August 31 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Boys: Season 1, Episode 1

The Boys Season 1 Episode 1 Part 2
Brooklyn= BLIN
Bluetooth= BLAO*T
stereo= STER
living-room= LIFRM
audio= AOD
carbon= KBON
conductive= KUFKT
armored= AORMD
speakers= SPAEORKS
latency= LAINZ
think it= TH*IT
who said= WHODZ
did you ask= SDUFK
chivalry= SHIFRL
pageants= PAJTS or PAENGTS
boilerplate= BOIRLT or BOIRPLT
what happened to= WHAPTD
shareholder= SHAIRLD
ladies and gentlemen= LAIJ
billion dollars= B-LDZ
so far= SOFR
what do you say= WHAOUS
satellites= SAELTS
eBay= AOE/BA*I
dining room= DAOIRM
first day= FIRD
gorgeous= GORJS
Des Moines= DES/MOINS
just think= JUFNG
invasion= VAEGS
Yonkers= YO*RNGS
immigrate= KBRAIT
matrix= MAIRKT
diabolical= DBLIBLG
freeway= FROI
I cannot= YANT
do you even= DOUFN
firewalled= FAOIR/WA*ULD
musician= MAOUGS
infiltrate= KB-FLT
merchandising= M-GDZ
Detroit= DROIT
friendship= FROIP
Rockefeller= ROK/F*ERL
sympathies= STHIS
fantastic= FAFKT
haggling= HAG/LING
maggots= MAGTS
boardroom= BAORM
are you okay= R*UK
accident happens= SD-PS
libelous= LAOIBLZ
who are you= WHO*UR
I wouldn’t find= YAOFND
London= LOND

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August 31 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 2, Episode 3

Blacklist Season 2 Episode 3
blood pressure= BLAOPS
lorazepam= LOE/RAZ/PA*M
ask him= SKHIM
do you really= DO*URL
open it= O*EPT
day-to-day= D-TD
tripling= TR*IPLG
talk to= TAUKTD
pensions= PENGSZ
cardiothoracic= KARD/YOE/THOR/RA*FK
transplant= TRAPLT
recipient= RIPT
grapefruit= GRAIP/FRAO*UT
realtime= ROIM
medical examiner= MAERX
immunosuppressive= KSAOUN/SPR*EFS
aorta= AORT
incision= SB-FGS
bankruptcy= BRUPZ
harvested= HAFRTD
bankrupt= BRUP
if I were= FIRP
lifetime= LAOIFT
deterrent= DERNT
nonprofit= N-P
tax return= TAURN
last year= LAFR
receptive= REFPT
defect= DPEKT
cirrhosis= SA/RO*EZ
autopsy= AUPZ
phone call= FOENG
porcine= POR/SAO*IN
fictitious= TIRBS
heart disease= HARDZ
hit-and-run= H-RN
sartorial= SAR/TO*RL
how much time= HOUFMT
front door= FRAOR
motorcycle= MOIK
New Orleans= NURNLS
Baracoa= BA/RA/KOE/A*
indulgent= SBULGT
gristle= GRIFLT
are you alright= RURLT
firearms= FAOIRMS
landlord= L-LD
lower level= LOERL
appeals= AEPS
ostentatious= OS/TEN/TA*IRBS
valuable= VABL
loyalty= LOILT
I’m guessing= AOIMGS
federal agent= FRALGT

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August 30 2019

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
I won’t let= YOELT
I won’t tell= YO*ELT
I won’t say= YOES
I won’t do= YOED
I won’t ask= YOEFK
I won’t ask the= YOEFKT
I won’t ask it= YO*EFKT
I won’t ask this= YOEFKTS
I won’t ask to= YOEFKTD
I won’t ask to the= YO*EFKTD
I won’t ask it is= YO*EFKTS

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August 26 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 1

Power Season 6 Episode 1

Tupac= TAOU/PO*K
as far as= SFARS
ask you= SKU
alibi= AEB
Valdez= VALDZ
permission= PERMGS
like I said= LIDZ
did you know= SDUN
did you want= SDUPT
I go= IG
black and white= BLAKT
murderer= MRURD
gunshot wound= GOUND
Patrick= PA*RKT or PARKT
assumptions= SUMGSZ
defendants= D-FTS
witness= W-NS
benefit= BEF
convict= VIKT
sister= ST-R
authorize= THORZ
autopsy= AUPZ
crocodile= KROK/DAO*IL
all of us= AUFLS
are to= R-TD
did you do= SDUD
are you going to= RUGTD
what you did= WHA*UD or WHAULGTS
uncle= UNG my time= MAOIMT
you’re going to= YOURGTD
female= FAEL
high school= HAOL
Queens= KWAO*ENS
confidential= K-FL
federal witness= FR-NS
scapegoat= SKAIPGT
provoked= PROEFKD
employee= PLOE
lawyer= LAUR
marshals= MARBLS
comprehensive= KPREFNS
eliminate= L*IM
paperwork= PAIRK
signature= SIGT
death penalty= D*ENLT
statute= STAOUFP
indictment= DAOIMT
have you seen= V*UFN
disturb= DURB
squashed= SKWARBD
strategic= STRAOEJ
snitch= SNIFP
blue= BLU
testify= TEF
by the way= BAE
divorce= DWORS
waffles= WAFLS
Feds= F*EDZ
how many times= HOUMTS
contend= KEND
prosecutor= PR-R
murder= MURD
hotlines= HOT/LAO*INS
with me= W-M
bullet= BULT
detective= DEKT
sergeant= SAERNGT
Choate= KHOET
last night= LAFNT
abandoned= BAUND
Charles= KHARLS
suspect= S-PT
motives= MOEFS
loyal= LOIL
I don’t even= YOFN
why were= Y-RP
swindled= SW*INLD
whatever happens= WHAFRPS
illegal= ILG
penthouse= PENT/HO*US
literally= LAIRL
innocent= N-NT
funeral= FAOURNL
handcuffs= H-FS
they will= THEL
I don’t care= YOK

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