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Jun 29

Rules Of Grammar: Auger vs. Augur

An auger is a tool that has a bit in the shape of a helix. This tool is used to bore holes in wood. An augur is a soothsayer; a person who foretells events by omens. It is also a word used todecribe an official diviner of ancient Rome. Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: auger= AURG …

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Jun 29

Dictionary Builder: Quixotic

Quixotic has the following definitions: Exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical. Foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals. Especially marked by rash lofty romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action. Capricious, unpredictable. Machine briefs: OPTION #1: quixotic= QIX/OT/*IK OPTION #2: quixotic= QIX/O*T/*IK OPTION #3: quixotic= QIX/OT/T*IK OPTION #4: quixotic= QIX/O*T/T*IK OPTION #5: quixotic= QIX/O*KT OPTION #6: …

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Jun 24

Friday Phrases

power of attorney= POURN bill of sale= BLAEL in the hospital= NOPT isn’t it a fact= SNIFT great deal= GRAEL four-wheel= FWHAOEL rear end= RAOERND rear ends= RAOERNDZ income tax= N-KT income tax return= N-RKT income tax returns= N-RKTS tax return= TRURN tax returns= TRURNS

Jun 23

Dictionary Builder: Truculent

Truculent means, “eager or quick to argue or fight; aggressively defiant.” Machine Brief: truculent= TRUK/AOU/L*ENT

Jun 23


“It is true that there can be no expertise without devoted and consistent practice, and without expertise one cannot be an authority in any field.” -Dr. Vinod Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Jun 23

Theory Thursday: Suffix Briefs Part 2

The following are briefs for suffixes: (Note: When d-defining, don’t forget to define the briefs with the format symbol for suffixes.) {Suffix}al= A*L {Suffix}an= A*N {Suffix}ance= A*NS {Suffix}ant= A*NT or -NT {Suffix}as= A*S {Suffix}ate= A*IT {Suffix}ately= A*ILT {Suffix}ation= A*IGS

Jun 21

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday

Trivia Tuesday Purple

What is the largest part of the human brain? The cerebrum, also known as the cortex.

Jun 20

Medical Monday: Dysemia

Dysemia is “any abnormal condition or disease of the blood.” Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: dysemia= DIS/MAOE/YA OPTION #2: dysemia= DIZ/MAOE/YA OPTION #3: dysemia= DIS/YI/MA*E OPTION #4: dysemia= DIZ/YI/MA*E OPTION #5: dysemia= DIS/YI/MAOE/YA* OPTION #6: dysemia= DIZ/YI/MAOE/YA* OPTION #7: dysemia= DIS/SAOE/MAOE/YA* OPTION #8: dysemia= DIZ/SAOE/MAOE/YA*

Jun 17

Friday Phrases

far side= FARDZ in your words= NURDZ insufficient evidence= SNUFD it about the same time= TBAIMT about the same time= BAIMT it’s fair to say= T*FRTS jail time= JAILT

Jun 16

Theory Thursday: Suffix Briefs Part 1

The following are briefs for suffixes: (Note: When d-defining, don’t forget to define the briefs with the format symbol for suffixes.) {Suffix}a= A* {Suffix}abilities= -BLTS {Suffix}ability= -BLT {Suffix}able= -BL {Suffix}abled= -BLD {Suffix}ables= -BLS {Suffix}ably= BLI {Suffix}ack= A*K {Suffix}after= A*FR {Suffix}age= AJ or A*J {Suffix}ages= A*JS

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