April 27 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 6

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 6
déjà vu= DAIFJ
is that it= STHA*T
cardboard= KBAORD
mulligan= MUL/GA*N
sauce= SAUS
overtime= OIM
dysostosis= DIZ/TO*EZ
video games= VAOGS
weak= WAEK
Michelle= MIRBL
murderers= MRURDZ
romance= ROMS
apparently= PAERNLT
wedding= WEGD
ring= RING
so the= SOT
creep= KRAOEP
and the= SKP-T
happiness= HAENS
together= TOGT
someone= SWUN
everyone= EFRN
almost= L-M
I’m sorry= AOIMS
music= MAOUK
loud= LO*UD
yeah= YAI
I didn’t realize= YIRLZ
how late= HOULT
everything= EFRG
homicide= HOM
anything= NIG
where the= WR-T
magic= MIJ
what I= WHAI
when I have= WHIF
calms= KAUMS
method= MEF
little= LIL
direct= DREKT
why the= Y-T
against= GENS
I’m not= AO*IMT
one of= WUFN
fooled= FAOLD
tell me= TL-M
for the= F-RT
booze= BAOZ
what about= WHAB
lazy= LAEZ
liquor= LIR
you’re welcome= YPURM
good morning= GORNG
associate= SOERBT
recognize= REK
useful= AOUF
how about this= HOUBTS
university= AOUFRT
and I= SKPI
academic= DWAKD
probation= PRAIX
seventies= SEFNTS
eighties= AET/YIS
idea= Y-D
Band-Aid= BAID
truffles= TRUFLS
Switzerland= SWITS/LA*ND
rusty= RUFT/YI
nails= NAILS
T-shirt= TWIRT
distressed= SDREFD
conditioner= K-RN
doctor’s= DRA*ES
developed= VELD
technique= NAOEK
healing= HAELG
process= PROS
illegal= ILG
dangerous= DAIJS
serious= SAOERZ
create= KRAOET
monster= MOFRNT
interested= TR-D
in all= NAUL
details= SDAILS
privileged= PRIFD
look like= LAOBLG
that bad= THABD
give me= GIFM
break= BRAEK
blew= BLAOU
so I= SOI
it was the= T-FTS
repressed= RAOE/PRES/-D
what do you want= WHAOUPT
so much= SOFP
customer= KMER
service= SEFS
might want= MAOIPT
preventive= PREFN
idiots= ID/YO*TS
listen= L-N
investigator= VERGT
what happened= WHAPD
yesterday= YED
at the= TE
aquarium= QAIRM
security= SKAOURT
cameras= KMRAS
fish= FIRB
terrorized= TRORDZ
bribe= BRAOIB
you wanted to= UPTD
catch= KAFP
criminal= KRINL
we are= WER
and we will= SKPWEL
with your= WUR
help= HEP
citizen= SIZ
worry= WOR
away= WA*I
police= PLIS
deported= DPORTD
you understand= UNDZ
and over= SKPOEFR
I couldn’t do= YUD
about it= B*T
rear= RAOER
plate= PLAIT
arguing= GAOUG
upset= SPET
dude= DAOUD
that will= THAL
do this= DO*TS
woman= WOM
weapon= WEP
campus= KPUS
congratulations= GLAIGS
different= DIFRNT
social= SOERBL
voicemail= VOIFM
crazy= KRAEZ
partied= PAERTD
addict= DIKT
to happen= TO*P
rabbit= RABT
pride= PRAOID
motions= MOEGSZ
hooked= HAOKD
who you really= WHO*URL
good enough= GAOUF
take care= TAERK
babysitting= BAEBGT
out of= OUF
of the= -FT
vultures= VUL/TAO*URS
unless= N-LS
careful= KAIF
chocolate= KHOKT
might be= MAOIB
Inez= AOE/N*EZ
until= N-L
tomorrow= TOM
member= MEB
scientist= SAOINT
are you sure= RUZ
credit cards= KRERKDZ
jacket= JAKT
learning= LERNG
punch= PUFP
Malcolm= MAL/KO*M
piece= PAOES
encourage= NURJ
increasing= KBRAOEGS
productivity= PROUFT
bleeding= BLAOEGD
ridiculous= KAOULS
Ambrose= AM/BRO*ES
golf= GOFL
unfortunately= UFRNLT
purchase= PR-FP
membership= MOIP
would you mind= WOUMD
discrimination= SKRIMGS
premises= PREMS
circle= SL-
no idea= NY-D
conversation= K-FRGS
decade= DAED
distractions= SDRAXZ
cranial= KRAINL
facial= FAIRBL
dedicated= DAETD
oops= AOPS
definitely= DAFL
poisoning= POIFNG
stupid= STAOUPD
Pepto= PEP/TO*E
delicate= DLIKT
bedside= BED/SAO*ID
audience= YENS
Birkin= BIR/K*IN
prescribe= PRAOIB
allergies= LAOERJ
how far= HOUF

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April 20 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Black Panther

Black Panther Lupita Posterdiplomacy= DPLOEMZ
charlatan= SHARL/TAN or KHARL/TAN or KHARNLT or SHARNLT mercenary= MERS/NA*ER
Annapolis= A/NAP/L*IS
Afghanistan= AF/GAN/STA*N
Killmonger= KIL/MO*RNG
revolutions= R-FLGSZ
Bugatti= BAOU/GOT/YI
my name is= MAOINS
history= HIFT
shadows= SHAODZ
Wakanda= WA/KON/DA* or WA/KOND/A* or WA/KOND/DA*
Wakandans= WA/KON/DA*NS
technology= T-J
Jabari= JA/BA*R/YI or JA/BA*R/R*I or JA/BA*R/RI or JA/BA*R/RAO*E
T’Chaka= TA/KHA/KA*
Tim Hardaway= TIM/HARD/A/W*AE
in and out= NOUT
panther= PA*RNT
baba= BA/BA*
shaman= SHA/MA*N
Africa= FRIK
millions= M-LS
years ago= YAOERGS
antelope= ANT/LO*EP
ceremony= SMOEN
Zuri= S*UR/YI or S*UR/R*I or S*UR/RI or S*UR/RAO*E
victory= VOIRKT
schedule= SKELD
murder= MURD
murderer= MRUR
vibranium= VAOI/BAIN/Y*UM
tribes= TRAOIBS
instincts= KBINGTS
advanced= VANS/-D
chaos= KHAOS
yes= YE
Grace Jones= GRA*IS/JOENS
again= GEN
James= JAIMS
permission= PERMGS
let me see= LEMZ
glory= GLOIR
health= H*ELT
attack= TW-K
quarter= QAERT
he had= ED
how could= HOUKD
did you think= SDUNG
you were= URP
return= RURN
council= KOUNL
inform= N-F
tiny= TOIN
nation= NAIGS
confirmed= K-FRMD
terrorist= TRIFT
apprehended= PRAEND
fortified= FORT/FAO*ID
mountains= MOUNS
no need= NOFRN
I can= IK
when you see= WHUZ
engine= N-J
what happened= WHAPD
captain= KAPT
defense= D-FNS
position= POGS
positions= POGSZ
kidnapped= KIPD
as well= SW*EL
I wanted= IPTD
mission= MIGS
nothing= NOG
of this= -FTS
sister= ST-R
we are= WER
comfort= K-FRT
with us= WUS
province= PROFNS
general= JEN
to see= TOZ
developed= VELD
update= PAIT
more than= MORN
ceremonial= SMOENL
proud= PRO*UD
outfit= AOUT/FIT
king= KING
good morning= GORNG
beautiful= BAOUF
Bobo= BOE/BO*E
Ashanti= A/SHON/TAO*E or A/SHON/T*I
Ghana= GA/NA*
Benin= BA/NAO*EN
century= SEN
Fula= FAOU/LA*
British= BRIRB
items= AOITS
ancestors= AN/S*EFRTS
security= SKAOURT
body= BOED
doctor= DR-
medics= MEKDZ
I’m going= AOIMG
crime scene= KRAOEN
if you know= FAOUN
rich= RIFP
strength= STRENG
ritual= RIFPLT
combat= KBAT
warrior= WAR/YO*R
challenge= KHAL
is there= STHR-
royal= ROIL
thrown= THROEN
corset= KOR/S*ET
we have= WEF
watched= WAFPD
listened= L*ND
technological= TOJ
advertisements= TAOIMTS
tradition= TRA
father= FA*ER
we will= WAOEL
accept= SEP
begin= GIN
where is= WR-S
pour= POR
pours= PORS
claw= KLAU
claws= KLAUS
special= SPERB
boy= BOI
I am= IM
prince= PRINS
princess= PRIN/S*ES
honor= HON
yield= YAOELD
present= PRENT
to you= TOU
queen= QAOEN
forever= FOFR
refugee= REF/GAO*E
programs= PRAMS
trouble= TRUBL
popped= PO*PD
radar= RAIRD
misidentified= MIZ/AOIFD
American= MERN
South Korea= SO*UT/KRAE
almost= L-M
thirty= THIRT
trial= TRAOIL
ancestral= AN/STRA*L or AN/S*EFRLT
plane= PLAEN
I’m sorry= AOIMS
that is not= THAFNT
what I am= WHA*IM
protect= PROEKT
I want= IPT
struggle= STRUG
surround= SROUND
trust= TRUFT
heart= HART
breathe= BRAO*ET
he was= EFS
I can’t= YA
I can’t be= YAB
what would= WHALD
access= SKES
refuge= REF/FAO*UJ
countries= KUNTS
possesses= PESZ
stubborn= STBORN
what I wanted= WHAIPTD
is he= SE
we should= WERBD
auntie= AUNT/YI
Iraq= AOI/RA*K
conquers= KWORS
conquered= KWORD
herb= HERB
I don’t like this= YOBLGTS
I wouldn’t= YAO
defeat= DPAOET
silence= SLENS
pronouncements= PROUNS/-MTS
vegetarians= VEJ/TA*IRNS
outsider= OURDZ
fishermen= FIRB/*ER/M*EN
river= RIFR
border= BRORD
reunited= RAOE/AOUNTD
omit= OEMT
abandon= BAUN
what is= WHAS
no more= NOERM
with you= WU
monster= MOFRNT
mantle= MANLT
blanket= BLA*INGT
military= MILT
garden= GAERN
unit= AOUNT
election= LEX
monarch= MON/A*RK
transition= TRANGS
what about= WHAB
it is= T0S
will be= L-B
debt= DET
consider= K-R
army= AERM
towards= TAORDZ
enemy= NAOEM
kings= KINGS
power= POUR
powers= POURS
control= KROEL
what do you think= WHAOUNG
next= NEGT
resistance= RAOEFNS
detectors= SDERKTS
exactly= XL-KT
as you can see= SUKZ
clown= KLOUN
complete= KPLAOET
hatred= HAIT/TR*ED
agent= AGT
enemies= NAOEMS
cousin= KUFN
family= FAEM
fulfill= F-FL
exchange= XAING
believe= BLEF
science= SAOINZ
information= N-FGS
maybe= MAEB
ocean= OEGS
bondage= BOND/A*J
better than= BERN
you said= UDZ
California= KAL/KAL
Disneyland= DIZ/NAOE/LA*ND or DIZ/NI/LA*ND
center= STR-
outreach= TRAOEFP
magnetic= MAG/N*EKT
levitation= LEF/TA*IGS
efficient= FIRBT
obviously= OEFLS
transported= TR-PTD
palace= PAL/A*S
we need= WEFRN
what kind of= WHAOIFND
perfect= P-FRT
created= KRAOETD
something= S-G
mistakes= MAEKS
define= DPAOIN
decide= SDAOI
you get= UGT
Eric Stevens= ER/R*IK/STAOEFNS
reveal= RAEFL
identity= AOID
record= RORD
in your= NYOUR
justice= JUS
I don’t care= YOK
what do you want= WHAOUPT
comfortable= K-FRBL
billion= B-L
liberate= LIB/RA*IT
jury= JIR
judge= JUJ
executioner= SKAOUGS/N*ER
continent= KAUNT
reject= JEKT
request= KW-
afraid= FRAID
exercising= XERS/-G
within= W-N
I don’t need= YOFRN
should have= SHUF
office= OFS
this is= TH-S
ghost= GHOEFT
future= FAOURT
supposed= SPOEFD
I’m the= AOIMT
to go= TOG
immediately= MAOELD
nation= NAIGS
hours= HOURS
overthrow= AUFR/THROE
loyal= LOIL
thrown= THROEN
serve= SEFRB
unless= N-LS
first= FIRS
what has= WHABS
did you find= SDUFND
someday= SDAI
sunsets= SUN/S*ETS
welcome= WEM
lost= LO*S
everybody= EFRB
I should= IRBD
abandoned= BAUND
will be= L-B
ready= R-D
where was= WR-FS
go ahead= GHAED
oppressors= O/PRERSZ
oppress= O/PRES
strategy= STRAJ
anyone else= NINLS
children= KHIRN
empire= EM/PAO*IR
colonizers= KOL/NAO*IRSZ
what is= WHAS
spaceship= SPAIS/SH-P
social= SORBL
sovereign= SOFRN
in our= NOUR
examples= X-MS
illusions= IL/LAO*UGSZ
division= DWIGS
existence= XIFNS
separate= SPRAIT
crisis= KRAOIZ
bridges= BRIJS
barriers= BAR/Y*ERS
Ross= ROS
Okoye= O/KOE/YA*I or O/KOI/YA*I
SoundCloud= SOUND/KLO*UD
you’re welcome= YOURM
Americans= MERNS
canon= KAN/O*N
tool= TAOL
if you like= FUBLG
weapon= WEP
shepherds= SHERPDZ
textiles= TEX/TAO*ILS
golden= GOENLD
city= STI
marvel= MA*FRL
metal= MAELT
earth= *ERT
sew= SWE
piece= PAOES
thousands= THOUS
years= Y-RS
dealer= DLER
how much= HOUFP
spine= SPAOIN
give me= GIFM
stabilize= STAIBLZ
to us= TOUS
foreign= FOERN
intelligence= TEJS
operative= PRAIFT
duty= DAOUT
duties= DAOUTS
we can= WEK
of the= -FT
highest= HAOIFT
Bonnie and Clyde= BON/I/SKP-/KLAO*ID
routine= RAOUNT
today= TOD
you really= *URL
as much= S-FP
crazy= KRAEZ
uncle= UNG
identical= Y-L
possible= POB
grandfather= GRA*ER
too much= TAOFP
choice= KHOIS
truth= TRAO*UT
observe= OEB
radicalize= RAD/KA*LZ
incarcerated= KRAITD
support= SPOR
save= SAF
maintain= MAINT
little= LIL
colonizer= KOL/NAO*IRZ
pilot= PAOILT
former= FRORM
magic= MIJ
magically= MIJ/LI
heal= HAEL
return= RURN
from us= FRUS
you have= UF
opportunity= TAOUNT
proceed= PRAOED
ahead= HAED
besides= BESZ
brother= BROER
communication= KMUNGS
devices= DWAOISZ
audio= AOD
interface= SBR-/FAIS
sandals= SANLDZ
elders= ERLDZ
automated= AUT/MA*ITD
absorbent= SORBT
sneakers= SNAOERKS
never mind= NEFRMD
exhibit= XIB
helmet= HEL/M*ET
tempting= TEMGT
idea= Y-D
noticed= N-TS/-D
genius= GAOENZ or JAOENZ
invite= VAOIT
absorb= SORB
kinetic= K*INGT
energy= N-RJ
footage= FAOJ
ridiculous= KAOULS
disgrace= SDRAIS
likely= LAOIL
woman= WOM
complicated= KPLIKTD
thank you= THAUNG
highness= HAOINS
U.S.= UZ
government= GOFT
person= PERN
I don’t see= YOZ
entourage= AON/TORJ
mixtape= MIX/TA*IP
link= L*ING
with you= WU
thank you very much= THAUFP
diamonds= DAOIMDZ
fancy= FANS/YI
money= MUN
suitcase= SAOUT/KA*IS
I made= IMD
we just= WEJT
catch= KAFP
shortcut= SHORKT
what was= WHAFS
worry= WOIR
about it= B*T
primitive= PRIFMT
bullets= BULTS
penetrate= PRAINT
in the= N-T
forget= FERGT
did you get= SDUGT
mercy= MERS/YI
hello= HO*EL
questioning= KWEG
custody= KUD
English= GLIRB

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April 1 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 5

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 5
aquarium= KWAIRM
apartment= PARMT
alibi= AEB
sloppy= SLOIP
hypothetical= H*PT
emotion= MAOEGS
common= KMON
external= XERNL
internal= SBERNL
cell= KREL
statement= STAIMT
proof= PRAOF
they believe= THEBL
that you know= THAUN
professional= PROEFL
discretion= SDREFGS
obstruction= BRUX
justice= JUS
poodle= PAO*LD
probation= PRAIX
violation= VAOILGS
eighteen= AEN
lump= LUFRP
maniac= MA*ING
unsolved= UN/SO*FLD
concern= KERN
at the= TE-
alienate= YENLT
career= KRAOER
computer= KPAOURT
gun= G-N
itchy= IFP/YI
fingers= FIRNGS
former= FRORM
employers= PLOIRS
suddenly= SULD
alias= AILZ
Sophie= SOEF/YI
monster= MOFRNT
practicing= PRAG
would you mind= WOUMD
I can’t remember the= YARMT
last time= LAFMT
animals= ANLS
Marcus= MAR/K*US
sorry= SOR
crashing= KRARBG
practice= PRA
terrible= TERBL
today= TOD
legal= LAOEL
advice= VIS
this morning= THORNG
too late= TAOLT
comfortable= K-FRBL
beetle= BAOELT
slaughter= SLAURT
lawyer= LAUR
Nick= N*IK
abilities= ABLTS
patients= PAIRBTS
program= PRAM
genetic= JENGT
editing= Y*IGT
there were= THR-RP
side effects= SFEKTS
enhanced= KBANS/-D
person= PERN
beginning= GING
quiet= QAET
alive= LOIF
online= AONL
bathtub= BA*T/T*UB
murder= MURD
process= PROS
vomit= VOMT
medication= MEGS
photo= FOET
criminal= KRINL
cameras= KMRAS
leap= LAOEP
cooperate= KAOPT
detective= DEKT
listen= L-N
nightmares= NAOI/MA*IRS
finger= FIRNG
trigger= TRIRG
hypnosis= HIP/NO*EZ
leverage= LEFRJ
story= STOER
stump= STUFRP
witness= W-NS
protection= PROEX
annoying= NOIG
arrest= AR
embarrassing= KBRAGS
bribery= BROIRB
perjury= PEJ
in action= N*X
investigator= VERGT
alias= AILZ
flashback= FLARB/BA*K
David= DAIFD
janitor= JAN/TO*R
confessed= FEFD
it happened= T-PD
psych= SAOIK
already= L-RD
associate= SOERBT
promote= PROEMT
regretting= GREGT
serial= SAOERL
someplace= SPLAIS
homicide= HOM
online= AONL
with it= W*T
collect= KLEKT
dinner= DIRN
hypothetically= H*PLT that
secure= SKAOUR
therapist= THAERPT
forge= FORJ
documents= DAOUMTS
Griffin= GR*IFN
hurry= HUR
ambiance= OM/BAOE/O*NS
forward= FOARD
Alice= AL/*IS
Tim= T*IM
intervention= SB-FNGS
secret= SKRET
color= KLOR
impress= KBRES
wiggle= WIG/*L
conflict= KIKT
congratulations= GLAIGS
tabloid= TAB/LO*ID
apparently= PAERNLT
enjoy= GOI
upgrade= UPGD
pretend= PREND
popular= POP
grandma= GRAND/MA*
obnoxious= OB/NOX/SJ*US
sangria= SAN/GRAOE?A*
Spañada= SPA/NA/DA*
pretty= PRIT
ropa vieja= ROE/PA*/VAOE/HA*
mojitos= MOE/HAOE/T*OES
coffee= KO*EF
ridiculous= KAOULS
Egyptian= AOE/GIPT/SHA*N
generous= JERNS
would you like= WOUBLG
breakfast= BREFS
of course,= -FX
invite= VAOIT
royal= ROIL
specifically= SPEFL
minute= MIN
Dave= DA*IF
recreation= KRAOERGS
session= SEGS
therapy= THAERP
emptied= EMTD
do you remember= DOURM
besides= BESZ
I forgot= FORGT
girlfriend= GOIF
what happened= WHAPD
healed= HAELD
murderer= MRURD
octopuses= OKT/P*USZ
octopus= OKT/P*US
size= SAOIZ
quarter= QAERT
genes= GAOENS
de novo= DAOE/NOE/VO*E
Carl= KA*RL
lunch= LUFP
picture= PIR
sober= SOERB
plead= PLAOED
figured= FIGD
disappointment= SPOIMT
arrogant= AR/GA*NT
body= BOED
confirm= KWIRM
attacked= TW-KD
ditches= DIFPS
solitary= SOL/TA*ER
circling= SL-G
each other= AOEFRP
creatures= KRAOEFPTS
exit= XIT

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March 28 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 4

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 4palliative= PAL/T*IV
medical school= MAOL
alienate= YENLT
delinquent= DLINT
summer= SMER
destiny= SDAEN
abducted= DAUKD
chocolate= KHOKT
dozen= DOZ
Broadway= BROI
New York City= NORKS
humid= HAOUMD
little= LIL
usual= AOURB
scratch= SKAFP
as I was= SIFS
blouse= BLOUS
blood= BLAOD
blurry= BLUR/YI
punching= PUFPG
and over= SKPOEFR
fifteen= FAOEN
benign= BA/NAO*IN
external= XERNL
action= -X
soothe= SAO*T
strife= STRAOIF
Gary= GA*ER
meth= M*ET
brother= BROER
worst= WO*RS
they go= THEG
stepmom= STEP/MO*M
violent= V-LT
control= KROEL
family= FAEM
car accident= KARX
someone= SWUN
horrific= HOFRK
experiments= XERMTS
maniac= MA*ING
reason= R-N
sorry= SOR
anger= ANG
management= M-BT
support= SPOR
can I recall= KIRL
seriously= SAOERLZ
shoulder= SHOURLD
Kabul= KA/B*UL
stare= STAER
to you= TOU
Malcolm= MAL/KO*M
how long= HOUNG
have you been= VUB
at you= TU
dumping= DUFRPG
human= HAOUM
city= STI
wigs= WIGS
better= BERT
text= TEGT
address= DRAES
what do you want= WHAOUPT
can I see= KIZ
busy= B-Z
superhero= SPR-/HOER
bulletproof= BLAOF
this is= TH-S
exactly= XL-KT
type of= TAOIFP
with you= WU
superpower= SPR-/POUR
married= MAERD
somebody= S-B
pregnant= PREG
alternative= NAEFT
insanity= SNAINT
package= PAJ
listen= L-N
report= RORP
news= NUS
Griffin= GR*IFN
Sinclair= SIN/KLA*IR
girlfriend= GOIF
Evan= EFN
gate= GAET
imbecile= KB/BA/S*IL
wasted= WAEFTD
lawsuit= LAUT
consulting= SKULGT
confident= K-FNT
agree= GRAOE
hiring= HIRG
compete= KPAOET
aberration= AB/RA*IGS
less than= LAEFN
fallout= FAUL/O*UT
cede= SAO*ED
refund= REFND
retainer= TRAERN
good luck= GLUK
privacy= PRAOIFZ
mother= MOER
bench= BEFP
safety= SAIFT
first= FIRS
hello= HO*EL
customers= KMERZ
wow= WO*U
ghost= GHOEFT
showbiz= SHOE/B*IZ
Sal= SA*L/SA*L
Sally= SAL/YI
destroyed= STROID
entitled= SBAOILTD
bratty= BRAT/YI
rehab= RAB
woman= WOM
synthetic= STHEK
alone= LAON
cash= KARB
chemo= KMOE
cancer= KAERN
I imagine= IJ
business= BIS
killer= K*IRL
metro= MROET
medical bills= M-BLS
hospital records= HORDZ
public= PUB
forty= FOURT
thirty= THIRT
promise= PROM
security= SKAOURT
bluff= BLUF
leverage= LEFRJ
idea= Y-D
probation= PRAIX
Trish= TRIRB
Walker= WA*URK
Tatum= TAIT/*UM
movie= MO*EF
age= AIJ
carpenter= KRARPT
Jessica= JES/KA*
suggest= SUG
recovering= ROFRG
addicts= DIKTS
goodbye= GAOIB
Jones= JOEnS
maybe= MAEB
hero= HOER
dirty= DOIRT
altruism= AL/TRAOUFM
bunch= BUFP
humanity= HAOUMT
father= FA*ER
latest= LAIFT
article= ARL
in return= NRURN
intel= SBEL
homework= HOERK
level= LEFL
proud= PRO*UD
there you go= THRUG
I don’t care= YOK
agent= AGT
plane= PLAEN
deadline= DLAOIN
video= VAO
thousands= THOUS
dollars= DLARS
max= MA*X
nauseating= NAURBGT
boyfriend= BOIF
letters= LERTS
repeat= RAOEPT
confidential= K-FLT
angry= AING
children= KHIRN
nonetheless= NONLS
expense= XENS
accounts= K-TS
partners= PARNS
stupid= STAOUPD
mistakes= MAEKS
safari= SA/FAR/YI
company= K-P
tickets= TIKTS
pro bono= PROE/BOE/NO*E
corporate= KORPT
generosity= JEN/RO*FT
eviction= EFGS
notice= N-TS
weird= WERD
parade= PRA*ED
insurance= SNAOURNS
underestimate= UND/STIMT
special= SPERB
dissertation= DIS/TA*IGS
narcissim= NARS/S*IFM
therapized= THAERPDZ
problem= BLEM
prison= PRIS
months= MOS
ago= AG
radar= RAIRD
focus= FOEKS
custody= KUD
lawyer= LAUR
forgery= FOERJ
actually= TWAEL
ashamed= SHAEMD
Oscar= OS/KA*R
definitely= DAFL
unusual= NAOURB
misanthrope= MIZ/A*N/THRO*P
whoa= WHAO
half an hour= HAUR
whiplash= WLARB
adults= DULTS
normal= NOL
annoying= NOIG
percent= PERS
Marissa= MA/RIS/SA*
Maria= MA/RAOE/A*
Macey= MAIS/YI
meds= M^EDZ
options= OPGS
studies= STOIS
timetable= TAOIM/TA*IBL
decades= DAEDZ
regulations= RELGSZ
Europe= AOURP
painless= PAINLS
guaranteed= GAURNTD
coward= KOURD
drooled= DRAOLD
hideous= HID/Y*US
horrible= HORBL
value= VAL
inside= N-FDZ
and I will= SKPIL
alley= LAEL
dealer= DLER
Amsterdam= AM/STER/DA*M
useless= AOUFLS
messenger= MEFRJ
in person= KBERN
emergency= M-J
applicable= PLIBL
misdemeanor= M-M
citations= KRAOIGSZ
panhandle= PAN/HA*NL
condemned= KEMD
hobo= HOE/BO*E
Inez= AOE/N*EZ
modified= MOIFD
zap= SA*P
taser= TAIRZ
blond+ BLOND
brunette= BRAOUNT
padlock= PAD/LO*K
hospital= HOPT
flush= FLURB
bottom= BOT
stairs= STAIRS
apartment= PARMT
investigate= VEGT
booze= BAOZ
patient= PAIRBT
cabinet= KBINT
twisted= TWIFTD
standards= ST-DZ
Nick= N*IK
target= TARGT
in the= N-T
on the ground= OG
Nicholas= NIK/LA*S
Spence= SP*ENS
silent= SLENT
attorney= TOERN
appointed= POIND

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March 21 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 3

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 3
Alfredo= AL/FRAID/O*E
Marilyn= MA/RA/L*In
Cambodia= KAM/BOED/YA*
Greenwich= GREN/*IFP
empanadas= EM/PA/NA/DA*S
groceries= GROIRS
Leslie= LES/LI
Malbec= MAL/B*EK
Hansen= HAN/S*EN
Griffin= GR*IFN
Eugene= AOU/GAO*EN
medical school= MAOL
discretion= SKREGS
Chinese= KHAOINZ
devoid= DWOID
siphoned= SAOIFND
legitimate= JIT
passport= PAFRPT
felony= FLOIN
forgery= FOERJ
Franklin= FRA*ING/LIN
Damascus= DA/MAS/K*US
do you think= DOUNG
I didn’t mean= YIM
would remember= WORM
food= FAOD
pieces= PAOESZ
piece= PAOES
peace= PAES
idiot= ID/YO*T
drumroll= DRUM/RO*L
superintendent= SPR-NT
cruiser= KRAOURZ
visit= VIFT
nineties= NAOINTS
doctor= DR-
inexperienced= IN/XERNS/-D
radio= RAO
all this= AULTS
addiction= DIX
protection= PROEX
decedent= SDAOENT
New York City= NORKS
reputation= R-PGS
slumlord= SLUM/LO*RD
complaint= KPLAINT
hello= HO*EL
legal= LAOEL
sentimental= SENT/M*ENL
elevator= L-FRT
basement= BAIFMT
nephew= NEF/AO*U
herself= HERZ
neighbors= NAEBS
evict= EFKT
eviction= EFGS
how should= HOURBD
I know= AOIN
Malcolm= MAL/KO*M
evidence= AEFD
illegal= ILG
video= VAO
human= HAOUM
experimentation= XERMGS
market= MARKT
do you think= DOUNG
discuss= SKUS
settle= SELT
unfortunately= UFRNLT
alias= AILZ
investigation= VEGS
reasonable= R-NL
stellar= SYTEL/*AR
obviously= OEFLS
trek= TREK
biased= BAOIDZ
at least= TLAOEFT
bucket= BUKT
minute= MIN
executive= SKAOUFT
chef= SHEF
lifestyle= LAOIFLT
dismemberment= DIZ/MEB/-MT
orchard= OR/KHA*RD
trickiest= TRIK/YEFT
contract= KR-T
contractual= KR-LT
unidentified= UN/AOIFD
crispy= KRIFP/YI
do you= DOU
critic= KRIT
objectify= OB/FAO*I
objectification= OB/FA*IGS
boy= BOI
heavy= HEF
month= MO
school= SKAOL
downstairs= DOUNTS
do you have= DOUF
America= MERK
glued= GLAOUD
magnet= MANGT
bedtime= BED/TAO*IM
phone call= FOENG
parole= PROEL
liquor= LIR
agreed= GRAOED
rephrase= RAOEFRZ
spine= SPAOIN
ear= AOER
and you were= SKPURP
orphan= OFRN
candidate= KAND
torture= TAPURT
publicist= PUFBT
cloak= KLOEK
sexist= SEX/IFT
assignment= SOIMT
you said= UDZ
unstable= UN/STAIBL
worried= WOIRD
last night= LAFNT
could be= KOB
journalist= JURNLT
vapid= VAP/*ID or VA*PD
tabloid= TAB/LO*ID
it has= T-BS
how about= HOUB
proposal= PROEPL
discriminate= SDRIMT
let me= LEM
invoke= KBOEK
cramp= KRAFRP
ironic= AO*IRNG
humor= HAOURM
island= AOILD
rum= RUM
contemplate= KPLAIT
future= FAOURT
estranged= ES/STRAINGD
respect= R-PT
colleagues= KLAOEGS
can I have= KIF
breath= BR*ET
mouth= MO*UT
nose= NOEZ
alcohol= KHOL
survived= SWAOIFD
involve= VOF
options= OPGSZ
memories= MEMS
defense= D-FNS
arsenal= ARS/NA*L
neurodegenerative= NAOUR/D-FNGT
genetic= JENGT
editing= Y*IGT
technology= T-J
ungrateful= UN/GRAEF
miracle= MIRBLG
reason= R-N
stars= STARS
paparazzi= POP/RAZ/YI
freedom= FRAOEM
pigeon= PIJ/O*N
bigoted= BIGTD
pillow= PIL/O*E
resist= RAOEFT
investment= VEFMT
achieve= KHAEF
shrink= SR*ING
landlord= L-LD
expand= XAND
tenants= TANTS
exhale= XHAIL
imagine= MAJ
resume= RAOUM
peaceful= PAEF
lenses= LENSZ
calming= KAUMG
picture= PIR
legacy= LEGZ
stretch= STREFP
heinous= HAIN/*US
beach= BAEFP
questions= QES
relax= RAEK
creature= KRAOEFPT
meat= MAET
invented= KB-FNTD
innovative= NAOEFT/*IF
willing= L-G
penny= PEN/YI
to remember= TORM
trauma= TRAUM
blows= BLOS
station= STAIGS
abide= BOID
relationships= ROIPS
conference= K-FRNS
transfer= TR-FR
herself= HERZ
prejudice= PREJ
limit= LIMT
partners= PARNS
medical= MEL
disclosure= SKLAOUR
clause= KLAUS
performance= P-FNS
thirty= THIRT
generous= JERNS
package= PAJ
morality= MO*RLT
update= PAIT
no matter= NORMT
liability= LAOIBLT
backup= BUP
fiduciary= FAOURB
dangerous= DAIJS
duty= DAOUT
to be= TOB
negotiate= GOERBT
steel= STAOEL
severance= SWEFRNS
medicine= MED
commercial= KMERBL
residential= REFNLT
email= AOEM
fax= FAX
zone= SO*EN
property= PRORT
super= SAOURP
handle= HANL
fist= FIFT

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