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Dec 27

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 2

on the= ONT 30= THIRT minutes= MINS mental= MENL hospital= HOPT about= B- tomorrow= TOM how much= HOUFP I can= IK I don’t need= YOFRN board= BAORD will= L- question= KWE entirely= SBAOIRL possible= POB provoke= PROEFK contrition= KAUN/TRIGS to see= TOZ I am= IM ashamed= SHAEMD Perhaps= PRAPS sanity= SANT punitive damages= P-DZ Compensatory= …

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Dec 27

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: What Is The Largest Cardinal Number?

QUESTION: What is the largest cardinal number? ANSWER: According to The Grammar Bible, the largest counting number is called a googolplex. A googolplex is 10 raised to the power of googol. A googol is ten raised to the power of 100. To write out a googolplex in numerical form, you have to write the number …

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Dec 23

Friday Phrases

city council= SKOUNL and you are also= SKPURLS and are you= SKPRU cash register= KAFJ cash registers= KAFJS as you find= SUFND voir dire= VOIRD voir dire examination= VOIRGS my mind= MAOIMD fair consideration= FAIRGS

Dec 21

Court Reporter Spotted: GEICO Commercial- Objection: Great Answer

It looks like the reporter is using a Stenograph Mira. I LOVE that there’s a court reporter in this commercial!! I just wish she had proper machine and hand placement. GEICO, call me. I’ll tell you how to get the court reporter to look authentic.

Dec 21


“Along the way I realized that to be really good at something, to truly excel, you have to love it even when it doesn’t love you. You have to be prepared to suck at it, and get good, and then suck again, and that may go on for a very long time, until you want …

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Dec 21

The Evolution Of The Comma

“The comma at first looked just like the number seven, then slowly evolved into a slash mark or virgule, and, eventually, was altered into its present form.”-From, “the Grammar Bible” By: Michael Strumpf and Auriel Douglas

Dec 20

I Love Steno Trivia Tuesday: Who Invented Punctuation?

QUESTION: Who invented punctuation? ANSWER: According to, “The Grammar Bible,” most scholars credit Aristophanes of Byzantium with the creation of punctuation.

Dec 19

Medical Monday: Dactyl

Dactyl is a finger or a toe; a digit. Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: dactyl: DAK/T*IL

Dec 16

Friday Phrases

malice aforethought= M-FT deadly weapon= DWEP deadly weapons= DWEPS assault with a deadly weapon= SDWEP dangerous weapon= DWAP dangerous weapons= DWAPS concealed weapon= SKWEP concealed weapons= SKWEPS chemical weapon= KWEP chemical weapons= KWEPS

Dec 15

Theory Thursday: Lit 40 WPM

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