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Aug 10

Theory Thursday: Basic Body Parts Part 1

hand= HAND finger= FIRNG face= FAIS chin= KHIN forehead= FHED cheek= KHAOEK lip= LIP

Jul 27

The Rules Of Deliberate Practice

According to the book, “Grit,” written by, Angela Duckworth, there are four requirements for deliberate practice. They are as follows: 1) A clearly defined stretch goal. 2) Full concentration and effort. 3) Immediate and informative feedback. 4) Repetition with reflection and refinement.

Jun 29

Theory Thursday: Practice Video- Measurement Terms

For years, I’ve loved to practice to “Learn To Speak English Videos” on You Tube. Here’s one that includes measurement terms: clock= KLOK measuring cup= MURG/K*UP meter= MAOERT metronome= MET/NO*EM microscope= MAOIRK/SKO*EP pipette= PIP/*ET protractor= PROE/TRA*RKT quart= KWART ruler= RAOURL scale= SKAIL sextant= SEX/TA*NT speedometer= S-PD or SDORMT stethoscope= STE*T/SKO*EP stopwatch= STOP/WA*FP barometer= BARMT sundial= …

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Apr 07

Practice Material: The Short And Tragic Life Of Robert Peace Audiobook

Robert Peace Audiobook

Mar 09

The Jazz Musician’s Quote That Is Apropos To Steno

Charlie Parker

“Master the instrument. Master the music. Then, forget all that stuff and play.” -Charlie Parker

Mar 15

Are You Practicing?

Are You Practicing

I found this image on Google. Whoever made this is a genius!

Jan 31

Practice Material: Sidney Poitier’s Books On Tape

Sidney Poitier Books On Tape

My new practice material; and yes, it is read in his voice. Yay!

Jul 17

I Love Steno The Student Edition: The Importance Of Practicing The Right Way

Here’s a quote from Michael Jordan regarding basketball; however, this quote can also easily be applied to stenography too: “You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you …

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Jul 07

I Love Steno The Student Edition: Practice Your Read Back From A Tablet, Smart Phone, etc.

With computer-aided transcription, gone are the days when court reporters have to read back from paper notes. When I first started court reporting school, I used an Stentura Protégé. In transit, I would read back from my paper notes for practice. More than a couple of times I dropped my accordion-like arrangements of notes. I …

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Jul 02

Theory Thursday: States Drill

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