a 2013 Expedia survey, nearly 90% of vacationers reported feeling less stress after only a day or two away, and other research has found that failing to take a break from everyday stressors can speed up the aging process. Long-running studies of women and men have found significantly higher risk of coronary-related deaths among those who don’t take regular vacations.

So travel isn’t good for just your soul. It’s also good for your heart.” -Craig Matters (Money Magazine; October 2014)

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September 14 2014

The Importance Of Drinking Water, Eating A Healthy Breakfast & Maintaining Your Glucose Levels

“Brain cells consume oxygen and glucose (a form of sugar) for fuel. The more challenging the brain’s task, the more fuel it consumes. Therefore, it is important to have adequate amounts of these substances in the brain for optimum functioning. Low amounts of oxygen and glucose in the blood can produce lethargy and sleepiness. Eating a moderate portion of food containing glucose (fruits are an excellent source) can boost the performance and accuracy of working memory, attention and motor function.

Water, also essential for healthy brain activity, is required to move neuron signals through the brain. Low concentrations of water diminish the rate and efficiency of these signals. Moreover, water keeps the lungs sufficiently moist to allow for the efficient transfer of oxygen into the bloodstream…

Many [people] do not eat a breakfast that contains sufficient glucose, nor do they drink enough water during the day to maintain healthy brain function…The current recommended amount is one eight-ounce glass of water a day for each 25 pounds of body weight.” -From, “How The Brain Learns” By: David A. Sousa

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September 9 2014

Steno Foodie: Dried Bing Cherries

Dried Bing CherriesDried cherries is a great “pick me up” snack to carry in your bag when you’re on the go.

According to the Live Strong website, a “quarter-cup serving of dried cherries makes up one-fourth to one-third of the daily recommended fruit intake for women and one-quarter for men, according to USDA guidelines.” The site also states that dried cherries is a great source for copper, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

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July 1 2014

Sitting For More Than 20 Minutes

Computer & Desk Stretches“When we sit for more than twenty minutes, our blood pools in our seat and in our feet. By getting up and moving, we recirculate the blood. Within a minute, there is about 15 percent more blood in our brain. We do think better on our feet than in our seat!” -From, “How The Brain Learns” By: David A. Sousa

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