March 5 2015

Theory Thursday: Practice Video (30 WPM Dictation)

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video:
afford= FAURD
that= THA
coat= KOET
did you= DU or SDU
learned= LERND
sword= SWORD
cattle= KALT
roamed= ROEMD
we need= WEFRN
gourds= GOURDZ
decorate= DRAIT
became= BAIM
aware= WAIR
that the= THAT
prevailing= PRAILG
we would= WELD
precautions= PRAUGSZ
overhear= VAER
conversation= KFRGS
for instance= FRINS
airline= AIRL
improve= KBROF
service= SEFS
at this time= TIT
identification= AOIFGS
difficult= DIF
medical report= MORP
worry= WOIR
patient= PAIRBT
are you= RU
emergencies= MJS
it was= T-FS
public= PUB
announcement= NOUMT
in regard= NRAR
painful= PAIFL
one of the= WUFNT
escrow= SKROE
cannot= KWOT
outcome= OUK
under the influence= NUFL
alcohol= KHOL
element= L-MT
substance= SB-
diagnose= D-G
illness= INLS
is this= ST-H
signature= SIGT
female= FAEL
injured= J*URD
in a= NA
number= MUB
condition= K-N
critical= KRIBLG
I understand= INDZ
has been= HAB
hospital= HOPT
ambulance= BLANS
degrees= DREZ
Fahrenheit= FRENT
autopsy= AUPZ
confirmed= KFRMD
fractures= FRAURS
or not= ORNT
expect= XEKT
reporter= RORPT
administer= M-R
program= PRAM
inch= N-FP
proposal= PROEPL
concrete= KRET
legislate= LAEGT
morality= MO*RLT
worth= WO*RT
employer= PLOIR
called= KAULD
do you think= DOUNG
letter= LERT
appropriate= PROEPT
carbon dioxide= KBOX
another= NOER

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