August 28 2023

Briefs and Phrases From YNW Melly Trial (Day 2)

YNW Melly Trial Day 2
military= MILT
yes, I do= YOID
in this case= N*IK
do you recognize= DOURZ
marked for identification= MOID
marked for identification purposes= MOIPD
exhibit= XIB
fingerprint= F-P
fingerprints= F-PS
is that correct= STHARK
verify= VOIF
verification= VOIFGS
paperwork= PAIRK
associate’s degree= SDRE
prior to= PRAOIRTD
for identification= FOID
manipulate= MIP
looking at= LAO*GT
door jamb= DAORJ
floorboard= FLAORBD
continuing to= T-NGTD
spray can= SPRAIK
I don’t recall= YORL
ladies and gentlemen of the jury= LAIJS
orientation= OERNGS
liquids= KLIDZ
receipt= RAOET
handwriting= HARNG
open it= O*EPT
refresh your recollection= RURX
may I approach= MOEFP
visible= VIFBL
am I wrong= MIRNG
do you remember= DOURM
do you mind= DOUMD
thank you so much= THA*UFM
no objection= NOEX
into evidence= NAO
hemoglobin= HAOEM/GLO*EB or HEM/GLO*EB
chemicals= KHEMS
what do you DO= WAO*U
what do you mean= WHAOUM
with regards= WRARS
rental= RENLT
firearm= FAOIRM
direct examination= DR-GS

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August 26 2023

Briefs and Phrases From YNW Melly Trial (Day 1)

YNW Melly Trial Day 1
keep in mind= KAOEPMD
driver’s side= DRIFRDZ
passenger seat= PAERNGT
cell phone= SLOEN
energy= N-RJ
prosecuting= PR-G
prosecutor= PR-R
prosecutorial= PR-RL
fabricated= FAB/KA*ITD
tell us= TLUS
tell us what happened= TLUFPD
him go= HIMG
him go to= HIMGTD
him go to the= H*IMGTD
search warrant= SWARNT
weapon= WEP
bloody= BLOID
botched= BOFPD
in my life= NAO*IFL
police department= PLEPT
sheriff= SHR-F
during the course of this trial= DRAO*IL
ladies and gentlemen= LAIJ
jurors= JAORS
pursuit= PRAOUT
sufficiency= SUF
did you see= SDUZ
hospital= HOPT
emergency= M-J
vehicle= VAOEK
back and forth= BO*RT
gunshot wounds= GOUNDZ
medical treatment= MAOEMT
crime scene= KRAOEN
crime reconstruction= KRURX
drawing your attention= DRAURGT
drawing your attention to= DRAURGTD
drawing your attention to the= DRA*URGTD
primary= PROIRM
detective= DEKT
retiring= RIRG
testify= TEF
illegal= ILG
story= STOIR
care about= KAIRB
homicide= HOM
yes or no= YORN
yes or no question= YORNGS
intersections= SB-XZ
discern= SDERN
truthful= TRAOUF
traumatic= TRAUMT
transport= TR-PT
courtroom= KRAOM
technician= TEGS
close-up= KLOEP
extremities= STREMTS
image= KBAJ
interviewing= SBAOUFG
interrogation= SBROEGS
believe otherwise= BLEFZ
drug deal= DRULG
shooters= SHAORTS

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August 25 2023

Friday Phraes

Friday Phrases Logo
(Whereupon, a break was taken at this time.) = BRAEK/BRAEK
(Whereupon, a lunch break was taken.)= LUFP/LUFP
(Whereupon, an off the record discussion was held at this time.) = OF/OF
(Whereupon, a portion of the testimony was read back.) = RAED/RAED OR RAEB/RAEB
Object to the form = OFRM
Object to the form of the question = OFRMGS
Object to the form of this question = O*FRMGS

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