November 13 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Daredevil- Season 3, Episode 7

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 7

critical= KRIBLG
critical condition= KR-N
life support= LORT
rabbit= RABT
snowstorm= SNOE/STO*RM
specially= SPLERBL
violation= VAOILGS
lobby= LOIB
painting= PAINGT
ownership= OIP
with this= W-TS
explodes= SPLOEDZ
nearby= NAOERB
brutal= BRAOUL
witnesses= W-NSZ
perpetrator= PRERPT
whereabouts= WR-BTS
sheep= SHAOEP
slaughter= SLAURT
could have been= KOFB
stitch= STIFP
and I find= SKPIFND
answers= AENSZ
so far= SOFR
can I ask= KIFK
Sears= SAO*ERS
how good= HOUGD
copy= KPAOE
anyone else= NINLS
at least= TLAOEFT
psycho= SKOE
Santa Claus= SAN/TA*/CLAUS
encounters= KBOURNTS
finger= FIRNG
zero= S*ER
random= RAOND
definitely= DAFL
did this= SD-TS
threatened= THRENTD
wasn’t= WAENT
Melvin= MEL/V*IN
cheese= KHAOEZ
pickles= PIBLGS
paroled= PROELD
workshop= WORK/SHO*P
molds= MOELDZ
Betsey= BETS/YI
asopao= AS/A/PAI/O*E
awake= WOIK
murder= MURD
convenience= VAOENS
granny= GRAN/YI
Sunday= SUND
Powerball= POUR/BA*UL
pencil= PEFNL
Jasper= JAS/P*ER
deputies= DPAOUTS
lawyered= LAURD
hearsay= HAOERS
manipulating= MIPG
pony= POEN/YI
courthouse= KHOUS
propose= PROEPS
from this= FR-TS
deposition= DEPGS
Amber= A*M/B*ER
surgical= SURL
residents= REFNTS
resident= REFNT
Percocet= PERK/S*ET
jello= JEL/O*E
machines= M-NS
water= WAURT
proprietary= PRAERT
he said= EDZ
breach= BRAEFP
asleep= SLAEP
custody= KUD
alter= ARLT
girlfriend= GOIF
irrelevant= IRT
stability= STABLT
demanded= DMAND
we need to= WEFRNTD
Hoffman= HOF/MA*N
sedan= SDAN
arrested= ARD
powder= PAURD
kind of= KAOIF
faith= FA*IT
all of this= AUFLTS
which I was= KHIFS
plain= PLAIN
relationship= ROIP
desperation= DPRAIGS
diminishes= DMIRBS
good night= GAOIT
simpleton= SIM/TO*N
Hell’s Kitchen= HELS/K*IFP
hesitate= HEZ
messenger= MEFRJ
Abraham= AIB/HA*M
disappointed= SDPOINTD
with your= WUR
proud= PRO*UD
violated= VAOILTD
parole= PROEL
loose= LAOS
when he went= WHEFRG
I told= ILT
advantage= VANG
trusting= TRUFGT
if you want= FUPT
prisoner= PRIRS
footage= FAOJ
shanked= SHA*INGD
as soon as= SNS
surprise= SPRAOIS
strive= STRIF
example= X-M
blankets= BLA*INGTS
soda= SAOD
fridge= FRIJ
what really= WHA*RL
I didn’t say= YAOIS
resurrected= RURKTD
description= SDRIPGS
and I think= SKPING
confront= K-FRNT
it up= TUP
I believe= AOIBL

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November 12 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Daredevil- Season 3, Episode 6

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 6
gun= G-N
Hudson= HUD/SO*N
did I ever tell= SDIFRT
patch= PAFP
sermon= SER/MO*N
casseroles= KAS/RO*ELS
talk about= TAUB
staged= STAIJD
solitary= SOL/TA*ER
publishes= PL-RBS
sourcing= SORGS
unverifiable= UN/VOIFBL
innuendo= NAOUND
health care= HAERK
coverage= KOFRJ
I can’t believe= YABL
article= ARL
chili= KHIL/LI
witness= W-NS
negotiate= GOERBT
surrender= SRERND
identity= AOID
bailed= BAILD
what you want= WHAUPT
argue= GAOU
it felt= T-FLT
where he= WRE
pretty= PRIT
couples= KUPLS
therapy= THAERP
structure= STRUR
physical= FIS
disciplined= SPLIND
animal= ANL
waitress= WAI/TR*ES
Quantico= QANT/KO*E or QAUNT/KO*E
skull= SKUL
hammer= HAERM
twelve= TWEFL
midnight= MAOID
subway= SBAI
that feeling= THAFLG
fictions= F*IXZ
tolerate= TLAIT
patriotic= PROIKT
sniper= SNAOIRP
companion= KPAN
understood= NAOND
society= SOET
punishes= P-RBS
under the= N-RT
isn’t right= SN-RT
Maggie= MAG/YI
optics= OP/T*IKS
assure= SHUR
immediate= MAOED
vacation= VAIGS
leaked= LAOEKD
paprika= PEP/RAOE/KA*
tomatoes= TOE/MAI/TO*ES
for me= F-RM
lucky= LUK/YI
coerced= KOERS/-D
editor= Y*IRT
ears= AOERS
at this= TI
sandwich= SDWIFP
attorney= TOERN
submit= SMIT
fantastic= FAN/TA*FKT
innocence= N-NS
socks= SOKS
how do you know= HAOUN
beatings= BAOEGTS
which I’m sure= KHAOIMZ
keeper= KAOERP
criticism= KRIFM
clarifying= KLOIFG
accused= KAOUFD
fugitive= FAOUJT
you mean= UM
trumped= TRUFRPD
promotion= PROEMGS
exonerate= XON
fault= FAULT
apology= GAOE
grateful= GRAEF
power= POUR
outage= OUJ

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November 4 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Rainn Wilson

Oprah Winfrey and Rainn Wilson
artfully= ART/FLI
pancake= PAN/KA*IK
thoughtfully= THOUFL
delight= DLAOIT
Chicago= KHI/KHI
high school= HAOL
actor= ARKT
temple= TEFRPL
Bahai= BA/HA/YI or BA/HAO*I
mystery= STRAOE
worship= WOFRP
Illinois= IL/IL
patrolling= TROELG
gawky= GAUK/YI
acne= AK/NAO*E
bespeckle= BAOE/SP*EBLG
unity= YAOUNT
religion= R-J
Zoroaster= SO*R/AS/T*ER
Abraham= AIB/HA*M
Buddha= BAOU/DA*
Jesus= JAOEZ
Muhammad= MAOU/HA/MA*D
divine= DWAOIN
geography= G-F
manifestation= MEFGS
miracle= MIRBLG
tenet= TEN/*ET
creed= KRAOED
background= BAUGD
infuses= NAOUFS
annoying= NOIG
geek= GAOEK
eccentric= AOE/STRIK
weirdos= WERD/O*ES
canvas= KWAS
church= KHUFP
tingle= TING/*L
creative= KRAOEF
creativity= KRAOEFT
mystical= MIFBLGT
emulating= EM/LA*IGT
ultimate= ULT
testament= TEFMT
quality= QALT
human beings= HAOUBS
airy= AIR/YI
fairy= FAIR/YI
celebrity= SBRIT
spiritual= SPIRL
charities= KHAIRTS
father= FA*ER
husband= HUS
when I= WHI
kind of= KAOIF
twenties= TWENTS
thirties= THIRTS
pregnant= PREG
crystals= KRIFLTS
aura= AUR/A*
cringe= KRING
crank= KRA*ING
nirvana= NIR/VA/NA*
organized= ORGD
hippie= HIP/YI
receptive= REFPT
greater= GRAERT
Devin= DEF/*IN
Joshua= JORB/WA*
we get= WEGT
recognizable= REK/-BL
gradual= GRAUL
social= SOERBL
networking= TWORK/-G
what happens= WHAPS
cynical= SIN/KA*L
sarcastic= SKAFKT or SARKT
mixture= MURX
online= AONL
community= KMAOUNT
Nepal= NAI/PA*L
South Africa= SO*UT/FRIK
Harry= HA*R/RAO*E
journey= JOIRN
Walker= WA*URK
holy= HOIL
Koran= KOR/RA*N
have you been= VUB
discourage= DURJ
disingenuous= DIZ/IN/JEN/Y*US
potential= POERB
economy= KME
Israel= IZ/RA*EL
Tina= TAOE/NA*
stilettos= STA/LET/O*ES
bagels= BAELGS
starvation= STAFRBGS
that’s right= THAERT
film= FIM
awake= WOIK
awaken= WOING
encounter= KBOURNT
irreverent= IR/R*EFNT
Williamson= WL-M/SO*N
actions= -XZ
beautiful= BAOUF
percentage= PERJ
profound= PROFND
Gene= GAO*EN
Siskel= SIS/K*EL
magazine= MAG
kiwi= KAOE/WAO*E
guitar= GA/TA*R
Radiohead= RAO/H*ED

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November 1 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Daredevil- Season 3, Episode 5

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 5 Part 1

alpha= AFL
counterfeiting= KIFGT
facilitator= FAERLT or FARLT
technically= TLEBLG
audiobook= AOD/BAO*K
corpse= KORPS
remind= RAOIMD
tolerate= TLAIT
current= KURNT
thoroughly= THROL
associates= SOERBTS
medical= MEL
confirm= K-FRM
nevertheless= NEFRLS
great deal= GRAOEL
bribed= BRAOIBD
law enforcement= LAUFMT
perjured= P-JD
testimony= T-M
manufactured= M*FP
evidence= AEFD
approach= PROEFP
breach= BRAEFP
obligated= BLIGTD
laundered= LAURND/-D
freelancer= FRAOERNL
Paxton= PAX/TO*N
Penelope= PA/NEL/PAO*E
problems= BLEMS
disappear= SDPEAR
purse= PURS
last time= LAFMT
months= MOS
secretary= SEKT
manager= M-G
signature= SIGT
depositing= DPOFGT
retainer= RAIRNT
at the time= TET
accurate= KRAT
James= JAIMS
Wesley= WES/LI
theory= THAOER
proof= PRAOF
investigators= VERGTS
headmaster= HED/MA*FRT
paradise= PAR/DAO*IS
leather= L*ERT
steerhide= STAOER/HAO*ID
pocket= POKT
cowhide= KO*U/HAO*ID
pitcher= P*IFRP
gear= GAOER
showboat= SHOE/DL-S/BOET
kiddo= KID/O*E
gulps= GUL/*PS
pitch= PIFP
billion= B-L
popsicle= PO*P/S*IBLG
hasn’t= HAENT
like this= LAOIKTS
coach= KOEFP
Bradley= BRAD/LI
long time= LONGT
jerk= JERK
awesome= AUFFM
between us= TWUS
wasn’t= WAENT
am I= MI
emptiness= EMT/-NS
routines= RAOUNTS
empathy= EFRP/THAO*E
for example,= FOERX
upset= SPET
terrific= TRIFK
and me= SKP-M
bubbly= BUB/LI
Spanish= SPIRB
chiropractor= KHAOIRT
goodbyes= GAOIBS
longtime= LO*NGT
session= SEGS
prognosis= P-G
rigid= RIJD
meds= M*EDZ
cycle= SAOIBLG
inclined= KBLAOIND
last thing= LAFNG
colleague= KLAOEG
therapist= THAERPT
expertise= SPAOERZ
and be= SKP-B
misery= MIRZ
eventually= VAENL
naturally= NAERL
beautiful= BAOUF
violence= V-LS
decent= DAOENT
compass= KPAS
suicide= SWAOID
preventions= PREFNGSZ
Craig= KRA*IG
army= AERM
reliable= RAOIBL
through this= THRUTS
scapegoat= SKAIPGT
wilderness= WIRLD/-NS
villain= VINL
Brooklyn= BLIN
hotline= HOT/LAO*IN
first day= FIRD
what time= WHAMT
coppa= KOE/PA*
prosciutto= PROE/SHAOU/TO*E
soppressata= SOE/PRA/SOT/A*
mocetta= MOE/SET/A*
election= LEX
inducement= SBAOUFMT
cops= KOPS
borrow= BROE
blot= BLOT
absentee= ABT/YAE
explosive= KLOEFS
ingredient= GRENT
campaign= KPAIN
intimidate= SBIMT
criticism= KRIFM
affair= AIFR
ditched= DIFPD
am I correct= MIRK
dissolve= DOFL
partnership= POIP
single= SINL
allegedly= LAELGD
ethical= TH*EBLG
privilege= PRIF
ago= AG
hadn’t= H-NT
could find= KOFND
did he tell= SDELT
friendship= FROIP
why would= Y*LD
federal agents= FRALGTS
due respect= DAOURPT
uncomfortable= N-FRBL
accessory= SKOIR
aiding and abetting= AIBGT
route= RAOUT
workout= WORK/O*UT
habits= HABTS
work it= WO*RKT
pursue= PRAOU
dancer= DARNS
first place= FIRPS
backup= BUP
federal government= FRALG
killer= K*IRL
would believe= WO*BL
dog= DAUG
immunity= KBAOUNT
pedestals= PED/STA*LS
officially= FLIRBL
do you remember the= DOURMT
stupid= STAOUPD

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October 31 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Daredevil- Season 3, Episode 4

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 4

district attorney= DAO
defense attorney= D-RN
mandatory= MARND
ensure= KBAOUR
morning= MORNG
colder= KOERLD
ghosted= GHOEFTD
ghost= GHOEFT
bolt= BOELT
curtain= KUR/TA*N
relax= RAEK
coffee= KO*EF
I can’t find= YAFND
wallet= WLET
Nelson= N*EL/SO*N
Franklin= FRA*ING/LIN
eighteen= AEN
divine= DWAOIN
intervention= SB-FNGS
psychology= SKOLG
sixteen= STAOEN
that I was= THAIFS
mystery= STRAOE
what do you want= WHAOUPT
innocent= N-NT
Michael= MAOIBLG
misunderstanding= MUNGD
nurse= NURS
incident= DIN
liability= LAOIBLT
reasons= R-NS
mouthwash= MO*UT/WA*RB
chole= KHOEL/YI
aliens= AIL/Y*ENS
Sammy= SA*M/YI
all of this= AULFTS
spouses= SPOUSZ
against the= GENTS
gentlemen= JE
Friday= FRI
off the record= OFRTD
for the record= FRORD
asset= SAET
corporation= KORPGS
offshore= AUF/SHOR
national= NAL
bank= BA*ING
inches= N-FPS
busy= B-Z
distracted= SDRAKTD
midland= MID/LA*ND
circle= SL-
whopper= WHO*RP
I guess= IGS
dislocated= SDLOEKTD
almost= L-M
paperwork= PAIRK
somewhere= SWR-
pupils= PAOUPLS
concussed= KON/K*UFD
headaches= HAEKS
reflexes= R*EFXZ
do you remember= DOURM
last time= LAFMT
postage= POEFG
reunion= RAOE/AOUN
bygones= BI/GO*ENS
cannot= KWOT
attacked= TW-KD
betrays= BRAES
half= HAF
ratted= RATD
as much as= SFPS
and I’m= SKPAOIM
allegation= AELGS
Vic= V*IK
bribed= BRAOIBD
lifer= LAOIFR
stab= STAB
sliced= SLAOIFD
better than= BERN
solitary= SOL/TA*ER
motorcade= MOERT/KA*ID
cousin= KUFN
shanked= SHA*INGD
Jasper= JA*S/P*ER
Evans= EFNS
hurry= HUR
civilian= SIFNL
spork= SPORK
supervisory= SPREFR
inappropriate= NROEPT
internal= SBERNL
investigation= VEGS
discrepancy= SKREPZ
forensic= FRENS
analysis= NALS
detective= DEFKT
function= FUNGS
dynamic= DAO*ING
intruded= SBRAOUD/-D
shorthand= SHAND
cushy= K*URB/YI
express= XREF
solidarity= SLORD
handcuffs= H-FS
esteemed= ES/STAO*EMD
constables= KONS/TA*BLS
arson= ARNS
perp= PERP
technicality= TEBLGT
mitigating= MIGT/-G
circumstances= SIRKS
triumph= TRAOIM
campaign= KPAIN
oust= O*UFT
eighth= A*ET
amend= AMD
reminder= RAOIRMD
trouble= TRUBL
shooting= SHAOGT
trucker= TRURK
chemical= KHEM
nightmares= NAOIT/MA*IRS
diamond= DAOIMD
decal= DAOE/KAL
appointments= POIMTS
period= PERD
I go= IG
Ellison= EL/SO*N
squeezing= SQAOEGZ
Felix= FAOE/L*IX
relieved= REFLD
that’s good= THAEGD
yes, I did= YID
did you see= SDUZ
can you describe= KUDZ
weapon= WEP
self defense= SD-FNS
sympathy= STHI
protest= PREFT
mockery= MOK/RAO*E
humiliation= HULGS
dedicated= DAETD
federal agent= FRALGT
exceptionalism= XEPGS/A*L/IFM
courage= KURJ
ridiculed= KAOULD
dismissed= DMIFD

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October 28 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Mitch Albom

SuperSoul Sunday Mitch Albom
publisher= PL-RB/*ER
Tuesdays= TAOUSZ
honestly= HONLS
memoir= MEM/WA*R
twenty= TWENT
professor= PROEFR
wisdom= WIZ
anniversary= AN/VERS/RAO*E
remind= RAOIMD
insight= IN/SAOIT
transform= TR-FRM
profound= PROEFND
spiritual= SPIRL
wayward= WAI/WA*RD
someone= SWUN
tiny= TOIN
teacher= TAOEFRP
recommend= REM
anticipated= PAETD
reflect= REFKT
universal= AOUFRLS
Thailand= TAOI/LA*ND
Australia= AUS/AUS
student= STAOUNT
medical bills= M-BLS
idea= Y-D
depressing= DPREFG
Ted= TED
Koppel= KOP/*EL
I believe= AOIBL
divine= DWAOIN
order= ORD
providence= PROF/D*ENS
decision= SDIGS
coach= KOEFP
guilt= G-LT
powerful= POUF
motivator= MOEFT/O*R
dashboard= DBAORD
at that point= THOIPT
classroom= KLARM
accomplishments= PLIMTS
happy= HAEP
calm= KAUM
wheelchair= WHAOERK
wonderful= WUF
years old= YAOERLDZ
content= KENT
perspective= PEFRPT
I didn’t have= YIF
visits= VIFTS
in touch= KBUFP
limited= LIMTD
conversations= K-FRGSZ
informed= N-FD
philosophies= FLOEFS
when you get= WHUGT
and you will= SKPUL
marriage= MAERJ
money= MUN
youth= YO*UT
through the= THRUT
recognized= REKD
precious= PRERBS
intellectually= SBLEKT/WA*EL
prepared= PRAOEPD
especially= EP
give me= GIFM
in fact= N-FT
that’s right= THAERT
to understand= TONDZ
had had= H-D
horrible= HORBL
forgive= FRIF
everybody= EFRB
everything= EFRG
what I= WHAI
anger= ANG
dual= DAOUL
poison= POIFN
I remember= IRM
cancer= KAERN
solar= SOE/LA*R
plexus= PLEX/*US
culture= KLUR
how much= HOUFP
television= T-FGS
movie= MO*EF
Morrie= MOR/YI
phlegm= FLEM
drooling= DRAOLG
they should= THERBD
community= KMAOUNT
creative= KRAOEF
somebody else= S-BLS
version= VERGS
America= MERK
crises= KRAOISZ
challenges= KHALS
disease= D-Z
heart attack= HAURK
divisiveness= DWAOIFNS
society= SOET
value= VAL
family= FAEM
connection= KEX
without= WOUT
security= SKAOURT
principle= PRIN
Haiti= HAI/TAO*E
children= KHIRN
and you have to= SKPUFTD
Jeanine= JA/NAO*EN
Mitch= MIFP
influence= FLUNS
remarkable= RARK/-BL
orphanage= OFRJ
patriots= PROITS
listen= L-N
multiple= MUPLT
priorities= PRAOIRTS
compliments= KPLIMTS
approach= PROEFP
answers= AENS
study= STOI
manifestation= MEFGS
aggrandizing= A/GRAN/DAO*IGZ
celebrities= SBRITS
column= KLUM
pity= POIT
decay= DAOE/KAI
having the= V-GT
thesis= THAOEZ
academic= DWAKD
envying= KB-FG
competition= KPEGS
worshipping= WOFRPG
what would= WHALD
self-absorbed= SEF/SORBD
intercepted= SBREPTD
ambitious= BIRBS
workaholic= WORK/HOL/*IK
first of all= FRAUL
better= BERT
generous= JERNS
I don’t have the= YOFT
during that time= DRAT
know-it-all= NOE/T-/A*UL
questions= QES
sympathy= STHI
no matter= NORMT
gathers= GAERS
does he ever say= DAOEFRS
comforted= K-FRTD
people= PAOEPL
tenderness= TERND/-NS
dollar= DLAR
significant= SIG
when you have= WHUF
sandwich= SDWIFP
blanket= BLA*INGT
arrest= AR
relationship= ROIP
invest= VEF
if you want= FUPT
imagine= MAJ
essence= SEFNS
warnings= WARNGS
voice= VOIS
passage= PAFJ
ocean= OEGS
silver= SIFRL
legacy= LEGZ
deserving= DEFRBG
interests= TR-S
career= KRAOER
alongside= LAONGDZ
ability= ABLT
canceled= KAELD
precious= PRERBS
tumor= TAOURM
connected= KEKTD
tombstone= TAOUM/STO*EN
creole= KRAOE/O*EL
English= GLIRB
I could not= Y*UNT
perpetually= PERPT/WA*EL
it isn’t= T*FNT
we can= WEK
perish= PRIRB
fulfill= F-FL
witness= W-NS
what do you think= WHAOUNG
hunger= HURNG
humanity= HAOUMT
achieve= KHAEF
religious= R-JS
negotiating= GOERBGT
angels= AIN/J*ELS
uncle= UNG
veteran= VERT
heaven= HEFN

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October 27 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Daredevil- Season 3, Episode 3

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 3
stop it= STO*PT
lobby= LOIB
inbound= IN/BOUND
ambush= AM/B*URB
status= STAUS
surgery= SURG
Donovan= DON/VA*N
attorneys= TOERNS
locate= LOEKT
fugitive= FAOUFGT
make sure= MAIKZ
medic= MEKD
agents= AGTS
protocol= PROELT
confined= KWAOIND
quarters= QAERTS
monitored= MORNTD
contact= KAKT
24/7= 24OI7
sacrifice= SFIS
cameras= KMRAS
elbows= *EBLS
research= REFP
Mitchell= MIFPL
uncle= UNG
proxy= PROIX
magazine= MAG
expert= SPERT
menu= MAOUN
disgusting= SGUFGT
like this= LAOIKTS
vows= VOUS
planes= PLAENS
college= KLEJ
newspaper= NUP
editor= Y*IRT
I am sorry= AO*IMS
I’m sorry= AOIMS
Jason= JAIFN
will to= L-TD
English= GLIRB
curriculum= KLIM
journal JURNL
publication= PL-BGS
dessert= SDERT
inconsolable= IN/SKOEBL
angle= AENL
bias= BAOIZ
I can’t do= YAD
darling= DARLG
bear= BAER
guilty= GELT
medicine= MED
cabinet= KBINT
forgiveness= FRIFNS
bulletin= BUNLT
insane= SNAIN
Nadeem= NA/DAO*EM
vigil= VILG
authorized= THORDZ
penthouse= PENT/HO*US
filet= FA/LA*I
mignon= MIG/NO*N
sentence= SNENS
Jennings= JEN/-GS
Garcia= GARZ
Torres= TORZ
tickets= TIKTS
manipulate= MIP
whatever this= WHAFRTS
valuable= VABL
you ever= UFR
Andrews= AN/DRAO*US
Felix= FAOE/L*IX
bodyguard= BAURGD
Spain= SPAIN
Barcelona= BARS/LOE/NA*
Europe= AOURP
extradition= XRAGS
insistent= KBIFNT
homicide= HOM
burglars= BLARS
assault= SAULT
district attorney= DAO
is that good= STAGD
contribution= KR-BGS
caffeinated= KAFNTD or KAF/NA*ITD
charcoal= KARBLG
obscenely= OB/SAO*ENL
incarceration= KRAIGS
feasible= FAOEFBL
federal government= FRALG
battle= BALT
canceling= KAELG
tuna= TAOU/NA*
melts= MELTS
Mickey= MIK/YI
accomplice= KPLIS
routing= RAOUGT
pharmacy= FARMZ
knife= NAOIF
liver= LIFR
that’s good= THAEGD
what it= WHA*T
bon appetit= BON/AP/TAO*ET
Poindexter= POIN/DEX/T*ER
last night= LAFNT
fellow= FLEL
particularly= PLARL
condolences= KON/DL*ENSZ
administrative= MIF
psych= SAOIK
lethal= LAO*ELT
sniper= SNAOIRP
toll= TOL
pressure= PRERB
postal= POEFLT
support= SPOR
system= ST-M
bartender= BAERND
professional= PROEFL
listener= L-RN
Tuesday= TAOUS
pizza= PIZ
broccoli= BROK/LAO*E
sausage= SAUFJ
cheese= KHAOEZ
healthy= HOILT
duty= DAOUT
daily= DAIL
go see= GOZ or G-Z
why the= Y-T
territory= TERT
breathe= BRAO*ET
Feds= F*EDZ
Chinese= KHAOINZ
Albanian= AL/BAIN/YA*N
assailant= SAINLT
unidentified= UN/AOIFD
visual= VIRBL
garage= GRAJ
backup= BUP
too bad= TAOBD
explicitly= XPL*IFLT
I don’t care= YOK
presidential= P-LT
hotel= HOELT
tell me= TL-M
Caymans= KAI/MA*NS
Luxembourg= LUX/*EM/B*URG
United States= UNTS
law firm= LAUFRM
partners= PARNS
regrets= GRETS
announces= NAOUNSZ
coincidental= KWOINL
vetted= VETD
outstanding= OUS
biased= BAOIDZ
compromises= KPROMS
decades= DAEDZ
upright= AUP/RAOIT
do I even= DOIFN
do I even= DOUFN
do you believe= DOUBL
fundamental= FENL
mobster= MOB/ST*ER
coincidence= KWOINS
narcissistic= NARS/ST-K
according to= KWORGT
monster= MOFRNT
hallucinating= HAOULGT
selfish= SFIRB

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October 25 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Daredevil- Season 3, Episode 2

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 2 Part 2
where are you going= WR*URG
Albanians= AL/BAIN/YA*NS
Teresa= TER/RAOE/SA*
Wilson= WIL/SO*N
snitch= SNIFP
weight= WAET
weight room= WAERM
impervious= KB/PEFR/Y*US
brilliant= BRIL
fulfill= F-FL
grieve= GREF
very much= VEFP
I wouldn’t do= YAOD
wonderful= WUF
terrifying= TROIFG
there you go= THRUG
between us= TWUS
no longer= NO*RNG
novitiate= NOE/VIRB/YA*IT
catechism= KAT/KH*IFM
confirmation= K-FRMGS
argumentation= GAOUMGS
argumentative= GAOUFMT
sustainable= STAENL
Doris= DOR/*IS
deflecting= DPLEKT/-G
harness= HARNS
puppets= P*UPTS
Adam= AD/A*M
neglecting= NEG/-G
subtle= SULT
carefully= KAIFL
whispers= WHIFRPS
Ramsey= RAMS/YI
appetite= AP/TAO*IT
office= OFS
why not= Y-NT
full time= FOIM
there he is= THRES
pristine= PRIS/TAO*EN
buffet= BUF/FA*I
dozens= DOSZ
collars= KLARS
naked= NAIKD
financial= F-NL
between me= TW-M
real estate= RAE
Manhattan= MANT
heiress= HA*IRZ
daughter= DAUR
coma= KMA
kidnapping= KIPG
respiratory= RERPT
illness= INLS
last year= LAFR
circle= SL-
on this= ONTS
excellent= XLENT
little bit= BLIT
jealous= J-LS
socialite= SOERL/AO*IT
photographs= FOFS
empathize= EFRPZ
superficial= SFIRBL
profound= PROFND
shank= SHA*ING
inmates= NAITS
cooperating= KAOPGT
Vanessa= VA/NES/A*
do you understand= DOUNDZ
target= TARGT
justice= JUS
prayers= PRAIRS
vengeance= VEN/J*ENS
what I was= WHAIFS
silence= SLENS
deluding= DLAOUGD
delusion= DLAOUGS
as I was= SIFS
who I am= WHOIM
cleaner= KLAOERN
fourteen= FOURN
address= DRAES
whiff= WH*IF
grassy= GRS/YI
more like= MORBLG
talk about= TAUB
what this= WHATD
paparazzi= PAP/RAZ/YI
Kevin= KEFN
kidnap= KIP
imprisonment= KBRIFMT
private= PRAOIFT
location= LOEBGS
instant= STANT
provision= PROIGS
prosecute= PR-
federal= FRAL
trickle= TRIBLG
convictions= VIXZ
decade= DAED
civilians= SIFNLS
zero= S*ER
intel= SBEL
syndicate= SIND/KA*IT
injuries= JERS
mayhem= MAI/H*EM
documents= DAOUMTS
data= DAT
corrupt= KRUPT
officials= FIRBLS
New York= NORK
because of= BAUF
shower= SHOUR
counselor= KOURN
Franklin= FRA*ING/LIN
cinnamon= SIN/MO*N
arthritis= THRAOITS
forty= FOURT
uptown= AUPT
think about it= TH*IBT
candy= KAEND
Ruthie= RAO*UT/YI
chat= KHAT
Beyoncé= BAOE/YON/SA*I
convict= VIKT
sensitive= SNEF
organic= GO*RNG
brail= BRAIL
coupon= KAOU/PO*N
fuse= FAOUZ
scholarships= SKLARPS
sandwich= SDWIFP
who I was= WHOIFS
worrying= WOIRG
Marcy= MARS/YI
mask= MAFK
vigilantes= VIJTS
alive= LOIF
ankle= A*IJ
monitor= MORNT
strictly= STRIBLG
regulated= RELGTD
schedule= SKELD
when I say= WHIS
imagine= MAJ
freedom= FRAOEM
precisely= PRAOIFL
reverse= RAOEFRS
prison= PRIS
surrender= SRERND
multiple= MUPLT

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October 24 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Daredevil- Season 3, Episode 1

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 1
Halloween= HAL/WAO*EN
at the end of the day= TEFNTD
heartbeat= HARBT
church= KHUFP
spiteful= SPAOIFLT
Maggie= MAG/YI
Matthew= MA*T/AO*U
I made= IMD
Electra= AOE/LEK/TRA*
awake= WOIK
how do you feel= HAOUFL
I can’t see= YAZ
I didn’t know= YIN
nuns= N*UNS
discretion= SKREGS
secrecy= SKREZ
communion= KMAOUN/YO*N
we could= WEKD
with me= W-M
collapsed= KLAPS/-D
funeral= FOAURNL
I remember= IRM
crazy= KRAEZ
how about= HOUB
confession= FEGS
Eucharist= AOUK/R*IFT
mystical= MIFT/KA*L
miracle= MIRBLG
devil= DEFL
bathroom= BARM
diocese= DAOI/O*E/SAO*ES
spine= SPAOIN
hip= HIP
backflips= BAK/FL*IPS
convalescent= KAUN/VA/L*EFNT
that I need= THAIFRN
to see= TOZ
can you see= KUZ
about you= BU
Indian= IND/YA*N
memory= MEM
curry= KUR/YI
Jameson= JAIM/SO*N
humiliating= HULGT
Karen= KA*RN
can I get= KIGT
motivates= MOEFTS
ask me= SK-M
closet= KLO*S
alcohol= KHOL
social= SOERBL
addict= DIKT
commitments= KMIMTS
I can’t tell= YAT
I don’t need= YOFRN
ouch= OUFP
manager= M-G
landlord= L-LD
ruse= RAOUZ
journalism= JURNL/IFM
evicted= EFKTD
extension= STENGS
reporter= RORPT
Matt= MA*T/MA*T
first time= FIRMT
irrational= IR/RA*L
so you can= SOUK
music= MAOUK
chapel= KHAPL
mosque= MOFK
Hell’s Kitchen= HELS/K*IFP
laundry= LOIRND
bright side= BRAOITDZ
we’ll= WAO*EL
upstairs= UPTS
Christian= KRIS/TA*N
anger= ANG
sarcastic= SKAFKT
warriors= WAR/YO*RS
storage= STORJ
hint= HINT
each other= AOEFRP
servant= SEFRBT
slaughtered= SLAURTD
welts= WELTS
bloody= BLOID
mutual= MAOUFP
listening= L-NG
for the record= FRORD
appeal= AEP
proceeding= PRAOEGD
setbacks= SET/BA*KS
anticipated= PAETD
federal government= FRALG
accessory= SKOIR
overseas= AUFR/SA*ES
prosecution= PR-GS
discussed= SKUFD
toddy= TOD/YI
sinuses= SAO*INSZ
ash= ARB
cheers= KHAOERS
liquor= LIR
modern= MOERN
medicine= MED
buzzing= BUGZ
swollen= SWOENL
hearing= HAERG
what you said= WHAUDZ
Murdock= MURKD
hero= HOER
orphanage= OFRJ
disabled= SDAIBLD
cowards= KOURDZ
degree= DRE
bravely= BRAIFL
charmingly= KHARMG/LI
simplistic= SPLIFKT
subway= SBAI
beneath= NAO*ET
vibrating= VAOI/BRA*IGT
beef= BAOEF
ravioli= RAF/YO*EL
idea= Y-D
uncomfortable= N-FRBL
underwater= UND/WAURT
incredible= KBREBL
sew= SWE
stitches= STIFPS
practice= PRA
visa= VAOE/SA*
birthday= B*IRTD
goon= GAON
dinner= DIRN
culinary= KUL/NA*ER
talents= TAENLTS
chef= SHEF
skimming= SKIMG
Mastercard= MAFRT/KA*RD
library= LAOIB
if I could= FIKD
rooftops= RAOF/TO*PS
sister-in-law= ST-RL
courageous= KURJ
cancer= KAERN
obstacles= STABLGS
insurance= SNAOURNS
institutions= STAOUGSZ
tank= TA*ING
celebrate= SBRAIT
candles= KANLDZ
Ricky= R*IK/YI
Thomas= THOM/A*S
summer= SMER
pool= PAOL
deli= DLAOE
9 o’clock= K-9
bureau= BRAOUR
I don’t have= YOF
complaint= KPLAINT
scheduling= SKELGD
restructuring= RAOR/STRURG
at the time= TET
vulnerability= VURBLT
finances= F-NS
bump= BUFRP
errand= ER/RA*ND
Federal Bureau of Investigation= FWI/FWI
each other’s= AOEFRPS

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October 20 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 2, Episode 10

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 10
beginning= GING
inevitably= NEFT/BLI
duality= DAOULT
coin= KOIN
rhythm= R*IMT
blues= BLUZ
opposition= PAOGS
challenge= KHAL
inspire= SNAOIR
each other= AOEFRP
complementary= KPLERMT
balance= BAL
at the= TE
heaven= HEFN
half= HAF
ceremony= SMAOEN
transfer= TR-FR
we go= WEG
Monday= MON or MOND
familiar= FAM
preservation= PREFRBGS
behavior= BAIFR
what I did= WHA*ID
admit= DMIT
human being= HAOUB
forgive me= FRIFM
or not= ORNT
toxic= TOX
woman= WOM
disappointed= SDPOINTD
arrival= RAOIFL
consolation= SKOELGS
gesture= JEFRT
linked= L*INGD
chakra= SHOK/RA*
return= RURN
bullets= BULTS
sweetheart= SWHART
goodbye= GAOIB
from me= FR-M
for me= F-RM
disciple= DA/SAO*IPL
strobe light= STROEBLT
and go= SKP-G
backup= BUP
compassion= KPAGS
is a= SA
easy= AOEZ
grasped= GRAFPD
comprehend= KPREN
powerful= POUF
upgrade= AUP/GRAID
shucks= SHUKS
effort= EFRT
little bit= BLIT
normal= NOL
sooner= SAORN
karate= KA/RA/TAO*E
public= PUB
taillights= TAILTS
everything else= EFRLGS
custody= KUD
struggling= STRULG
about him= BHIM
bargain= BARNG
alliance= LAOINZ
legitimate= JIT
naive= MAOEF
overnight= AUFRNT
backslide= BAK/SLAO*ID
brook= BRAOK
inference= N-FRNS
delicate= DLIKT
Wednesday= WENS
Friday= FRI
increments= KBREMTS
metric= MERKT
rural= RAOURL
awful= AUFL
estimated= STIMTD
relation= RAOELGS
equation= QAIGS
relationships= ROIPS
no one= NO*N
Bethany= B*ET/NAO*E
pronoun= PROE/NO*UN
I’m sure= AOIMZ
one of those= WUFNS
destiny= SDAEN
fate= FAIT
faith= FA*IT
how long= HOUNG
aflutter= A/FLURT
saddle= SALD
semblance= SEM/BLA*NS
concrete= KRET
torture= TAOURT
bloody= BLOID
fingerprints= F-PS
taste= TAIFT
influence= FLUNS
between us= TWUS
humor= HAOURM
medallion= MA/DAL/YO*N
silver= SIFRL
defeat= DPAOET
ancestor= AN/S*EFRT
fliers= FLAOIRS
I believed= IBLD
Asia= AEZ
supplied= SPLAOID
telephone= TEFL
simple= SIM
journey= JOIRN
forest= FREFT
expensive= XEFNS
boarding= BAORGD
rugby= RUG/BAO*E
irresponsible= IRBL
zen= S*EN
sake= SAK/YI
businessman= BAM
black market= BLARKT
Hokkaido= HOE/KAOID/O*E
a.m.= AM
Hancock= HAN/KO*K
container= TAIRN
Orson= OR/SO*N
Randall= RANLD
Jakarta= JA/KAR/TA*
Lumpur= LUM/P*UR

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