November 20 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 2, Episode 5

Blacklist Season 2 Episode 5
right thing= RAOING
where you are= WRUR
just like= JUBLG
taxi= TAEX
partnership= POIP
environment= VAOIRMT
virus= VAOIRS
life support= LORT
lacerations= LAEFRGSZ
sienna= SAOE/*EN/A*
Sienese= SAOE/NAO*EZ
Madrid= MA/DR*ID
Pisa= PAOE/SA*
whereabouts= WR-BTS
chemo= KHAOEM
cockamamie= KOK/MAIM/YI
under the= N-RT
microscopic= MAOIRK/SKO*PK
spectroscopic= SPEK/SKO*PK
gallery= GAERL
one more= WUM
Apophis= A/PA/F*IS
weaponized= WEPDZ
century= SEN
Byzantines= BIZ/TAO*ENS
Ottomans= OT/MA*NS
bubonic= BAOU/BO*NG
pneumonic= NAOU/MO*NG
pandemics= PAN/DEM/*IKS
Armageddon= ARM/GED/O*N
symbols= SBOLS
same time= SAIMT
she believes= SHEBLS
same thing= SAIMG
alignments= LAOIMTS
Staten Island= STAENLD
addendum= DAUMD
Cyrillic= SA/RIL/*IK
sacrosanct= SKROE/SA*NGT
contagious= TAIJS
radio= RAO
plague= PLAIJ
lookouts= LAOKTS
checkpoints= KHEPKTS
exposure= SPAOUR
species= SPAOES
extinction= XINGS
everybody else= EFRBLS
Sharon= SHA*RN
endearing= SBAERG
agitated= AJTD
can I go inside= KIGDZ
outbreak= TBRAEK
immune systems= KBAOUFMTS
clinical trials= KLINLTS
inquiry= KWOIR
organism= GOFM
antibodies= AEBDZ
crusade= KRAOUFD
inhaler= KBHAIRL
Dulles= DUL/*ES
Perez= PERZ
Sao Paolo= SOU/PA/LO*E
open this= OEPTS
infected= KB-FKTD
Abingdon= AB/-G/DO*N
how much time= HOUFPLT
hour ago= HOURG
who is he= WHO*ES
possessive= PEFS
at one time= TWUNT
goosebumps= GAOFRPS
megalomaniacs= MEG/LOE/MA*INGS
vaccine= VAEK or VAFK

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November 3 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 10

Power Season 6 Episode 10

break the law= BRAEBLGT
out of your mind= OUFRMD
gubernatorial= GAOUB/TO*ERK
New York State= NORKT
constituents= STWENTS
exoneration= XONGS
FBI agent= FWIGT
bureaucracy= BRAOURKZ
this time= TH-MT
just a minute= JUFMT
nomination= NOMGS
counteract= KRAKT
preview= PRAOUF
reconciliation= SKRILGS
gentrified= JENT/FAO*ID
bankrupt= BRUP
awake= WOIK
Kool-Aid= KAOL/A*ID
search warrant= SWARNT
that morning= THARNG
aspirations= SPIRGS
defense attorney= D-RN
affidavit= AFD
perjury= PEJ
I would have= *IFLD
prospects= PR-PTS
emblem= KBLEM
testament= TEFMT
more time= MORMT
conclusive= KL*UFS
credenza= KRA/D*ENZ
background= BAUGD
when I’m= WHAOIM
Rikers Island= RAOIRBLGS
at the end of the day= TEFNTD
after all= AFRL
let me go= LEMG
multiple= MUPLT
make it= MA*IKT
Vincent= VIFNT
about her= BHER
I can’t tell you= YA*ULT
everything is= EFRGS
trust me= TRUFM
you’re going= YO*URG
and you go to= SKPUGTD
have told you= V*ULTD
should have known= SHUFN
you go to= UGTD
none of this= NOFNTS

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November 1 2019

Hands Like Bach’s

BachIt is often repeated lore in the court reporting world that pianists make great court reporting students. Something about the required finger dexterity and mental exercise that comes from playing the piano is said to be translated over to the stenography machine. For this reason alone, one might conclude that musical maestro Johann Sebastian Bach would have made a great court reporter. However, Bach was also gifted with another characteristic, an anatomical anomaly, that could have made him an expert machine stenographer.

According to the September 2019 edition of National Geographic, Bach had formidable hand size.

The article entitled, “The Musical Greatness of Bach’s Hands” states that Bach’s hand size/reach was “nearly 8 1/2 inches from wrist to fingertips- and it’s reach, as much as 10 1/4 inches from thumb to last finger with the hand open wide…Using those measurements…Bach could play a position bridging 12 white keys.”

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October 28 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 9

Power Season 6 Episode 9
racketeering= RAK/TAO*ERG
emotional= MAOERBL
genius= GAOENZ or JAOENZ
expansion= XANGS
adaption= DAPGS
lieutenant= LAOUNT
governor= GOFR
your part= YOURPT
peace= PAES
if this= F-TS
emphasis= KBIS
and then= SKPHEN
scorched= SKOFRPD
severing= SWEFRG
babysitter= BAERBT
daycare= DAERK
supervisor= SPR-FR
boulevard= BLFD
narcotics= NARKTS
warehouse= WROUS
legit= LEJT
real estate= RAE
swivel= SWIFL
until the= N-LT
never told= NEFRLTD
just like= JUBLG
I can’t believe this= YABLTS
robbery= ROIRB
for a long time= F-RNGT
work for= WOFR
paella= PAOI/A/YA*
and these= SKP*Z
motivate= MOEFT
devastated= DWAEFTD
betrayal= BRAEL
humiliation= HULGS
I can’t say= YAS
LaGuardia= LA/GAURD/YA*
so let’s= SO*LTS

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October 15 2019

Briefs and Phrases From El Camino

El Camino Movie Poster
Cheeto= KHAOE/TO*E
frontier= FRAOERT
person of interest= PEFRNT
Sasquatch= SAS/SKWA*FP
Hilfiger= HIL/F*IRG
Victor= V*IRKT
magnets= MANGTS
precautionary= PRAURGS
detector= SDERKT
seat belt= SBELT
speed limit= SPAOEMT
outlaw= TLAU
accurate= KRAT
chaparral= KHAP/RA*L
insurance= SNAOURNS
sideway= SDWAI
poisoning= POIFNG
Houston= HOUFNT
critical condition= KR-N
Albuquerque= AL/BA/KW*ERK
Ficus= FAOI/K*US
horticulture= HORT/KL*UR
Easter= AO*EFRT
if we have= FWEF
soup= SOUP
encyclopedia= SKPAOED
show me= SHOEM
alphabetize= AFL/BA/TAO*IZ
engineering= GERG
pizza= PIZ
pepperoni= PEP/RO*IN
and I will be= SKP*IBL
lieutenant= LAOUNT
patrol car= TROEK
handwriting= HARNG
fingerprints= F-PS
Brita= BRIT/A*
when you were going to= WHURPGTD
colorful= KLOF
Kirby= KIRB/YI
filter= FIRLT
password= PAFRD
what are you doing= WHA*URD
overtly= OEFRLT
northbound= N*B
tattoo= TAOUT
eyebrow= AOIB
Broadway= BROI
fishplate= FIRB/PLA*IT
gussets= GUS/*ETS
welding= WELGD
for it= F*RT
be able to= BAIBLTD
I can’t believe you= YA*UBL
duffle= DUFL
Sinatra= SA/NA/TRA*
bromine= BROE/MAO*EN
pineapple= PAOIN/A*EPL
Alaska= AK/AK
Okinawa= OAK/NA/WA*
Wisconsin= WIS/WIS
social security number= SBS

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October 13 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 8

Season 6 Episode 8
homework= HOERK
opposite= OPS
chaos= KHAOS
pencil= PEFNL
prosecute= PR-
penitentiary= P-NT
and how long= SKPHOUNG
library= LAOIB
Jefferson= JEFRN
accomplice= KPLIS
curriculum= KLIM
about you= BU
and you need= SKPUFRN
literally= LAIRL
tuition= TWIGS
soldiers= SOERJS
contractor= KR-RT
strategist= STRAJT
Long Island= LAOINLD
medical examiner= MAERX
hostage= HOFJ
undercover= NOFR
witness= W-NS
personality= PERNLT
criticism= KRIFM
diversity= DWERTS
Saratoga= SAR/TOE/GA*
insulate= SNAOULT
radioactive= RAOFKT
county= KOINT
laundering= LAURNGD
mortgage= MORT
you will be= *UBL
cooperation= KAOPGS
are you going to= RUGTD
why would I= Y*ILD
teammates= TAOEMTS
what you said= WHAUDZ
suburbs= SURBS
scare me= SKAIRM
law enforcement= LAUFMT
harassment= HARMT
suspension= SWENGS
expedited= SKPAOITD
basketball= B-BL
too far= TAOFR
birthday= BIRTD
alibi= AEB
narrative= NAFRT
pistol= STOL
corroborates= KROBS
they’re going= TH*ERG
I can’t let= YALT
is going to= SG-GTD

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October 9 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Spiderman Far From Home

Spiderman Far From Home

kind of thing= KAOIFNG
Venice= VEN/*IS
espresso= SKPROE
leaflet= LAOEFLT
taking care= TA*ERK
taking care of= TA*EFRK
cobbler= KBLER
singularity= SIRNLT
Paris= PARZ
orbits= ORBTS
primary= PROIRM
physics= F*IFKS
Italy= IT/LI
cyclone= SAOI/KLO*EN
aloha= A/LOE/HA*
elementals= L-MT/A*LS
antenna= AN/TEN/A*
superpower= SPROUR
superhero= SPROER
spider= SPAO*IRD
Spiderman= SPAO*IRMD
Italian= AOT/TAL/YA*N
tranquilizer= TWIRLZ
Morocco= MA/ROK/O*E
quantum= KWAUMT
upgrade= AUPGD
awesome= AUFM
multiverse= MULT/V*ERS
retinol= RET/NO*L
biometric= BAOI/O*E/M*ERKT
Peter= PAO*ERT
augmented= AUG/-MTD
protocols= PROELTS
satellite= SAELT or STLAOIT
Edith= AOED/*IT
vehicle= VAOEK
Audubon= AUD/BO*N
Prague= PRAUG
Parker= PRA*RK
tactical= TABLGT
drone= DROEN
sarcasm= SKAFM
opera= OP/RA*
enriching= KBRIFP
carousel= KAR/A/S*EL
avenger= AFRNG
Berlin= BERNL
awkward= AURKD
holographic= HOL/GRA*FK
therapeutic= THAERKT
weaponized= WEPDZ
illusions= LAOUGSZ
Europe= AOURP
electromagnetic= L-MG or TROEMGT
who cares= WHOKS
software= SWA*ER
casualties= KARBLTS
Janice= JAN/*IS
projector= PRORJ
paranoid= POID
in and out= NOUT
William= WL-M
costume= KOFM
London= LOND
Netherlands= N*ERT/LA*NDZ
as fast as= SFAFTS
atmosphere= SFAER
surfboard= S*UFRBD
last time= LAFMT
this time= TH-MT
Voltron= VOL/TRO*N
contingencies= TIJSZ
give me the= GIFMT
deception= SDEPGS

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October 6 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 7

Power Season 6 Episode 7

Rochester= ROFRPT
primary= PROIRM
bedroom= BERM
inventory= VEN
weekend= WEND
precious= PRERBS
high school= HAOL
college= KLEJ
Jason= JAIFN
in person= KBERN
coffee= KO*EF
when would be= WH*BLD
I’m not= Y*MT
Brooklyn= BLIN
credible= KREBL
reconcile= SKAOIL
misconduct= SKUKT
it wasn’t= TWAENT OR TWA*FNT
bureaucratic= BRAOURKT
website= WAOIT
reckless= REBLGS
dedicated= DAETD
romance= ROEMZ
White House= WHOUS
works for= WOFRS
she told= SHELTD or SHAOELTD
deploy= DPLOI
shipment= SHIMT
crates= KRAETS
warehouse= WROUS
if you were= FURP
going to= G-GTD
prospects= PR-PTS
that mean= THAM
for it= F-RT
unicorn= AOUN/KO*RN
New Yorkers= NRORKS
had to= H-TD
diverse= DWERS
syllabus= SIL/B*US
she knows= SHENS
casualty= KARBLT
congressional= KO*NL
Flatbush= FLAT/B*URB
according to= KWORGTD
Atlanta= TLAN
you’re late= YO*URLT
lawfully= LAUFL
like this= LAOIKTS
just because= JAUBS
apple= AEPL
under any circumstances= UNS
consolidating= SKLOGD
Derrick= D*ERK
gubernatorial= GAOUB/TO*ERL
tell me the= TL-MT
ankle= A*INLG
bracelet= BRAIFLT
peacetime= PAEFM
monitor= MORNT
device= DWAOIS
0collude= KLAOUD
elusive= LAOUFS
incompetence= IPS
legendary= LAERJD
pardon me= PARM
this off= THOF

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September 29 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 6

Power Season 6 Episode 6
childhood= KHAOLD
stay out of= STOUF
leverage= LEFRJ
authenticate= THAIKT
do you really= DO*URL
one thing= WUNG
as much as= S-FPS
as quick as= SKWIKS
Alfonse= AL/FO*NS
24 hours= 24OURS
solidarity= SLORD
McCall= M*K/KA*UL
who are you= WHO*UR
Vincent= VIFNT
grassroots= GRAOTS
postponing= POEFNGT
raffle= RAFL
sponsorship= SPOIP
constituents= STWENTS
biological= BL-L
daycare= DAERK
coffee= KO*EF
call me= KLAUM
totaled= TOELTD
enlighten= KBLAOINT
should have known= SHUFN
technically= TLEBLG
Jason= JAIFN
I’m asking= AOIFK
make the= MAIKT
doorstep= DAORP
kidnapping= KIPG
precinct= PRAOENT
police station= PLAIGS
Yelp= Y*EL/*P
any of= NIF
accountant= K-NT
is that you= STHAU
plausible= PLAUFBL
feisty= FAOIFT
police officer= PLOIFR
college= KLEJ
law school= LAOL
Clemmons= KLEM/O*NS
and we will= SKPWEL
darling= DARLG

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September 26 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Pearson: Season 1, Episode 10

Pearson Season 1 Episode 10
county= KOINT
sheriff= SHR-F
defense attorney= D-RN
across the street= KRAOTS
ladies and gentlemen= LAIJS
cruisers= KRAOURSZ
wonderful= WUF
Pandora= PAN/DOR/A*
tidal= TAO*ILD
displaced= DPLAIFD
in that case= NA*K
riot= ROIT
just remember= JURM
willing to= L-GTD
make sure= MAIKZ
preparing= PRAOEPG
what time of= WHAFMT
what time of day= WHAFMTD
qualified= KW-F
jurisdiction= JURD
downtown= DWOUN
loyal= LOIL and now= SKPOU
last thing= LAFNG
ask of you= SK*UF
Chicago= KH*I
police department= PLEPT
midnight= MAOID

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