Monthly Archive: September 2017

Sep 21

Theory Thursday: 10 Short Conversations (Practice Video With Steno Notes)

Elsie Villega Theory Thursday 10 Short Conversations Case CAT Screen Shot

Sep 13

Court Reporter Spotted: Matlock Intro

Sep 12

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: The Shortest Sentence

QUESTION: What is the shortest complete sentence in the English language? ANSWER: I am.

Sep 08

Court Reporter Spotted: Avant & Keke Wyatt, “Nothing In This World”

Sep 08

Friday Phrases

one lane= WUNL two lane= TWOL three lane= THRAOEL four lane= FOURL two lanes= TWOLS three lanes= THRAOELS four lanes= FOURLS one-lane= W*UNL two-lane= TWO*L three-lane= THRAO*EL four-lane= FO*URL

Sep 07

Court Reporter Spotted: Daddy’s Little Girls

Court Reporter Spotted Daddy's Little Girls Scene 1

Sep 07

Briefs And Phrases From John Wick 2

John Wick 2

option= OPGS everything= EFRG nephew= NEF/AO*U brother= BROER dozen= DOZ eliminate= L*IM focus= FOEKS commitment= KMIMT pencil= PEFNL I can= IK assure= SHUR stories= STOERS watered= WAURTD peaceful= PAEF motor= MOERT engine= N-J windshield= WIRBLD let me know= LEN Christmas= KMAS all right= L-RT sergeant= SAERNGT to see= TOZ we were= WERP sorry= SOR thank …

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Sep 01

Friday Phrases

are you sure= RUZ what portion= WHAPGS what portion of= WHAFPGS what portion of the= WHAFPGTS year after year= YAOEFR year after year the= YAOEFRT how bad= HOUBD highway patrol= HOIPL