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Apr 07

Practice Material: The Short And Tragic Life Of Robert Peace Audiobook

Robert Peace Audiobook

Dec 15

Theory Thursday: Lit 40 WPM

Jan 31

Practice Material: Sidney Poitier’s Books On Tape

Sidney Poitier Books On Tape

My new practice material; and yes, it is read in his voice. Yay!

Jul 23

Theory Thursday: Practice Video- 20 WPM Lit (Steno & Transcription Included)

Here’s the steno from the dictation: HRA EU PBLG R B G S T H S O U R AO U R B T P R EU A FRPB ST A F P H AO E GT R B G S S KP EU T P H O E U R A U L T …

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Jun 18

Theory Thursday: Practice Dictation (60 WPM)

Here are some briefs from the video: minimum= MIM number- NUB envelopes= NFL eight= AEGT did you= SDU notice= N-TS success= S-K succeed= S-KD getting= GEGT in the= N-T successful= SK-FL entry= SBRI she is= SHES in our= NOUR because= BAUS puzzle= PULZ piece= PAOES it is= T-S your are= UR building= BL-G referring= REFRG …

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Mar 26

Theory Thursday: Practice Dictation: Lit (30, 40, 50 WPM)

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video: my name is= MAOINS of the -FT experience= XERNS I think= AOING you should= URBD little bit= BLIT that you are= THAUR to this= TOTS navy= NAEF although= AOL throughout= THROUT interest= TR- politics= PLIKS learned= LERND system= ST-M become= B-K I wanted= IPTD to see= …

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Mar 05

Theory Thursday: Practice Video (30 WPM Dictation)

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video: afford= FAURD that= THA coat= KOET did you= DU or SDU learned= LERND sword= SWORD cattle= KALT roamed= ROEMD we need= WEFRN gourds= GOURDZ decorate= DRAIT became= BAIM aware= WAIR that the= THAT prevailing= PRAILG we would= WELD precautions= PRAUGSZ overhear= VAER conversation= KFRGS for instance= …

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Jan 29

Theory Thursday: Dr. Seuss, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”

Mar 09

Practice Video: Indian Institute Of Technology Lecture On Highway Capacity And Level Of Service

Here is a lecture given by a college professor from the Indian Institute of Technology about highway capacity and level of service. If you live in a city that is a melting pot like I do, it is wise to continue to become well acquainted with the various accents that you will be hearing throughout …

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Mar 08

Practice Video: 140 Lit

Here are some briefs from the video: generation= JAIGS encountered= KBOURNT/-D eternal= AOERNLT justice= JUS affirmed= AFRMD dignity= DIGT delusion= DLAOUGS supreme court= SKORT first time= FIRMT molestation= MREFGS farmer= FRARM republic= REB citizen= SIZ independence= NPS brutal= BRAOUL republican= REN devastated= DWAEFTD province= PROFNS aspiration= SPIRGS prevail= PRAIL modernization= MOERNGS ambassadors= SDORS hostile= HOFL …

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