September 4 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 11

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 11
from the= FR-T
target= TARGT
barricaded= BAR/KA*ID/-D
in a= NA
hostage= HOFJ
babysitting= BAEBGT
resists= RAOEFTS
blindfold= BLAOIND/FO*ELD
diet= DAO*IT
first name= FIRN
freestyle= FRAOE/STAO*IL
confusion= KWAOUGS
diversions= DWERGSZ
hardware= HARD/WA*ER
fugitive= FAOUJT
dashcam= DARB/KA*M
tactical= TAKT/KA*L
inspector= SPERKT
yes, sir= YES
inch= N-FP
obvious= OEFS
clear-headed= KLAOER/H*ED/-D
rhyme= RAOIM
violence= V-LS
poetry= POET/TRAO*E
landline= LAND/LAO*IN
Damon= DAI/MO*N
Boone= BAO*N
police= PLIS
approach= PROEFP
leverage= LEFRJ
unpredictability= UN/PRIKT/-BLT
reciprocity= RES/PRO*FT
terrorism= TRIFM
tourniquet= TURN/Q*ET
Ridley= RID/LI
stabilized= STAIBLDZ
negotiate= GOERBT
on the floor= OFL
Scotch= SKOFP
decisiveness= SDAOIFNS
go ahead= GHAED
hostess= HOEFT/*ES
protesting= PREFGT
kitchen= KIFP
prohibition= HIBGS
storage= STORJ
underneath= NAO*ERT
hurry= HUR
revenge= REFJ
out of this= OUFTS
entrenched= EN/TREN/*FPD
lunatic= LAOUN/T*IK
outcome= OUK
beneficial= BERBL
which you can= KHUK
independent= N-PT
confirmation= KWIRMGS
encounter= KBOURNT
law enforcement= LAUFMT
weapons= WEPS
should have= SHUF
are you sure= RUZ
absolutely= SLUL
authorized= TORDZ
experimental= XERMT/A*L
remain= RAIM
chopper= KHORP
proceed= PRAOED
juice= JAOUS
eventually= VAENL
regular= REG
Frank= FRA*ING
Castle= KA*FLT
movement= MOFMT
at the= TE
medical= MEL
charismatic= KHRIFMT
laughter= LAFRT
reverend= REFRND
last name= LAFN
tension= TENGS
testifying= TEFG
helicopter= HEL/KO*RPT
medication= MEGS
West Indian= W*EFT/IND/YA*N
clinic= KLIN
familiar= FAM
blow= BLO
take care= TAERK
no matter= NORMT
surrender= SRERND
minutes= MINS
South= SO*UT
usually= AOURBL
waitress= WAIT/TR*ES
upstairs= UPTS
careful= KAIF
dental= DENLT
vein= VAIN
blood supply= BLAOFP
forearm= FROERM
stalks= STAUKS
Corvette= KO*R/V*ET
joy-ride= JOI/RAO*ID
judge= JUJ
marines= MRAOENS
juvie= JAOUF/YI
self defense= SD-FNS
shank= SHA*ING
cancer= KAERN
shelter= SHERLT
genesis= GENZ
likewise= LAOIKZ
amends= AMDZ
Dana= DAI/NA*
Etta= ET/TA*
lethal= LAO*ELT
damsel= DAM/S*EL
Felicia= FA/LAOE/SHA*
Willis= WIL/*IS
listen= L-N
dozens= DOSZ
custody= KUD
verify= VOIF

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September 3 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 10

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 10
video= VAO
day-to-day= DTD
copyright= KPAOERT
swagger= SWARG
Bruce Lee= BRAO*US/LAO*E
Manhattan= MANT
handle= HANL
promise= PROM
excuse me= SKAOUFM
skirmish= SKIR/M*IRB
capture= KPUR
dab= DAB
fireman= FRAN
sacrifice= SFIS
selfie= SEFL/YI
where I was= WRIFS
office= OFS
seriously= SAOERLZ
approve= PROIF
lair= LA*IR
what’s= WHAES
city= STI
defend= D-F
Shaolin= SHAO/L*IN
T-shirt= TWIRT
do you say= DO*US
contract= KR-T
extreme= STREM
duress= DURS
documented= DAOUMTD
tortured= TOR/TAO*URD
Raymond= RAI/MO*ND
legally= LAOEL/LI
expedited= SDAOITD
police= PLIS
litigation= LIGS
is yours= SYOURS
matters= MAERTS
skim= SKIM
money= MUN
platter= PLAERT
meditating= MED/TA*IGT
silence= SLENS
communicate= KMUN
what do you think= WHAOUNG
with this= W-TS
injured= J*URD
maybe= MAEB
escaped= SKAEPD
blew= BLAOU
paddy= PAD/YI
muscles= MUFLS
hospital= HOPT
golden= GOENLD
distracted= SDRAKTD
focus= FOEKS
different= DIFRN
I guess= IGS
settled= SELTD
almost= L-M
keycard= KAOE/KA*RD
investigation= VEGS
apothecary= A/PO*T/KA*ER
chaotic= KHAOKT
original= ORJ
album= AL/B*UM
records= RORDZ
balancing= BALG
structure= STRUR
mental= MENL
manipulate= MIP
too much= TAOFP
grasshopper= GRAS/HO*RP
toxic= TOX
effective= FEF
frequently= FREL
heroin= HOIRN
dragon= DRAG/O*N
source= SORS
mojo= MOE/JO*E
replicated= REP/LA/KA*ITD
peasant= PEFNT
ideas= Y-DZ
arrest= AR
credit card= KRERKD
numbers= NUBS
permission= PERMGS
Uber= AOU/B*ER
fowl= FO*UL
dangerous= DAIJS
upstairs= UPTS
sideways= SDWAIS
teahouse= TAE/HO*US
billion dollars= B-LDZ
wealth= W*ELT
what do you mean= WHAOUM
children= KHIRN
parenthood= PARNT/HAO*D
about him= BHIM
about you= BU
stupid= STAOUPD
business= BIS
idea= Y-D
admit= DMIT
for this= F-RTS
angry= AING
chi= KHAOE
relaxed= RAEKD
perch= PER/*FP
hawk= HAUK
iPod= AOI/PO*D
tournament= TOURNT
Philly= F*IL/YI
bench= BEFP
teammates= TAOEMTS
friendship= FROIP
ego= AOEG
and her= SKPHER
wallets= WLETS
quarter= QAERT
saditty= SA/DIT/YI
what about= WHAB
immunity= KBAOUNT
finance= F-N
campaign= KPAIN
silly= SLI
homicidal= HOM/SAO*ILD
c’est la vie= SAI/LA/VAO*E
high school= HAOL
already= L-RD
perhaps= PRAPS
enjoy= GOI
experience= XERNS
distillery= DIS/TIL/RAO*E
formula= FLA
memories= MEMS
dishwashers= DIRB/WRA*RBS
crazy= KRAEZ
nightclub= NAOIT/KL*UB
Italian= A/TAL/YA*N
gangsters= GANGTS
liquor= LIR
real estate= RAE
Yankee= YA*ING/YI
strength= STRENG
maroon= MRAON
freedom= FRAOEM
Marley= MA*R/LAO*E
destroy= STROI
temptations= TEMGSZ
brimstone= BRIM/STO*EN
tonight= TONT
Colorado= KO*L
California= KA*L
Washington= WARB/WARB
Asian= AIGS
nefarious= NA/RAR/Y*US
abandoned= BAUND
Rucker= RUK/*ER
aura= AU/RA*
fazed= FAEDZ
where he is= WRES
firepower= FAOIR/PO*UR
cultivate= KULT/VA*IT
sunlight= SUNLT
withers= W*IRTS
nursery= NURS/RAO*E
purchase= PR-FP
underneath= NAO*ERT
complaint= KPLAINT
someplace= SPLAIS
notwithstanding= NANG
investigation= VEGS
temporary= TRAER
Priscilla= PRIS/SIL/LA*
champion= KHAON
vigilante= VIJT
leverage= LEFRJ
ultimatum= ULT/MAIT/*UM
restaurant= STRAUNT
this is= TH-S
I don’t care= YOK
robbery= ROIB
Ingrid= IN/GRID
I’m sorry= AOIMS
I’m so sorry= AOIFMS
cleansing= KLENGS
appetite= AP/TAO*IT
moo shu= MAO/SHAO*U
Murdock= MUR/DO*K
sirens= SAOIRNS
towards= TAORDZ
worried= WOIRD
accept= SEP

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September 2 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 9

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 9
billionaire= B-L/NA*IRE
concentrate= SKRAENT
do you think= DOUNG
I think= AOING
what is= WHAS
facility= FAEFLT
pharmaceutical= FARL
entry= SBRI
precinct= PRAOENT
Harlem= HAR/L*EM
jump= JUFRP
collect= KLEKT
bathroom= BARM
all the= AULT
perfect= P-FRT
innocent= N-NT
alive= LOIF
thumped= THUFRPD
majestic= MA/J*EFKT
magical= MAJ/KA*L
science= SAOINZ
figured= FIGS
lavender= LAFRND
beautiful= BAOUF
calendula= KAL/*EN/DAOU/LA*
centuries= SENZ
disease= D-Z
nightshade= NAOIT/SHA*ID
Atropa= A/TROE/PA*
belladonna= BEL/LA/DON/NA*
immunity= KBAOUNT
Debbie= DEB/YI
Thomas= THOMS
plead= PLAOED
include= KLU
himself= HIMZ
give me= GIFM
reasonable doubt= -RD
brownstone= BROUN/STO*EN
prizes= PRAO*ISZ
have you been= VUB
attack= TW-K
gallivanting= GAL/VA*NGT
honor= HON
somehow= SHOU
survived= SWAOIFD
more than= MORN
elevate= L-FT
overseer= VAOE/*ER
reduced= RAOUS/-D
weapons= WEPS
exchanged= XAINGD
comfortable= K-FRBL
Mercedes= MER/SAID/AO*ES
upgrading= AUP/GRAIGD
who else= WHOLS
answer= AENS
from the= FR-T
cocoa= KOE/KO*E
sometimes= STAOIMS
practice= PRA
out of= OUF
executive= SKAOUFT
produced= PROUD
kind of= KAOIF
guilt= G-LT
weight= WAET
burden= BURD
I understand= INDZ
believe me= BLEFM
I can’t let= YALT
stressed= STREFD
or else= OERLS
magic= MIJ
within= W-N
pressure= PRERB
heaviest= HEF/EFT
defines= DPAOINS
hero= HOER
paperwork= PAIRK
simple= SIM
smuggling= SMULG/-G
I had= ID
argument= GAOUMT
integrity= SBEGT
sentence= SNENS
lessons= LEFNS
Tommy= TOM/YI
as many= SMAEN
stashed= STARBD
Queens= QAO*ENS
father= FA*ER
conventional= KWENLGS
salve= SAFL
decided= SDAOID
to be= TOB
campesinos= KAFRP/SAOE/NO*ES
ancient= SHENT
medical= MEL
tradition= TRA
natural= NARL
headaches= HAEKS
anxiety= ANGT
fertility= FERLT
items= AOITS
bizarre= BIRZ
enhanced= KBHANS/-D
practices= PRAS
flower= FLOUR
access= SKES
blood work= BLAORK
build= BL-
monster= MOFRNT
what you know= WHAUN
condition= K-N
tell me the= TL-MT
million= M-L
Tupac= TAOU/PO*K
production= PROUX
yes= YE
initiative= NIFRBT
lifetime= LAOIFT
ago= AG
diapers= DAOIRPS
pictures= PIRS
capture= KPUR
remembering= RERG
intelligent= TEJ
dynamic= DAO*ING
someplace= SPLAIS
sermon= SER/MO*N
if you= FU
who were= WHORP0
you just= UJT
Matilda= MA/TIL/DA*
when is= WH-S
revealed= RAEFLD
surprises= SPRAOISZ
islands= AOINLDZ
fantasy= FANT/SAO*E
delta= DEL/TA*
Creole= KRAO*E/O*EL
color= KLOR
Howard= HOURD
tragic= TRAJ
widow= DWO
evaporated= VAPTD
is that= STHA
oxygen= SHEN
electric= LEK
guitar= GA/TA*R
African= FRIN
Johnson= JOFN
Jackson= JAFN
you were= URP
withered= W*IRTD
eventually= VAENL
window= WID
mic= MIK
after all= AFRL
indeed= N-D
promotion= PROEMGS
anywhere= NIR
in the= N-T
trash= TRARB
Georgia= GA/GA
Jamaica= JA/JA
Ashanti= A/SHON/TAO*E
British= BRIRB
sugar= SHURG
maroons= MA/RAO*NS
blue= BLU
mountains= MOUNS
captivity= KAP/T*IFT
masters= MAFRTS
camouflage= KAM/FLO*J
technology= T-J
determination= DERMGS
resistance= RAOEFNS
doctor= DR-
I don’t have= YOF
by the= B*IT

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September 1 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 8

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 8
how can= HOUK
you be= UB
what he did= WHA*ED
to us= TOUS
complicated= KPLIKTD
liberty= LIBT
did you say= SDUS
mistakes= MAEKS
arrest= AR
sideways= SDWAIS
soldier= SOEL/J*ER
last night= LAFNT
Romeo= ROEM/YO*E
third degree= TH-RD
acid= SDID
lifetime= LAOIFT
injured= J*URD
police= PLIS
plaza= PLAZ
on the job= OEJ
Ridenhour= RID/*EN/O*UR
in the first place= FR-PLS
tussle= TUFL
interrogation= SBROEGS
optics= OP/T*IKS
sequel= SKWEL
whatever= WHAFR
hurry= HUR
alive= LOIF
precinct= PRAOENT
Babylon= BAB/LO*N
invasion= IN/VAIGS
popsicle= PO*P/S*IBLG
confidential= K-FL
informant= N-FNT
boyfriend= BOIF
rodent= ROE/D*ENT
narrative= NAR/T*IF
music= MAOUK
compelling= KPELG
cooperation= KAOPGS
do you have= DOUF
vicinity= VINT
suspect= S-PT
interest= TR-
Alvarez= AL/VA/R*EZ
fawn= FAUN
cougars= KOURGS
so was= SOFS
girlfriend= GOIF
temper= TREFRP
instantly= SNANLT
someone else= SWUNLS
trigger= TRIRG
what were= WHARP
emotional= MAOERBL
outlandish= TLAND/*IRB
whereabouts= WR-BTS
billable= BIL/-BL
representing= REPG
I don’t think= YONG
formality= FOMT
prison= PRIS
nightshade= NAOIT/SHA*ID
steroid= STERD
bounty= BOUNT/YI
to find= TOFND
Times Square= TAOIMS/SQA*IR
aviator= AIF/YA*IRT
invoked= KBOEKD
out of= OUF
Rattled= RALTD
nitrates= NAOI/TRA*ITS
gloves= GLOFS
video= VAO
surveillance= SWAINS
psalms= SAUMS
do you need= DOUFRN
as soon as= SNS
lion= LAOI/O*N
abandoned= BAUND
between= TWAOEN
because of= BAUF
I told= ILT
domino= DOM/NO*E
upstate= AUP/STAIT
became= BAIM
search warrant= SWARNT
fresh= FRERB
reality= RAELT
beautiful= BAOUF
snatched= SNAFPD
Johnson= JOFN
memaw= MAOE/MA*U
Baptist= BAP/T*IFT
Corinthians= KOR/R*INT/YA*NS
research= REFP
figure= FIG
elements= L-MTS
ridiculous= KAOULS
goons= GAONS
Danny= DAN/YI

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August 31 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Alanis Morissette

Oprah and Alanis Morrissette
Alanis= A/LAN/*IS
Ottawa= OT/WA*
Canada= KAN/DA*
Catholic= KA*T/L*IK
divine= DWAOIN
fourteen= FOURN
pop= PO*P
Los Angeles= LOS/LOS
nineteen= NAOEN
California= KAL/KAL
introspective= SBROEFKT
Grammies= GRAM/Y*IS
million= M-L
debut= DAI/BAO*U
anxiety= ANGT
isolated= SOELTD
seminal= SEM/NA*L
phenomenon= FON
stadiums= STAID/Y*UMS
community= KMAOUNT
outdoors= AOUT/DAORS
boundaries= BOURNDZ
backstage= BAK/STA*IJ
all the= AULT
did you think= SDUNG
who I was= WHOIFS
about a= BA
identity= AOID
certainty= SERNT
monolithic= MON/L*IKT
disconcerting= DIZ/SKERGT
disconnected= SKEKTD
Johnny Depp= JO*N/YI/D*EP
isolating= SOELGT
chatting= KHAGT
projections= PROJSZ
assumptions= SUMGSZ
traumatized= TRAUMDZ
lonely= LOENL
understood= NAOND
when I get= WHIGT
retire= RIR
exempt= XEMT
if I can= FIK
comfortable= K-FRBL
embracing= KBRAIS/-G
addictive= DIFKT
temporarily= TRAERL
portal= PORLT
other side= OERDZ
peace= PAES
ego= AOEG
concrete= KRET
in many= NAEN
famous= FAIMS
pretend= PREND
Barbara= BAR/BRA*
Walters= WAURLTS
congruence= KAUN/GRAOUNS
aspects= SPAEKTS
consciousness= KONS/-ND
seeker= SAOERK
hunger= HURNG
singularly= SINL/LA*RL
multitudinous= MULT/TAOUD/N*US
denominator= DMON/NA*IRT
bottom= BOT
vulnerability= VUL/N*ERBLT
dualistic= DAOUL/ST-K
studio= STAOUD
authenticity= AU/THEN/T*IFT
day-to-day= DTD
in person= KBERN
introverted= SBROE/V*ERTD
snuggle= SNULG
is it true= STRAOU
airports= AIRPTS
piece= PAOES
jumping= JUFRPG
magnifying= MAG/NA/FAO*IG
grappling= GRAP/LING
amplify= AFRP/FAO*I
activist= AKT/V*IFT
irony= OIRN
doggedly= DAUGD/LI
digital= DIJT
expression= XREFGS
delicate= DLIKT
propensity= PROE/P*EFNT
I didn’t want= YIPT
I remember= IRM
reason= R-N
imbued= KBAOUD
social= SOERBL
public= PUB
diverse= DWERS
liberating= LIB/RA*IGT
healing= HAELG
women= WIM
there are times= THR-RMTS
cathartic= KA/THA*RKT
redeem= RAOE/DAO*EM
terrified= TROIFD
apparently= PAERNLT
energy= N-RJ
absolve= AB/SO*FL
uncomfortable= N-FRBL
awkward= AURKD
catalyst= KAT/L*IFT
investigate= VEGT
you went= UFRG
anorexia= AN/REX/YA*
bulimia= BAOU/LAOEM/YA*
disorders= SDORDZ
thinking= THIG
addiction= DIX
therapy= THAERP
withdrawal= WRAUL
human being= HAOUB
focus= FOEKS
impersonal= KBERNL
obsession= OB/S*EGS
natural= NARL
so many= SOM
seduction= SDUX
excruciating= SKRAOURBGT
recovery= ROIFR
journey= JOIRN
and then= SKPHEN
applying= PLAOIG
fifteen= FAOEN
so I had= SO*ID
fantasy= FANT/SAO*E
relationship= ROIP
development= VEMT
navigate= NAFGT
attracting= TR-K/-G
principle= PRIN
autonomous= AU/TON/M*US
active= TIF
participant= PARPT
committed= KMITD
infatuation= IN/FAT/WA*IGS
conflict= KIKT
musician= MAOUGS
better= BERT
Christmas= KMAS
profile= PROIL
husband= HUS
what was= WHAFS
how did= HO*UD
whatever= WHAFR
spiritually= SPIRL/LI
ancient= SHENT
Egyptians= GIPGSZ
psychologically= SKLEL
jurisdiction= JURD
comfort= K-FRT
beautiful= BAOUF
married= MAERD
romantic= ROEMT
battle= BALT
distinct= DINGT
desperate= DPRAT
procreate= PROE/KRAO*ET
babies= BAEBS
ourselves= OURSZ
average= AFRJ
mired= MAOIRD
reactivity= RAOEFKT/TAO*E
do you feel= DOUFL
definitely= DAFL
Gary= GA*ER
spiritual= SPIRL
intellectually= SBLEKT/WA*EL
complementary= KPLERMT
traumas= TRAUMS
education= JAEGS
when you get= WHUGT
adventure= DWUR
canoe= KA/NAO*U
portend= POR/T*END
and I get= SKPIGT
breather= BRAO*ERT
boy= BOI
lesson= LEFN
you want= UPT
filter= FIRLT
careen= KA/RAO*EN
who he is= WHOES
is a= SA
miracle= MIRBLG
angst= A*INGS
India= IND/YA*
glimpse= GLIMS
meditate= MED/TA*IT
Himalayas= HIM/LAI/YA*S
illusion= LAOUGS
separatism= SPRAIT/T*IFM
fragmented= FRAGTD
ashram= ARB/RA*M
exercises= XERSZ
mountains= MOUNS
animal= ANL
anyone else= NINLS
alter= ARLT
incense= IN/SENS
invitation= VAOIGS
backyard= BARD
workaholic= WORK/HOL/*IK
ethers= AO*ET/*ERS
abiding= A/BAOIGD
mundane= MUN/DA*IN
degree= DRE
obsessed= OB/S*EFD
observer= OEB/*ER
how good= HOUGD
you are= UR
and also= SKP-LS
chaos= KHAOS
orientation= OERNGS
too much= TAOFP
emphasis= KBIS
happiness= HAENS
temporary= TRAER
awareness= WAIRNS
relief= RAOEFL
emotions= MAOEGSZ
I would= ILD
transparency= TRANZ/PARNZ
consistent= KAONT
you were= URP
judgment= JUMT
telepathic= TEL/PA*KT
empath= EM/PA*T
empathic= EM/PA*KT
archetype= ARK/TAO*IP
all the= AULT
silence= SLENS
journal= JURNL
stagnation= STAG/NA*IGS
in my= NAOI
that really= THA*RL
ideas= Y-DZ
essence= SEFNS
continuously= T-N/Y*UFL
semantic= SMANGT
panacea= PAN/SAOE/A*
tell me= TL-M
creativity= KRAOEFT
that I am= THAIM
music= MAOUK
action= -X
you can= UK
perfect= P-FRT
amazing= MAEGS

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August 31 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 7

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 7
how long= HOUNG
polite= PLOIT
situation= SWAIGS
isle= AO*IL
half hour= HAUF
Teterboro= TAOET/BRO*UG
New York= NORK
library= LAOIB
audition= AU/D*IGS
snitch= SNIFP
I can’t tell= YAT
factor= FAOK
ally= AL/LAO*I
liability= LAOIBLT
church= KHUFP
Raymond= RAI/MO*ND
grade school= GRAOL
victim= VIM
loyal= LOIL
relationships= ROIPS
premium= PRAOEM
precious= PRERBS
listen= L-N
pressure= PRERB
inspire= SNAOIR
alienates= AIL/Y*ENTS
otherwise= OERZ
shoulder= SHOURLD
worry= WOIR
Rastas= RAS/TA*S
Rasta= RAS/TA*
deceived= SDAOEFD
donations= DMAIGSZ
define= DPAOIN
intimidate= SBIMT
anger= ANG
muscles= MUFLS
integrity= SBEGT
water= WAURT
image= KBAJ
information= N-FGS
passwords= PAS/WO*RDZ
should be= SHUB
it will= T-L
I don’t think so= YONGS
mahogany= MA/HOG/NAO*E
piranha= PA/RA/NA*
sinker= S*IRNG
stash= STARB
ditched= DIFPD
sermons= SER/MO*NS
Ray= RA*I/RA*I
Charles= KHARLS
deserved= SDEFRBD
partial= PARB
Brooklyn= BLIN
sidekick= SAOID/K*IK
with this= W-TS
is not= SNOT
do you think= DOUNG
simple= SIM
Stokes= STO*EKS
escape= SKAEP
earth= *ERT
medicine= MED
represented= REPD
minute= MIN
Mabel= MA*IBL
she got= SH*EGT
you were= URP
dramatic= DRAUMT
instincts= KBINGTS
leverage= LEFRJ
bloodshed= BLAOD/SH*ED
prom= PRO*M
murderer= MRURD
negotiate= GOERBT
protocol= PROELT
crime scene= KRAOEN
insider= N-RDZ
offense= OFNS
Martha= MAR/THA*
Stewart= STAOURT
conspiracy= SPIRZ
El Chapo= EL/KHA/PO*E
henchmen= HEN/*FP/M*EN
public= PUB
custody= KUD
Alvarez= AL/VA/R*EZ
political= PLIL
Marion= MAR/YO*N
Barry= BAR/RAO*E
become= B-K
councilwoman= KOUNL/WO*M
brownstone= BROUN/STO*EN
gun= G-N
king= KING
sugar= SHURG
eyeing= AOIG
sensitive= SNEF
emo= AOE/MO*E
Brown= BRO*UN
uncle= UNG
consumes= SKAOMS
dirty= DOIRT
shoes= SHAOUZ
insisted= KBIFTD
she told= SHELT
attitude= TAOUD
she would= SHELD
proud= PRO*UD
bloodied= BLOID/-D
defend= D-F
fighter= FAOIRT
warrior= WAR/YO*R
puppet= P*UPT
until= N-L
hardworking= HARD/WO*RK/-G
you really= *URL
sorrow= SRO*E
vengeance= VAENG
I’m sorry= AOIMS
today= TOD
bridge= BRIJ
paralyzed= PARLDZ
last time= LAFMT
innocent= N-NT
she was= SHEFS
murder= MURD
immunity= KBAOUNT
movies= MO*EFS
alias= AILZ
self defense= SD-FNS
to get= TO*GT
this time= TH-MT
Coney Island= KOEN/YI/AOILD
always= AULS
from the= FR-T
window= WID
persuade= PRAED
almost= L-M
sweetheart= SWHART
on the job= OEJ
Italian= A/TAL/YA*N
Irish= AOI/R*IRB
company= K-P
resist= RAOEFT
hire= HIR

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August 30 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 6

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 6
guppy= GUP/YI
hesitating= HEZ/-G
ribbon= RIB/*ON
macabre= MA/KA*RB
severed= SWEFRD
emerging= MAOERJ/-G
reports= RORPS
impresario= KB/PAR/SAR/YO*E
talent= TAENLT
cabs= KABS
flood= FLAOD
barbershop= BAERB/SHO*P
corner= KRORN
aunt= AUNT
out of= OUF
Alvarez= AL/VA/R*EZ
billion dollar= B-LD
sprained= SPRAIND
splint= SPLINT
question= QE
Alamo= AL/MO*E
expect= XEKT
national= NAL
fifty= FAET
in the hospital= NOPT
testify= TEF
probable cause= PRAUS
contaminated= TAMD
investigation= VEGS
Donovan= DON/VA*N
apartment= PARMT
firecracker= FAOIR/KRA*RK
escalates= SKLAITS
Mercedes= MER/SAI/DAO*ES
notice= N-TS
Wall Street= WAUL/STRAO*ET
connections= KEXZ
Otis= O/TIS
gully= GUL/YI
sayonara= SAOI/NA/RA*
paperwork= PAIRK
kidnap= KIP
steroids= STERDZ
posse= POS/YI
posses= POS/YIS
pirates= PAOIRTS
Andre= ON/DRA*I
Jackson= JAFN
lesson= LEFN
exciting= XAOIGT
cousin= KUFN
Cornell= KORNL
rooftops= RAOF/TO*PS
cooperate= KAOPT
insider= N-RDZ
illegal= ILG
everybody= EFRB
weather conditions= WHR*NS
intelligent= TEJ
vitamin= VAOIMT
water= WAURT
Coca-Cola= KOE/KA/KOE/LA*
trump= TRUFRP
legal= LAOEL
manage= MANG
services= SEFS
analytics= AN/LIT/T*IKS
power of attorney= POERN
assets= SAETS
temporarily= TRAERL
you said= UDZ
private= PRAOIFT
ethics= TH*EKS
Sephora= SA/FOR/RA*
quarters= QAERTS
pension= PENGS
right arm= RARM
sugarcoat= SHURG/KO*ET
consult= SKULT
department= D-PT
confidential= K-FL
guilty= GELT
discovered= SKOFRD
body= BOED
paramedic= PARMD
poisons= POIFNS
reaction= RAOEX
you were= URP
believe me= BLEFM
machine= M-N
auntie= AUNT/YI
disrespect= DR-PT
country= KUNT
scratch= SKRAFP
nursing= NURGS
engineering= GERG
education= JAEGS
as long as= SLONGS
unraveled= UN/RAFLD
stubborn= STBORN
circular= SL-r
window= WID
hesitate= HEZ
veins= VAINS
brilliant= BRIL
deserve= DEFRB
champagne= SHAM/PA*IN
karma= KAR/MA*
shoulder= SHOURLD
mentality= MENLT
gangsters= GANGTS
reveals= RA*EFLS
disturb= DURB
betrayed= BRAE/-D
enemy= NAOEM
can I= KI
proud= PRO*UD
Desiree= DES/RA*I
college= KLEJ
escorted= SKOERTD
mortgage= MORT
crisis= KRAOIZ
at least= TLAOEFT
reverend= REFRND
preacher= PRAOEFRP
I get= IGT
innocent= NNT
paranoid= PAR/NO*ID
and I= SKPI
payback= PAY/BA*K
confessing= FES/-G
engagement= GAEMT
zilch= S*IL/*FP
worried= WOIRD
knight= NAO*IT
in return= NRURN
paralyzed= PARLDZ
circumstances= SIRKS
rescue= SKWU

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August 28 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 5

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 5
years old= YAOERLDZ
survival= SWAOIFL
prodigy= PROD/GAO*E
Charles= KHARLS
Darwin= DAR/W*IN
Mobb Deep= MOB/DAO*EP
girlfriend= GOIF
he or she= HAOERZ
courtroom= KRAOM
pardon me= PARM
supposed= SPOEFD
castle= KAFLT
assumptions= SUMGSZ
police= PLIS
dirty= DOIRT
Raphael= RAF/Y*EL
I didn’t even= YIFN
savagery= SAFJ/RAO*E
temper= TREFRP
conference= K-FRNS
officer of the law= OIFRL
considered= K-RD
bulletproof= BLAOF
digital= DIJT
underground= N-RD
jury= JIR
Willie= WIL/YI
Horton= HOR/TO*N
production= PROUX
they need= THEFRN
clinic= CLIN
sojourner= SA/JURN/*ER
Bessie= BES/YI
Ida= AOI/DA*
Zora= SO*R/RA*
Hurston= HURS/TO*N
Coleman= KOEL/MA*N
Maya= MAOI/YA*
Angelou= AN/JA/LAO*U
superhero= SAOUP/HOER
superpowers= SAOUP/POURS
progress= PROG
nurture= NAOURT
all of this= AUFLTS
center= STR-
ironic= AO*IRNG
madam= MAMD
exploited= XLOITD
trafficked= TRA*FKD
protesting= PREFGT
Lincoln= LIN/KO*N
empowered= KBOURD
gangsters= GANGTS
daycare= DAERK
medical= MEL
director= DRERKT
I should= IRBD
bloody= BLOID
windfall= WIND/FA*UL
Glenn= GL*EN
industries= STRIS
wealth= W*ELT
miracles= MIRBLGS
accordingly= KWORLG
simple= SIM
cell phone= SLOEN
Bluetooth= BLAO*T
solution= SLAOUGS
personal= PERNL
appearance= PAERNS
escort= SKOERT
casino= KAOFN
Beyoncé= BAOE/YO*NZ
bar mitzvah= BAR/MITS/VA*
upgrade= UPGD
landlord= L-LD
backup= BUP
anywhere else= NIRLS
minute= MIN
Dontrel= DON/TR*EL
are you really= R*URL
Danny= DAN/YI
viral= VAOIRL
footage= FAOJ
coach= KOEFP
workout= WORKT
league= LAOEG
commish= KMIRB
finale= FA/NA*EL
honey= HUN/YI
badger= BAJ/*ER
formal= FOM
announce= NOUNS
you can say= UKS
I’m sorry= AOIMS
do you think= DOUNG
fundraiser= FUND/RA*IRZ
soror= SROR
I mean= AO*IM
who had= WHOD
tell me= TL-M
Kingston= KING/STO*N
yes= YE
buildings= BL-GS
legacy= LEGZ
stupid= STAOUPD
Higgins= HIG/*INS
to get= TO*GT
Robocop= ROE/BOE/KO*P
flustered= FLUFRTD
Nelson= N*EL/SO*N
about this= B-TS
speculation= SPLAIGS
student= STAOUNT
swimmer= SWIRM
instant= SNANT
collections= KLEXZ
early= ERL
positive= POF
Wall Street= WAUL/STRAO*ET
Clinton= KLIN/TO*N
motto= MOT/O*E
advice= VIS
tenacious= TA/NA*IRBS
Blimpie’s= BLIFRP/YIS
Ronson= RON/SO*N
celebrity= SBRIT
pictures= PIRS
somehow= SHOU
where I am= WRIM
forget= FERGT
lawsuit= LAUT
Jones= JOENS
I told= ILT
hundred dollar= HUND
pickups= PUPS
clockwork= KLOK/WO*RK
communicative= KMUFNT
solo= SOE/LO*E
knight= NAO*IT
Ghostface= GHOEFT/FA*IS
method= MEF
accident= SD-
Napa= NAP/A*
vineyard= VIN/YA*RD
doorman= DAORM
blackmailed= BLAK/MA*ILD
pristine= PRIS/TAO*EN
pharmaceutical= FARL
medicine= MED
uncle= UNG

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August 27 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 4

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 4
gotcha= GOT/KHA*
builders= BL-RS
refused= R-FS/-D
bushmaster= BURB/MA*FRT
ambushed= AM/B*URBD
equipment= QIMT
Eric= ER/*IK
Benét= BA/NA*I
wait a minute= WAIMT
citizen= SIZ
suspect= S=PT
Rhonda= RON/DA*
Bailey= BA*IL/YI
Rousey= ROU/SAO*E
freelance= FRAOENLS
rehab= RAB
investment= VEFMT
million= M-L
precipice= PRES/P*IS
madam= MAMD
highness= HAOINS
minor= MOIRN
details= SDAILS
complexities= KPLEKTS
invisible= KB-FBL
franchise= FRAN/KHAO*IZ
Caymans= KA*I/MA*NS
power of attorney= POERN
collateral= KLARL
positive= POF
New York= NORK
canvas= KWAS
Carson= KAR/SO*N
exclusive= XLAOUFS
Bingham= BING/HA*M
chronicler= KRON/KAL/*ER
lunge= LUJ
luggage= LUG/A*J
is to be= STOB
crystal= KRIFLT
video= VAO
message= MEFJ
million dollars= M-LDZ
with us= WUS
inventory= VEN
Cornell= KORNL
Monte Carlo= MON/TAO*E/KAR/LO*E
Dubrovnik= DAOU/BROF/N*IK
Joburg= JOE/B*URG
future= FAOURT
apartment= PARMT
sublet= SBLET
damage= DAJ
victim= VIM
Brooklyn= BLIN
arsenal= AFRNL
radar= RAIRD
envelope= N-FL
afraid= FRAID
idea= Y-D
engagement= GAEMT
you remember= URM
Iyanla= AOI/YAN/LA*
alibi= AEB
sidearm= SARM
grenades= GRA/NA*IDZ
Connor= KON/O*R
are you sure= RUZ
this is= TH-S
distress= SDRES
voices= VOISZ
go ahead= GHAED
Christmas= KMAS
doghouse= DAUG/HO*US
touche= TAOU/SHA*I
when I was= WHIFS
Bernie= BERN/YI
Madoff= MAID/O*F
valuations= VALGSZ
benefits= BEFS
negotiable= GOERBL
tenure= TEN/AO*UR
Ms.= M-Z
do you know= DAOUN
zombie= SO*M/BAO*E
squad= SKWAD
warehouse= WROUS
neighborhood= NAEBD
encounter= KBOURNT
dismantle= SDMANLT
always= AULS
opinion= P-N
violence= V-LS
priority= PRAOIRT
torso= TOR/SO*E
traffic= TRAFK
deported= DPORTD
punchy= PUFP/YI
expunged= XUNGD
combine= KBAOIN
together= TOGT
from your= FRUR
reliever= RAOE/LAO*EFR
arrange= ARNG
customers= KMERZ
baggage= BAG/A*J
heavy= HEF
to give= TOFG
subject= SUBT
prison= PRIS
successful= SK-FL
injury= JER
battlefield= BALT/FAO*ELD
chemicals= KHEMS
stronger= STRORNG
smooth= SMAO*T
leather= L*ERT
sweetsop= SWAOET/SO*P
basically= BAIFL
ghetto= GHOET
beatdown= BAOET/DO*UN
everyone= EFRN
teachers= TAOEFRPS
is there= STHR
you can see= UKZ
herbal= HERBL
concussion= KUNGS
symptoms= STOMS
sensitivity= SNEFT
definitely= DAFL
if you see= FUZ
give me= GIFM
yes, sir= YES
photo= FOET
last night= LAFNT
Sheldon= SHEL/DO*N
bushman= BURB/MA*N
repeat= RAOEPT
bottom= BOT
below= BLOE
belly= BLAOE
superior= SYOR
Yankee= YA*ING/YI
uptown= AUPT
sugar= SHURG
last time= LAFMT
this time= TH-MT
taller= TAURL
would you like= WOUBLG
public= PUB
service= SEFS
renovate= REN/VA*IT
interior= SBAOR
ancestor= AN/S*EFRT
erase= AOE/RA*IS
magic= MIJ
science= SAOINZ
music= MAOUK
you can see= UKZ
frozen= FROZ
pleasure= PLERB
enjoy= GOI
precarious= PRAOERBS
kingdom= KING/DO*M
nephew= NEF/AO*U
so much= SOFP
at all= TA*UL
connected= KEKTD
infiltrate= KB-FLT
information= N-FGS
elephant= EL/FA*NT
stomach= STUM
kidney= KAOEND
San Diego= SAN/DAOEG
transplant= TRANLT
donor= DPHOR
match= MAFP
tomorrow= TOM
wow= WO*U
happy= HAEP
figure= FIG
hotel= HOELT
window= WID
brother= BROER
Lucas= LAOU/KA*S
county= KOINT

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