September 7 2017

Briefs And Phrases From John Wick 2

John Wick 2
option= OPGS
everything= EFRG
nephew= NEF/AO*U
brother= BROER
dozen= DOZ
eliminate= L*IM
focus= FOEKS
commitment= KMIMT
pencil= PEFNL
I can= IK
assure= SHUR
stories= STOERS
watered= WAURTD
peaceful= PAEF
motor= MOERT
engine= N-J
windshield= WIRBLD
let me know= LEN
Christmas= KMAS
all right= L-RT
sergeant= SAERNGT
to see= TOZ
we were= WERP
sorry= SOR
thank you= THAUNG
does he have= DAOEF
sincerity= SNAOERT
asking= SK-G
to do= TAOD
of the= -FT
impossible= KBOB
you would= ULD
repercussion= RERPGS
marker= MRARK
someone else= SWUNLS
listen= L-N
do you remember= DOURM
consequences= QENSZ
always= AULS
anymore= NIM
I can’t= YA
I’m sorry= AOIMS
excuse me= SKAOUM
beautiful= BAOUF
good evening= GAOENG
chief= KHAOEF
leak= LAEK
good night= GAOIT
announce= NOUNS
impeccable= KB-/PEK/-BL
where is= WR-S
rejected= JEKTD
did you think= SDUNG
did you= SDU
expect= XEKT
I didn’t= YAOI
severe= SWAOER
outcome= OUK
continental= KAUNL
agreed= GRAOED
if you want= FUPT
to go= TOG
until= N-L
responsibility= SPONLT
appreciate= PRAOERBT
father= FA*ER
collection= KLEX
of course,= -FX
retired= RIRD
respected= R-PTD
at you= TU
exits= XITS
would you= WOU
wonder= WURND
sister= ST-R
blood= BLAOD
Rome= RO*EM
catacombs= KAT/KO*EMS
coronation= KORNGS
do this= DO*TS
zero= S*ER
returned= RURND
question= QE
good afternoon= GAFRN
long time= LONGT
excited= XAOITD
something= S-G
I know= AO*IN
Austrian= AUS/TRAOE/YA*N
formal= FOM
social= SOERBL
affair= AIFR
custom= KUFM
what’s= WHAE
robust= ROE/B*UFT
tactical= TAK/TA/KA*L
button= BON
blueprint= BLUPT
carbine= KAR/BAO*IN
ceramic= SER/RAM/*IK
laminate= LAM/NA*IT
cutting= K*UGT
fabric= FA*RK
penetration= PRAINGS
painful= PAIFL
suggest= SUG
texture= TERGT
enjoy= GOI
party= PAERT
watch= WAFP
there was= THR-FS
considered= K-RD
woman= WOM
Helen= H*ENL
what happens= WHAPS
New York= NORK
and you= SKPU
will have been the= L-FBT
think about= THIB
damnation= DAMGS
loose= LAOS
gentlemen= JE
do I need= DOIFRN
remind= RAOIMD
Bourbon= BUR/BO*N
do I need to= DOIFRNTD
I had= ID
at the= TE
at all= TA*UL
someone= SWUN
I was= IFS
promise= PROM
consider= K-R
professional= PROEFL
courtesy= KURTS
hello= HO*EL
I understand= INDZ
personal= PERNL
kind of= KAOIFND
management= M-GT
in the morning= NORNG
operator= PRAIRT
moment= MOEMT
verification= VOIFGS
contract= KR-T
opened= OEPD
denomination= DMOMGS
confirmed= K-FRMD
what is= WHAS
you have= UF
no idea= NY-D
other side= OERDZ
embraced= SBRAIFD
health= H*ELT
million dollars= M-LDZ
boogeyman= BAOG/YI/MA*N
why= Y-
because= BAUS
help= HEP
positively= POFL
magnanimous= MAG/NAN/M*US
seven= SEFN
somebody= S-B
gun= G-N
let’s= LETS
museum= MAO*UFM
descent= SDENT
welcome= WEM
memory= MEM
aorta= AORTA
on the= ONT
you think= AOUNG
life= LAOIF
wife= WAOIF
vengeance= VEN/G*ENS or VEN/JE*NS
you wanted= UPTD
manager= M-G
he’s= HAOES
Winston= WIN/STO*N
junior= J-R
colorful= KLOF
institution= SNAOUGS
legality= LAOELT
nothing= NOG
kingdom= KING/DO*M
alone= LAON
privileges= PRIFS
lounge= LOUNG
Jonathan= JON/THA*N
walk= WAUK
away= WA*I
finished= FINS/-D
what have= WHAF
how was= HOUFS
enjoyed= GOID
company= K-P
goodbye= GAOIB
pleasure= PLERB
international= SBAL
in connection with the= NENGT
closed= KLOEFD
to you= TOU
I am= IM
forfeit= FOFRT
delay= DLAI
whoever= WHOFR
thereafter= THRAFR
you will= UL
John= JO*N
hour= HOUR
order= ORD

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