March 27 2015

Friday Phrases

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neurological examination= NAOURLGS
life support= LAOIFPT or LORT
Q. You allege= STKPWHRULG
Q. You allege these= STKPWHRULGZ
Q. You allege those= STKPWHRULGS
Q. You alleged= STKPWHRULGD
Q. You alleged the= STKPWHRULGTD
Q. You alleged these= STKPWHRULGDZ

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March 26 2015

Theory Thursday: Practice Dictation: Lit (30, 40, 50 WPM)

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video:
my name is= MAOINS
of the -FT
experience= XERNS
I think= AOING
you should= URBD
little bit= BLIT
that you are= THAUR
to this= TOTS
navy= NAEF
although= AOL
throughout= THROUT
interest= TR-
politics= PLIKS
learned= LERND
system= ST-M
become= B-K
I wanted= IPTD
to see= TOZ
pressured= PRERBD
into= NAO
immediately= MAOELD
inside= N-DZ
on the= ONT
to have= TOF
living= LIFG
responsibilities= SPONLTS
that was= THAFS
months= MOS
morning= MORNG
proportion= PRORGS
publicity= PUBT
until= N-L
think of= THIF
scandal= SKANLD
in my= NAOI
picture= PIR
when I think= WHING
think about= THIB
what I wanted= WHAIPTD
to find= TOFND

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March 25 2015


“There is no such thing as failure in my life. I just don’t believe in it. It’s very easy to be where I am and always wonder how long it is going to last, instead of living in the moment. I have no fear of failure or of succeeding. I just do what I do and I know that will keep me in the best place.” -Oprah Winfrey

Love, Speed & Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

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March 24 2015

Rules Of Grammar: Canceled vs. Cancelled vs. Cancellation

Geography seems to determine whether you use “canceled” or “cancelled.” According to Grammar Girl and Grammarist, “canceled” is the spelling that is favored by Americans. “Cancelled” is the spelling that is likely to be utilized in Britain, Canada, and Australia. Both grammar sources point out that the United States has only recently settled on the rule of using “canceled”; adopting the spelling as the favored method in the 1980s.

It should be noted, however, that “cancellation,” with two l’s, is the correct way to spell the word regardless of geographical region.

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March 23 2015

Medical Monday: Bistoury

Bistoury is defined as: “A surgical knife with a long, narrow, straight or curved blade.”

Machine Briefs:
OPTION #1: bistoury= BIS/STO*ER
OPTION #2: bistoury= BIS/STO*EUR
OPTION #3: bistoury= BIS/STOR/YI
OPTION #4: bistoury= BIS/TOR/YI
OPTION #5: bistoury= BIS/TOR/RI
OPTION #6: bistoury= BIS/TOR/R*I
OPTION #7: bistoury= BIS/TOR/RAO*E
OPTION #8: bistoury= BIS/TA/RI
OPTION #9: bistoury= BIS/TA/R*I
OPTION #10: bistoury= BIS/TA/RAO*E

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March 23 2015

Steno Resources: Word Pronunciations

I Love Stenography Logo (Cropped)There’s a You Tube channel that specializes in word pronunciations. The user name of the channel is Emma Saying. Here’s the link:

Emma Saying’s channel includes playlists that are categorized into topics such as: Top challenging words, pairs of confusing sound-a-likes, difficult words to pronounce, NBA players, Hollywood stars, historical figures, and even a Game of Thrones pronunciation guide.

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