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May 07

Theory Thursday: Prefix/Suffix Exercise

Source: Moss4ACI (You Tube) Machine briefs from video: Prefix out-= AOUT operation= PRAIGS promotion= PROMGS please= PLAOES Prefix up-= AUP we need= WAOEFRN to do= TAOD competitive= KPEFT is there= STHR anybody= NIB available= VAIBL for the= F-RT afternoon= AFRN Prefix on-= AON investigation= VEGS century= SEN when was= WHFS doesn’t= DOENT traffic= TRAFK surgery= …

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Mar 26

Steno Resources: Speed Building/Practice Dictation

There’s an awesome You Tube channel that has great speed-building dictation in a wide variety of speeds. The channel name is: Moss4ACI. Here’s the link to the page: https://www.youtube.com/user/Moss4ACI/videos

Mar 26

Theory Thursday: Practice Dictation: Lit (30, 40, 50 WPM)

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video: my name is= MAOINS of the -FT experience= XERNS I think= AOING you should= URBD little bit= BLIT that you are= THAUR to this= TOTS navy= NAEF although= AOL throughout= THROUT interest= TR- politics= PLIKS learned= LERND system= ST-M become= B-K I wanted= IPTD to see= …

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Mar 23

Steno Resources: Word Pronunciations

There’s a You Tube channel that specializes in word pronunciations. The user name of the channel is Emma Saying. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/EmmaSaying Emma Saying’s channel includes playlists that are categorized into topics such as: Top challenging words, pairs of confusing sound-a-likes, difficult words to pronounce, NBA players, Hollywood stars, historical figures, and even a …

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May 23

Steno & Ballet: Part 2

Ballerina Misty Copeland describe her study of dance in a manner that I can relate to the process of mastering steno: “As I always say, there is no shortcut in ballet technique. You repeat and repeat to get whatever you are trying to master to become second nature, for it to become as instinctive as …

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May 22

Steno & Ballet: Part 1

Ballet Shoes

Ballerina Misty Copeland describe her study of dance in a manner that I can relate to the process of mastering steno: “All these years later, my technique is very secure, clean, and strong. Yet I still go to ballet classes daily. Dancers understand. It’s because, while we know we’ll never achieve perfection, we have to …

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Mar 27

Constant Improvement & Keeping Track

Roberto Clemente With Bat

I came across the following quote from Roberto Clemente: “In the summer, I play baseball. In the winter, I work baseball. In the summer, when I get hurt playing. I write down what I hurt, the date I hurt it, and how I hurt it. In the winter, I look at that chart, and I …

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Feb 03

The Different Types Of Q & A

Q & A testing can be a very varied experience. The test can be a variety of short answers, long answers, multi-syllabic words, short words, medical terminology, etc. To be prepared you should practice a variety of different Q & A formats. I compare it to being a runner who can marathon, sprint, and hurdle …

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Jan 31

The Dangers Of Ineffective Practice

“Practice does make permanent, thereby aiding in the retention of learning. Consequently, we want to ensure that students practice the new learning correctly from the beginning…If they unknowingly practice the skill incorrectly, they will learn the incorrect method well! This will present serious problems for both the teacher and learner later on because it is …

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Jan 31

4 Keys To A Successful Practice

“For practice to improve performance, four conditions must be met (Hunter, 204): 1) The learner must be sufficiently motivated to want to improve performance. 2) The learner must have all the knowledge necessary to understand the different ways that the new knowledge or skill can be applied. 3) The learner must understand how to apply …

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