September 26 2017

Briefs And Phrases From Amy

Amy Movie Poster
everyone else= EFRNLS
this is= TH-S
lollipop= LOL/YI/PO*P
no one= NO*N
fourteenth= FO*URNT
birthday= B*IRTD
happy= HAEP
Washington= WARB/WARB
Vaughn= VAUN
learned= LERND
everything= EFRG
really= R-L
important= PORN
always= AULS
if I want= FIPT
what’s= WHAES
January= JAN
year= Y-R
lunchtime= LOIM or LUFPT
talent= TAENLT
singer= SIRNG
record= RORD
I just= IJT
poems= POEMS
personal= PERNL
punch= PUFP
touched= TOUFPD
artist= ART/IFT
behind= HIND
it= T-
publishing= PL-RBG
around= ARND
she had= SHAOED
amazing= MAEGS
young= YUNG
flat= FLAT
sing= SING
used= AOUFD
gigs= GIGS
music= MAOUK
we’re= WAO*ER
square= SQAIR
favorite= FAIFRT
comfortable= K-FRBL
that would= THALD
film= FIM
about him= BHIM
interest= TR-
stronger= STRORNG
longer= LORNG
who you think= WHOUNG
pop= PO*P
watered= WAURTD
challenge= KHAL
myself= MAOIZ
represented= REPD
experience= XERNS
nature= NAUR
Miami= MAO*I
resist= RAOEFT
capability= KPAIBLT
very= VE
bank account= BA*INGT
camera= KMRA
because= BAUS
handle= HANL
I don’t think= YONG
beautiful= BAOUF
lady= LAED
promise= PROM
do you= DOU
sister= ST-R
twenty= TWENT
jazz= JAZ
instrument= STRAOUMT
instrumentation= STRAOUMGS
think about it= TH*IBT
wasn’t= WAENT
misunderstood= MAOND
vocalist= VOEBLG/IFT
elocution= EL/KAO*UGS
lessons= LEFNS
realized= RAELDZ
murder= MURD
accepted= SEPD
children= KHIRN
single= SINL
affair= AIFR
until= N-L
makeup= MAIK/JUP
boyfriend= BOIF
teenager= TAIRJ
antidepressants= AOINT/DPREFNTS
depression= DPREFGS
musician= MAOUGS
suffer= SUFR
better= BERT
I don’t care= YOK
relationships= ROIPS
winner= WIRN
I don’t believe= YOBL
I don’t believe this= YOBLTS
year-old= YAOERLD
up and down= PO*UN
2004= TWOUR
sincere= SNAOER
crush= KRURB
honest= HONS
laugh= LAF
everything= EFRG
success= S-K
freedom= FRAOEM
whoever= WHOFR
I want= IPT
studio= STAOUD
responsibilities= SPONLTS
public= PUB
particularly= PLARL
realize= RAELZ
something= S-G
I guess= IGS
Camden= KAM/D*EN
property= PRORT
basically= BAIFL
trash= TRARB
enough= NUF
partying= PAERGT
she was= SHAOEFS
somebody else= S-BLS
infidelity= IN/FA/D*ELT
situation= SWAIGS
never= NEFR
next= NEGT
million= M-L
proud= PRO*UD
character= KHARK
relationship= ROIP
album= AL/B*UM
this is= TH-S
forget= FERGT
darling= DARLG
decided= SDAOID
incredibly= KBREBL/LI
disloyal= SLOIL
becoming= B-K/-G
places= PLAISZ
summer= SMER
sabotage= SBAUJ
I understood= IND
necessarily= NEFL
together= TOG
refuse= R-FS
tour= TOR
patio= PAT/YO*E
bedroom= BERM
master= MAFRT
shower= SHOUR
trouble= TRUBL
boy= BOI
all of a sudden= AUFLD
obsessing= OB/S*ES/-G
she wanted= SHEPTD
he went= HEFRG
again= GEN
finish= FIN
repeatedly= RAOEPTD/LY
stank= STA*ING
dirty= DOIRT
golf= GOFL
amount= AMT
I was= IFS
drinking= DR*ING/-G
impossible= KBOB
in the morning= NORNG
bottle= BOLT
out of= OUF
control= KROEL
help= HEP
technically= TLEBLG
kidnapped= KIPD
problem= BLEM
death= D*ET
rehab= RAB
managers= M-GS
opportunity= TAOUNT
professionals= PROEFLS
piece= PAOES
unconditionally= UN/KLNL
to be= TOB
backyard= BARD
to get= TO*GT
in the= N-T
I have= IF
ideas= Y-DZ
four= FOUR
five= FIF
you could= UKD
and then= SKPHEN
she said= SHAOEDZ
I can’t= YA
watch= WAFP
yourself= YOURZ
like this= LAOIKTS
concert= SKERT
contract= KR-T
bubbly= BUB/LI
switching= SWIFPG
should have= SHUF
business= BIS
understand= NAND
floating= FLOEGT
she would= SHELD
without= WOUT
hundred= HUN
I go= IG
you go= UG
procrastinating= PRAFNGT
management= M-GT
strength= STRENG
Cynthia= S*INT/YA*
she was= SHAOEFS
cancer= KAERN
she had= SHAOED
inside= N-DZ
necessary= NES
whiskey= WHIS/KAO*E
massive= MAFS
disappeared= SPAERD
minutes= MINS
later= LAIRT
dazed= DAIDZ
toilet= TOILT
towels= TOULS
kind of= KAOINF
serious= SAOERZ
obviously= OEFLS
did not= D*NT
think= THI
seriously= SAOERLZ
basically= BAIFL
bulimia= BLAOEM
doesn’t= DOENT
accessible= SKEFBL
elitist= AOELT/EFT
fiancé= FAOENS
New York= NORK
herself= HERZ
at all= TA*UL
embarrassed= KBRAFD
doing= DOG
to do= TAOD
in our= NOUR
textbook= TEGT/BAO*K
prepare= PRAOEP
at the end of the day= TEFNTD
encountered= KBOURNTD
shooting= SHAOGT
what do you think= WHAOUNG
scratch= SKRAFP
tenacity= TA/NAS/T*I or TA/NAS/TAO*E
doctor= DR-
cigar= SGAR
married= MAERD
she was= SHAOEFS
otherwise= OERZ
that’s= THAES
that was= THAFS
that was the= THAFTS
thank you very much= THAUFP
America= MERK
first time= FIRMT
enjoyed= GOI
completely= KPLAOELT
feelings= FAOELGS
husband= HUS
might be= MAOIB
phone call= FOENG
overdose= AUFRDZ
hospital= HOPT
circus= S*IRKS
intervention= SB-FNGS
within= W-N
every= EFR
single= SINL
awake= WOIK
eating= AOEGT
seizure= SHAOEZ
perform= P-F
when I= WHI
heroin= HOIRN
lawyers= LAURS
function= FUNGS
on this= ONTS
I felt= IFLT
family= FAEM
canceled= KAELD
admitted= DMITD
London= LOND
exhaustion= XAUGS
reputation= R-PGS
treatment= TRAOEMT
vulnerable= VUL/N*ERBL
clearly= KLAOERL
person= PERN
beneficial= BERBL
they were= THERP
insistent= KBIFNT
disastrous= SDA*S/R*US
unethical= UN/TH*EBLG
hotel= HOELT
suite= SWAO*ET
ugly= OIG
binged= BIJD
she said= SHAOEDZ
she felt= SHAOEFLT
consumption= SKUMGS
substances= SB-S
at the same time= TAIMT
pendulum= PEND/L*UM
losing= LAOUGZ
more than= MORN
battering= BAERGT
front door= FRAOR
arrested= ARD
arrest= AR
connected= KEKTD
spiraled= SPAOIRLD
pop= PO*P
vocal= VOEBLG
herself= HERZ
famous= FAIMS
wealthy= WOILT
infrastructure= SNRUR
facility= FAEFLT
you get= UGT
Beyoncé= BE/YONZ
Rihanna= RAOE/A/NA*
incarcerated= KRAITD
drugs= DRUGS
Grammy= GRAM/YI
concerned= KERND
disappear= SPAER
physically= F*IFL
mentally= MAENL
security= SKAOURT
skewed= SKAOUD
they want= THEPT
September= SEPT
foreseeable= FOERZ/-BL
contractually= KR-T/WA*EL
exhausted= XAUFTD
media= DWRA
edge= EJ
neglected= NEGD
frenzy= FRENZ
appearance= PAERNS
addictions= DIXZ
alone= LAON
disgusting= SGUFGT
months= MOS
cocaine= KOIK
crack cocaine= KROIK
alcohol= KHOL
picture= PIR
to you= TOU
wife= WAOIF
someone= SWUN
became= BAIM
entire= SBAOIR
anything= NIG
pregnant= PREG
tomorrow= TOM
sugarcoat= SHURG/KO*ET
thousand= THOU
people= PAOEPL
for the= F-RT
surrender= SRERND
do you want= DOUPT
do you want to= DOUPTD
airport= AIRPT
escape= SKAEP
musical= MAOUBLG
friendships= FROIPS
totally= TLOELT
major= MAIJ
July= JULY
completely= KPLAOELT
normal= NOL
sorry= SOR
clarity= KLAIRT
nightmare= NAOIT/MA*IR
panic= PA*NG
and then= SKPHEN
conversation= K-FRGS
talk= TAUK
to us= TOUS
Friday= FRI
hassle= HAFL
I would= ILD
combination= KBINGS
disorders= SDORDZ
truest= TRAOUFT

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September 25 2017

Case CATalyst: Pausing And Resuming Audio

I Love Stenography Logo (Cropped)To pause audio recording via your steno machine when writing realtime, write the following steno strokes: /PAUS/PAUS. This is defined as {Pause Audio}. Resumption of recording audio does not automatically begin when you start writing on your machine if you have paused the recording by writing /PAUS/PAUS.

If you have paused audio recording via writing the aforementioned strokes, you must write, /SAOUPL/SAOUPL to resume audio recording. These strokes must be defined as {Resume Audio}, in order to be effective.

You can also choose a realtime setting that will automatically pause audio recording after a certain, set amount of time has passed without you writing a stroke on your machine. If your audio recording is paused via this setting, recording will automatically resume once you begin to write on your machine again.

To activate this setting, do the following once you have opened your Translate Dialog Box: Click on Options. Click on the Realtime Tab. Select Auto Pause (In the Audio section of the Realtime Tab).

Next to the Auto Pause option, there is an “After” setting that allows you to set the amount of time you can go without writing on your machine before the recording of audio is paused. This setting allows you to enter between 0 and 999 seconds.

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September 25 2017

Medical Monday: Ileitis

Ileitis is the inflammation of the ileum (the lower three fifths of the small intestine).

Machine Briefs:
OPTION #1: ileitis= IL/YAOITS
OPTION #2: ileitis= IL/YAO*ITS
OPTION #3: ileitis= IL/YI/AOITS
OPTION #4: ileitis= IL/YI/AOI/T*IS
OPTION #5: ileitis= IL/YI/AOIT/T*IS
OPTION #6: ileitis= IL/YI/AOIT/*IS

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September 22 2017

Briefs And Phrases From Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War
all right= L-RT
what= WHA
do you see= DOUZ
standard= STD
small= SMAUL
station= STAIGS
quiet= KWAET
street= STRAOET
target= TARGT
cameras= KMRAS
corner= KRORM
compromised= KPROMD
escaped= SKAEPD
afraid= FRAID
bulletproof= BLAOF
private= PRAOIFT
secure= SKAOUR
security= SKAOURT
which means= KH-MS
Shoulder= SHOURLD
nature= NAUR
paranoid= POID
folks= FOKZ
months= MOS
problem= BLEM
garbage= GARJ
X-ray= XRAI
max= MA*X
weight= WAET
battering= BAERGT
sarcasm= SKAFM
body= BOED
hostiles= HOFLS
practiced= PRAD
biological= BL-L
weapon= WEP
I don’t= YO
north= NORT
heading= HEGD
are you= RU
you are= UR
ditched= DIFPD
payroll= PAIRL
waiting= WAIGT
for this= F-RTS
empty= EMT
out of the= OUF
building= BL-G
I was= IFS
blender= BLERND
Rogers= ROJS
south side= S-DZ
of the= -FT
remember= RER
September= SEPT
goodbye= GAOIB
father= FA*ER
Christmas= KWAS
studying= STOIG
Monday= MOND
party= PAERT
Bahamas= BA/HA/MA*S
pentagon= PENT/GO*N
commissary= KMIS/SA*ER
someday= SDAI
to happen= TO*P
regret= GRET
you could= UKD
it happened= T-PD
augmented= AUG/-MTD or AUG/M*ENTD
retro= RET/TRO*E
hippocampus= HIP/O*E/KP*US
traumatic= TRAUMT
memories= MEMS
airport= AIRPT
processing= PROS/-G
million dollars= M-LDZ
therapeutic= THAERPKT or THAERKT
experiment= XERMT
mission= MIGS
statement= STAIMT
generate= JAIT
preserve= PREFRB
knowledge= KOJ
challenges= KHALS
you are the= URT
others= OERS
greatest= GRAEFT
of this= F-TS
equal= KWAL
recipient= RIPT
foundation= FOUNGS
future= FAOUT
break= BRAEK
eggs= EGS
breath= BR*ET
generous= JERNS
curiosity= KAOURT
faculty= FABLGT
you were= URP
approved= PROIFD
starting= STARGT
wow= WO*U
away= WA*I
money= MUN
available= VAIBL
chemical= KHEM
restroom= STRAOM
embedded= KBED/-D
canceled= KAELD
catch= KAFP
that was= THAFS
deserve= DEFRB
conscience= K-RBS
guilt= G-LT
correlation= KORLGS
I want= IPT
to be= TOB
sorry= SOR
occupation= OUPGS
hazard= HAZ
department= DEPT
human= HAOUM
resources= SRORSZ
enabled= KBAIBLD
proud= PRO*UD
to be= TOB
murdered= MURD/-D
in the= N-T
to you= TOU
you think= AOUNG
yourself= YOURZ
avenge= AFNG
avenger= AFRNG
avengers= AFRNGS
mercenaries= MERS/NA*ERS
outreach= TRAOEFP
Lagos= LA/GO*ES
attack= TW-K
traditionally= TRAL/LI
foreign= FOERN
actions= -XZ
criminals= KRINLS
independent= N-PT
expense= XENS
victory= VOIRKT
at all= TA*UL
and I= SKPI
confrontation= K-FRNGS
because of= BAUF
pledged= PLEJD
legal= LAOEL
authority= THORT
specific= SPEFK
Brooklyn= BLIN
people= PAOEPL
everybody= EFRB
as many= SMAEN
next= NEGT
maybe= MAEB
assumed= SAOUMD
thank you= THAUNG
apparently= PAERNLT
secretary= SEKT
years ago= Y-RGS or YAOERGS
middle= MILD
surgery= SURG
bypass= BIPS
army= AERM
perspective= PEFRPT
debt= DET
heroes= HOERS
there are= THR-R
prefer= PREFR
dangerous= DAIJS
enhanced= KBHANS/-D
individuals= VIDZ
sovereign= SOFRN
orders= ORDZ
inflict= FLIKT
New York= NORK
Washington, D.C.= WARBDZ
enough= NUF
that’s= THAES
years= Y-RS
power= POUR
supervision= SPR-FGS
governments= GOFTS
tolerate= TLAIT
solution= SLAOUGS
countries= KUNTS
organization= ORGS
instead= STAED
operate= PRAIT
panel= PANL
necessary= NES
only= OENL
do you know= DAOUN
contingencies= TIJSZ
decision= SDIGS
retire= RIR
Cleveland= KLAOEFLD
hello= HO*EL
is this= STH-
jumped= JUFRPD
we could= WEKD
ourselves= OURSZ
I guess= IGS
colonel= KOL
congratulations= GLAIGSZ
report= RORP
December= DAOES
I will= IL
question= KWE
did you find= SDUFND
public= PUB
millions= M-LS
released= RAOEFD
patience= PAIRBS
what do you want= WHAOUPT
methods= MEFS
forward= FAORD
congressional= KO*NL
potentially= POERBL
causality= KAUFLT
conflict= KIKT
already= L-RD
boy= BOI
headache= HAEK
electromagnetic= L-MG
engineer= GER
biker= BAOIRK
risen= RIFN
strength= STRENG
catastrophe= STROEF
dismissed= DMIFD
discomfort= SK-FRT
coffee= KO*EF
disposal= SDPOEFL
breakfast= BREFS
Charles= KHARLS
computer= KPAOURT
degree= DRE
intel= SBEL
he wanted= EPTD
service= SEFS
which is= KH-S
what I would= WHAILD
housing= HOUGS
sustainable= STAENL
process= PROS
we need= WEFRN
whatever= WHAFR
accept= SEP
limitation= LIMGS
limitations= LIMGSZ
responsibility= SPONLT
documents= DAOUMTS
agendas= JAENDZ
manufacturing= M-FG
to do= TAOD
surrender= SRERND
somewhere= SWR-
let us= L*ETS
perfect= P-FRT
later= LAIRT
better= BERT
protect= PROEKT
I have= IF
photograph= FOF
standing= STANG
pretty= PRIF
related= RAOELT
diplomacy= DPLOMZ
woman= WOM
succeed= S-KD
where you can= WRUK
something= S-G
had you= HU
vision= VIGS
retired= RIRD
Vienna= VAOE/*EN/NA*
plenty= PLENT
resistance= RAOEFNS
together= TOGT
special= SPERB
united= AOUNTD
nations= NAIGSZ
spotlight= SPOLT
flattering= FLARGT
company= K-P
particularly= PLARL
approve= PROIF
politics= PLIKS
really= R-L
hundred= HUN
unless= N-LS
piano= PAON
apologize= JAOIZ
today= TOD
everyone= EFRN
pleasure= PLERB
legacy= LEGZ
women= WIM
shadows= SHAODZ
misfortune= SFORN
improve= KBROF
initiative= NIFRBT
peace= PAES
practical= PRAL
terrorism= TRIFM
across the= KRAOTS
secrets= SKRETS
I didn’t want= YIPT
hidden= H*IND
suspect= S-PT
soldier= SOEL/J*ER
to go to= TOGTD
forensics= FRENSZ
very= VE
culture= KLUR
forever= FOFR
peaceful= PAEF
father= FA*ER
I am= IM
decide= SDAOI
myself= MAOIZ
arrest= AR
interfere= SB-FR
likely= LAOIL
options= OPGSZ
winter= WIRNT
briefing= BRAOEFG
we have= WEF
understood= NAOD
do you know= DAOUN
perimeter= PRIRMT
nervous= NEFS
to be= TOB
strategy= STRAJ
I don’t know= YON
behind= HIND
pitch= PIFP
paprika= PAP/RAOE/KA*
in my= NAOI
dislikes= SLAOIKS
you’re welcome= YOURM
amygdala= A/MIG/DA/LA*
synthetic= SIN/TH*EKT
after this= AFRTS
something else= S-LGS
I think= AOING
everyone else= EFRNLS
this is= TH-S
powered= POURD
abilities= ABLTS
mystery= STRAOE
understand= NAND
controls= KROELS
control= KROEL
minutes= MINS
pizza= PIZ
alternatively= NAEFLT
avoid= WOI
possibility= POBLT
incident= DIN
to see= TOZ
Berlin= BER/L*IN or BERNL
panther= PA*RNT
generations= JAIGSZ
mantle= MANLT
warrior= WAR/YO*R
ask you= SKU
king= KING
how long= HOUNG
do you think= DOUNG
you can= UK
happen= HAP
psychological= SKL-L
evaluation= VAELGS
extradition= XRAGS
commander= KMARND
lawyer= LAUR
what about= WHAB
receipt= RAOET
window= WID
office= OFS
provided= PROID
cell= KREL
intend= SBEN
for the record= FRORD
sanctioned= SANGS/-D
consequences= KWENSZ
obviously= OEFLS
I just= IJT
anything else= NILGS
technically= TLEBLG or TAEBLG
archives= AR/KHAO*IFS
alleys= LAELS
closer= KLOERS
branch= BRAFP
I didn’t see= YIZ
definitely= DAFL
difference= DIFRNS
defense= D-FNS or D-FS
always= AULS
each other= AOEFRP
mentioned= MENGS/-D
thousand= THOU
difficult= DIF
polite= PLOIT
situation= SWAIGS
south= SOUT
ignore= GOR
sometimes= STAOIMS
I could= IKD
no, I don’t= NYO
24 hours= 24OURS
American= MERN
punch= PUFP
legit= LEJT
transferred=] TR-FRD
prison= PRIS
impossible= KBOB
safeguards= SAIFGDZ
amended= AMD/-D
motion= MOEGS
compound= KPOUN
company= K-P
acres= AIKS
internment= SBERN/-MT
currently= KURNLT
protection= PROEX
protect= PROEKT
citizen= SIZ
destruction= SDRUX
stave= STAEF
evaluate= VAELT
do you mind= DOUMD
if I= FI
James= JAIMS
receipt= RAOET
judge= JUJ
I can’t= YA
photo= FOET
flush= FLURB
picture= PIR
billion= B-L
nothing= NOG
guarantee= GAERNT
guarantees= GAERNTS
we would= WELD
great deal= GRAOEL
horrors= HOR/-S
level= LEFL
what the= WHAT
discuss= SKUS
Romania= ROE/MAIN/YA*
empire= KBAOIR
civilians= SIFNLS
combatant= KBANT
active= TIF
duty= DAOUT
position= POGS
at least= TLAOEFT
recognize= REK
if you were= FURP
little= LIL
custody= KUD
newspapers= NUPS
shoes= SHAOUZ
inside= N-DZ
he had= ED
he wanted= EPTD
where I was= WRIFS
exactly= XLKT
would he need= WOEFRN
who were= WHORP
elite= AOELT
serum= SERM
languages= LANGS
infiltrate= KB-FLT
assassinate= SNAET
easier= AOERZ
idea= Y-D
they are= THER
24/7= 24OI7
objective= OFBT
provoked= PROEFKD
bullets= BULTS
differently= DIFRNL
last time= LAFMT
loafers= LOEFRZ
left arm= LERM
downstairs= DOUNTS
how was= HOUFS
school= SKAOL
crazy= KRAEZ
doing= DOG
emails= AOEMS
regarding= RARG
applied= PLAOID
business= BIS
surprises= SPRAOISZ
anyway= NAI
to believe= TOBL
exceptional= XEPGS/A*L
salvation= SWALGS
dumpster= DUFRP/ST*ER
diver= DAOIFR
at you= TU
rhetorical= WROL
miles an hour= MIRS
You Tube= YAOUB
video= VAO
spider= SPAO*IRD
onesie= WUNS/YI
what do you mean= WHAOUM
I can’t believe= YABL
perfectly= P-FRLT
algebra= AL/JA/BRA*
who else= WHOLS
anybody= MIB
attractive= TR-FK
she would= SHELD
tensile= TEN/SAO*IL
manufactured= M*FD
adhesive= DHAOEFS
gloves= GLOFS
I was= IFS
happened= HAPD
dialed= DAOILD
input= KBUT
focus= FOEX
dire= DAOIR
systemic= STPBLG
restoration= RES/STO*RGS
months= MOS
powers= POURS
build= BL-
football= FAOBL
I couldn’t= YU
I can’t tell= YAT
that I can= THAIK
because of= BAUF
it is= T-S
passport= PAFRPT
driver’s license= DLNS
Germany= GERM/N*I
homework= HOERK
pretend= PREND
serious= SAOERZ
dangerous= DAIJS
out of this= OUFTS
should have= SHUF
disappointing= SPOINGT
really= R-L
retire= RIR
consider= K-R
it’s= -TS
problems= BLEMS
high school= HAOL
amends= AMD/-D
stretched= STREFPD
I can’t let= YALT
I’m sorry= AOIMS
matter= MAERT
behavioral= BAIFRL
pattern= PAERN
biometric= BAOI/O*E/M*ERKT
entertaining= SBAING
that was= THAFS
I should= IRBD
I wouldn’t have= YAOF
recruit= KRAOUT
zone= SO*EN
audition= AU/D*IGS
what happened= WHAPD
psycho= SKOE
outside= OUDZ
what else= WHAELS
chopper= KHORP
evacuating= AOEFKT/-G
weird= WERD
psychiatrist= SKRIFT
highness= HAOINS
anyway= NAI
hours= HOURS
24 hours= 24OURS
judgment= JUMT
askew= A/SKAOU
yesterday= YED
super= SAOURP
conversation= K-FRGS
captain= KAPT
busy= B-Z
idiot= ID/Y*OT
rescuing= SKWUG
apart= POIRT
compunction= KPUNGS
hanger= HAIRNG
America= MERK
what should= WHARBD
distance= SDANS
copy= KPAOE
second= SEKD
gimmick= GIM/*IK or GIM/M*IK
metal= MAELT
awesome= AUFM
tickle= T*IBLG
exaggeration= XAJS
retirement= RIRMT
golf= GOFL
first time= FIRMT
multiple= MUMT
contusions= TAOUGSZ
detected= SDEKTD
lost= LO*S
carbon= KBON
rigidity= RIJT
flexibility= FLEBLT
ratio= RAIRB
in a= NA
unusually= NAOURBL
this much= TH-FP
impress= KBRES
water= WAURT
switch= SWIFP
it up= TUP
you believe= UBL
collective= KLEFKT
this is= TH-S
obey= BOEB
physics= FIFKZ
arrow= ROER
Friday= FRI
Queens= KWAO*ENS
suppression= SPREGS
system= ST-M
diversion= DWERGS
signal= SNAL
in a= N-A
fantastic= FAN/TA*FKT
abilities= ABLTS
disclose= SKLOES
suggestions= SUGSZ
I don’t care= YOK
Clint= KLINT
something= S-G
regret= GRET
movie= MO*EF
orange= ORNG
I said= IDZ
as I said= SIDZ
catastrophe= STRAOF
glider= GLAOIRD
thrusting= THRUFGT
vitals= VAO*ILTS
heartbeat= HARBT
medical= MEL
emergency= M-J
what you did= WHA*UD
choice= KHOIS
did this= SD-TS or D-TS
neither= NAOERT
shattered= SHARTD
extreme= STREM
laceration= LAEFRGS
paralysis= PRALS
scenario= SNAR
must be= MUB
agent= AGT
double= DUBL
ego= AOEG
priority= PRAOIRT
dispatched= DPAFPD
Geneva= JA/NAOEF/A*
someone else= SWUNLS
intelligence= TEJS
scorpion= SKORP/YO*N
squad= SQAD
prosthesis= PROS/THAO*EZ
satellites= SAT/LAO*ITS
facial= FAIRBL
scanning= SKANG
fiasco= FAOEFK
somewhere= SWR-
floating= FLOEGT
maniacs= MA*INGS
criminals= KRINLS
law= LAU
I don’t understand= YOND
wrong side= WRONGDZ
Colombia= KLO*M
tomorrow= TOM
Information= N-FGS
equipment= QIMT
fellow= FLEL
interrogate= SBROEGT
reservation= REFRBGS
easy= AOEZ
blink= BL*ING
you remember= URM
beach= BAEFP
what was= WHAFS
hundred= HUN
years old= YAOERLDZ
more than= MORN
defensive= D-FS
paperwork= PAIRK
Manchurian= MAN/KHAOUR/YA*N
candidate= KAND
signatures= SIGTS
how many= HOUM
comfort= K-FRT
did you really= SD*URL
grateful= GRAEF
brought= BRAUT
Soviets= SO*EFTS
launch= LAUFP
rockets= ROKTS
innocent= N-NT
studied= STOID
followed= FOLD
realized= RAELDZ
promise= PROM
toppled= TOP/*LD
enemies= NAOEMS
within= W-N
sergeant= SAERNGT
Howard= HOURD
it was= T-FS
did you know= SDUN
yes= YE
wasn’t= WAENT
bodies= BOEDZ
justice= JUS
analyze= NALZ
countermeasures= KROURNT/M*URZ
do this= DO*TS
belong= BLONG
deserve= DEFRB
combat= KBAT
missions= MIGSZ
I don’t think= YONG
by the way= BAE
bathroom= BARM
mansion= MA*NGS
rattling= RALGT
faith= FA*IT
for the most part= F-RMT
replaced= PLAEFRD
parents= PARNTS
breach= BRAEFP
no matter= NORMT
if you need= FUFRN
about this= B-TS
figure= FIG
to get= TO*GT
for this= F-RTS
victims= VIMS
peace= PAES
they find= THEFND
let them= LEMT
itchy= IFP/YO
no= NO
ouch= OUFP
you got= *UGT
actually= TWAEL
huge= HAOUJ

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