July 15 2021

Briefs and Phrases From This Is Us: Season 1, Episode 1

This is Us Season 1 Episode 1
happy birthday= HAEPBTD
tradition= TRA
sister= ST-R
challenger= KHARL
envision= KBIFGS
career= KRAOER
look at= LAO*KT
do you realize= DOURLZ
appendix= PAEX
agony= GOIN
sweetheart= SWHART
retire= RIR
glamourous= GLARMS
children= KHIRN
grandchildren= GRIRN
Nashville= NARBL
fire station= FAOIRGS
fire stations= FAOIRGSZ
believe me= BLEFM
and believe me= SKBLEFM
forgive= FRIR
suitcase= SAOUKS
network= TWORK
I can’t feel= YAFL
cliché= KLAOERB
oxygen= SHEN
fascinated= FAFNTD
Kevin= KEFN
awake= WOIK
cancer= KAERN
decades= DAEDZ
fireman= FRAN

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