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Dec 22

Briefs And Phrases From Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Poster

beautiful= BAOUF magic= MIJ wonder= WURND cherishing= KHERG another= NOER story= STOER altogether= AULGT difficult= DIF ago= AG I will= IL be the= -BT hello= HO*EL Diana= DAOI/A*N/A* OR DAOI/A*N/NA* again= GEN mother= MOER are you= RU today= TOD you think= AOUNG training= TRAING ready= R-D I could= IKD begin= GIN at least= TLAOEFT defend= …

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Oct 19

Court Reporter Spotted: The Preacher’s Wife

Court Reporter Spotted The Preacher's Wife 1 of 2

Oct 19

Briefs And Phrases From National Geographic: How To Build A Beating Heart

National Geographic How To Build A Beating Heart

imagine= MAJ you need= UFRN years old= YAOERLDZ heart= HART she needs= SHEFRNS transplant= TRANLT patients= PAIRBTS option= OPGS replace= PLAEFR organ= GORN we could= WEKD I think= AOING regenerative= JEFRNT body= BOED organs= GORNZ vision= VIGS to do= TAOD really= R-L replacement= PLAEFRMT transplanted= TRANLTD simply= SOIM finger= FIRNG extremity= STREMT object= OBT eventually= …

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Oct 13

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 13

tomorrow= TOM nation= NAIGS would you like= WOUBLG to tell= TOLT to tell me= TOMT contractual= KR-LT relationships= ROIPS testify= TEF bona fide= B-FD routine= RAOUNT impression= KBREFGS bleach= BLAOEFP against the law= GLAU who else= WHOELS access= SKES let me understand= LEMDZ business= BIS magazine= MAG publicity= PUBT dispute= SDPAOUT domestic= DMEFKT you were= …

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Oct 10

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: The Word With The Most Definitions

QUESTION: What English word has the most definitions. ANSWER: Set. According to the Guinness World Records, the word “set” has 430 different meanings. Guinness World Records also states this concerning the word “set”: “The word commands the longest entry in the dictionary at 60,000 words, or 326,000 characters.”

Oct 02

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 12

how bad= HOUBD is he= SE brilliant= BRIL litigation= LIGS enormous= NAOERMS where is= WR-S administrative= MIF what was= WHAFS elevator= L-FRT did I= SDI I wouldn’t know= YAON at the same time= TAIMT you wanted= UPTD to see= TOZ summary judgment= SMAERJT negligence= NEJS intentional= SBENLGS infliction= FLIX memoranda= MAUMD plead= PLAOED amend= AMD …

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Sep 26

Briefs And Phrases From Amy

Amy Movie Poster

everyone else= EFRNLS this is= TH-S lollipop= LOL/YI/PO*P no one= NO*N fourteenth= FO*URNT birthday= B*IRTD happy= HAEP Washington= WARB/WARB Vaughn= VAUN learned= LERND everything= EFRG really= R-L important= PORN always= AULS if I want= FIPT what’s= WHAES January= JAN year= Y-R lunchtime= LOIM or LUFPT talent= TAENLT singer= SIRNG record= RORD I just= IJT poems= …

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Sep 22

Briefs And Phrases From Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War

all right= L-RT what= WHA do you see= DOUZ standard= STD small= SMAUL station= STAIGS quiet= KWAET street= STRAOET target= TARGT ATM= A*MT cameras= KMRAS corner= KRORM compromised= KPROMD escaped= SKAEPD afraid= FRAID bulletproof= BLAOF private= PRAOIFT secure= SKAOUR security= SKAOURT which means= KH-MS Shoulder= SHOURLD nature= NAUR paranoid= POID folks= FOKZ months= MOS problem= …

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Sep 13

Court Reporter Spotted: Matlock Intro

Sep 12

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: The Shortest Sentence

QUESTION: What is the shortest complete sentence in the English language? ANSWER: I am.

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