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Jul 19

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday

What does PDF stand for? The acronym PDF stands for, Portable Document Format. A PDF is defined as follows: “A file format that provides an electronic image of text or text and graphics that looks like a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted.”

Jul 05

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday

What is the only word in the English language that ends in “sede”? Supersede

Jul 05

2016 Dictionary Challenge Update (July 2016)

My goal for 2016, in regards to my dictionary building, is to get through to the letter “J” in The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary by the end of the year. I’m currently still in the “E” section though. Smh. I’m going to have to step up my dictionary-building efforts expeditiously to meet this goal. …

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Jun 21

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday

Trivia Tuesday Purple

What is the largest part of the human brain? The cerebrum, also known as the cortex.

Mar 15

Are You Practicing?

Are You Practicing

I found this image on Google. Whoever made this is a genius!

Jan 03

Sticking The Landing

I feel like sticking the landing in gymnastics is akin to making sure that your fingers land properly on your machine’s keys, so as not to slide your fingers and cause misstrokes. The higher the speed, the more challenging/important it is to “stick the landing.” Here’s to “sticking the landing” in 2016. Love, Speed, and …

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Jan 01

2016 Dictionary Challenge

Last year, I started using the deluxe encyclopedia edition of “The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary” as the main resource for my dictionary building. I was able to complete A-C. I ended 2015 with a total of 160,077 dictionary entries. I made over 47,000 new entries to my dictionary in the last 12 months. I …

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Aug 25

Steno Challenge: Editing From Your Computer Screen Vs. Editing From Paper

Edit your transcript from your computer screen. Get it as perfect as you can. Print out the transcript and then edit it from the paper. Did you find any errors you didn’t catch when you were editing from the screen? If so, were there a lot of errors or a few?

Apr 15

The Importance Of Building Your Dictionary

In this video, CART provider Mirabai Knight, shows the difference of captioning a medical lecture with and without a medical dictionary.

Feb 06

Dictionary Challenge: List Of Bestselling Drugs

I am now adding a list of the top 200 pharmaceutical products in the Unites States into my dictionary, in addition to my regular medical d-defines. The list I’m using contains the products’ brand names, generic names, manufacturers, and medical use. CLICK HERE for the list. [NOTE: The list in the link has been adjusted …

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