May 7 2015

Theory Thursday: Prefix/Suffix Exercise

Source: Moss4ACI (You Tube)

Machine briefs from video:
Prefix out-= AOUT
operation= PRAIGS
promotion= PROMGS
please= PLAOES
Prefix up-= AUP
we need= WAOEFRN
to do= TAOD
competitive= KPEFT
is there= STHR
anybody= NIB
available= VAIBL
for the= F-RT
afternoon= AFRN
Prefix on-= AON
investigation= VEGS
century= SEN
when was= WHFS
doesn’t= DOENT
traffic= TRAFK
surgery= SURG
Prefix over= AUFR
robbery= ROIB
to get= TO*GT
system= ST-M
patient= PAIRBT
brief= BRAOEF
shadow= SHAOD
tradition= TRA
whenever= WHEFR
Mary= MA*ER
on the= ONT
any= NI
body= BOED
moving= MOFG
resulted= RULTD
flew= FLAOU
Suffix -over= O*EFR
anymore= NIM
inspection= SPEX
will be= L-B
conducted= KUKTD
Suffix -of= O*F
performance= P-FNS
who was= WHOFS
Prefix under-= N-R
policy= POIL
friends= FRENDZ
weekend= WEND
how much= HOUFP
invited= VAOITD
service= SFS
having= V-G
defendant= D-FT
support= SPOR
everyday= EFRD
trial= TRAOIL
season= S-N
are the= R-T
supporting= SPORG
disease= D-Z
dishes= DIRBS
vacation= VAIGS
October= OKT
assessment= SAEMT
several= SEFRL
New York= NORK
quiet= QAET

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