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Mar 07

Dictionary Challenge Update: March 7, 2018

One day, last week, in the wee hours of the morning, I finished d-defining the O-words. Today I will begin with the letter “P.” My inspiration is being able to move onto the specialty dictionaries. I’ve got to finish up the regular dictionary this year, for sure. Love, Speed and Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Jan 23

Dictionary Challenge Update: January 23, 2018

This weekend, I finished defining the N-words. Pushing forward…Happily anticipating getting to my specialized dictionaries. Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Jan 01

2018 Dictionary Challenge

Dictionary Before And After Front

It took 3 years for me to d-define all of the words in, “The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary of The English Language,” A-Na volume. This volume of the dictionary has 842 pages. The next volume of the dictionary, which contains the words of the English language from Na-Z, is comprised of 624 pages. For …

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Dec 30

2017 Dictionary Challenge- Finished In The Nick Of Time

2017 Dictionary 1

With about 48 hours to spare, I finished my dictionary goal for 2017. Yesterday, after three years, I was able to finally complete entering all of the words from, “The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary of The English Language” A-Na Volume. This book is the first volume of a two-volume set. After lugging my dictionary …

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Nov 24

Dictionary Challenge Update: November 24, 2017

I finished the “L” words, yesterday. There are 80 pages of “M” words, and I have about a month to finish them, in order to reach my goal. I have a strategy. I’m going to input all of the words via my machine first. Then, I’ll d-define them. I’m going on an inputting bonanza this …

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Oct 22

Dictionary Challenge Update: October 22, 2017

I just finished the “K” words this afternoon. I’m working on the “L” words now. If I can finish them in about a month, I’ll be right on schedule…Pushing forward. Love, Speed, and Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Oct 13

Dictionary Challenge Update: October 13, 2017

I just finished the “J” words last night. Yay! The J section is relatively short; so is the K section. I’m hoping I can finish the “K” words in a few days. That would give me a bit more than 2 months to finish the “L” and “M” words by the end of the year, …

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Oct 02

Dictionary Challenge Update: October 2, 2017

I finished the “I” words from “The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary.” I just may reach my 2017 dictionary goal yet! #Hopeful Love, Speed & Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Aug 25

Dictionary Challenge Update: August 25, 2017

I set out, this year, to finish d-defining the first volume of “The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary.” A few days ago, I finished d-defining all of the H-words (NOTE: I didn’t start at the A-words this year). I still have 5 more letters to go. SMH! I’ll feel a little more hopeful when I …

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Jan 01

2017 Dictionary Challenge

For the past couple of years, I’ve been building my dictionary by using the deluxe encyclopedia edition of “The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary.” In 2016, my aim was to get through the dictionary from my starting point, at the end of the C words, up to the J words. However, I was only able …

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