December 27 2016

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 2


on the= ONT
minutes= MINS
mental= MENL
hospital= HOPT
about= B-
tomorrow= TOM
how much= HOUFP
I can= IK
I don’t need= YOFRN
board= BAORD
will= L-
question= KWE
entirely= SBAOIRL
possible= POB
provoke= PROEFK
contrition= KAUN/TRIGS
to see= TOZ
I am= IM
ashamed= SHAEMD
Perhaps= PRAPS
sanity= SANT
punitive damages= P-DZ
Compensatory= KPENS/TO*ER
puny= PAOUN/YI
punitive= PAOUFNT
bifurcate= BAOIFRKT
compensatory= KPERNT
juries= JIRS
liability= LAOIBLT
damages= DAJS
deposition= DEPGS
commitment= KMIMT
proceeding= PRAOEG
hearing= HAERG
release= RAOES
wait a second= WAIKD
busy= B-Z
forgive me= FRIFM
psychiatric= SKAOERKT
treatment= TRAOEMT
crazy= KRAEZ
excuse me= SKAOUFM
concur= KRUR
intermittent= INT/MINT
disorder= DORD
protocol= PROELT
pharmacological= FARM/KOE/L-L
indeed= N-D
actually= TWAEL
obviously= OEFLS
I’m sure= AOIMZ
essentially= SERBL
institution= SNAOUGS
maybe= MAEB
New York= NORK
graduate= GRAUT
attorney= TOEN
intelligent= TEJ
each and every= AOEFR
each and every time= AOEFRT
milligrams= MIL/GRA*MS
antipsychotic= AOINT/SKOKT
thoroughly= THROL
medication= MEGS
scenario= SNAR
surgeon= SURN
transcript= TRIPT
corporation= KORPGS
conduct= KUKT
angioplasty= ANG/YOE/PLAEFT
allegation= AELGS
outcome= OUK
cardiac arrest= KAURKT
devastated= DWAEFTD
at this time= TIT
patient= PAIRBT
he had= ED
forty= FOURT
objection= OX
form of the question= FOFRMGS
more or less= MORLS
physical= FIS
condition= K-N
regularly= RELG
secretly= SKRELT
persuade= PRAED
progress= PROG
incident= DIN
insults= SMULTS
irrevocable= IR/RAF/KA*BL
isolated= SOELTD
repeat= RAOEPT
guardian= GAURND
affidavit= AFD
psychiatrist= SKRIFT
bias= BAOIZ
parole= PROEL
prison= PRIS
as you say= SUS
distance= SDANS
provided= PROID
legal= LAOEL
pathology= THOLG
reference= REFRNS
motion= MOEGS
sanctions= SANGSZ
control= KROEL
aspire= SPIR
intimidate= SBIMT
deteriorating= DRAEGT
service= SEFS
as much as= S-FPS
conversation= KFRGS
argue= GAOU
prevent= PREFNT
adamant= DMANT
early= ERL
goodbye= GAOIB
airport= AIRPT
forgiving= FRIFG
attacked= TW-KD
partnership= POIP
canceled= KAELS
lunch= LUFP
bar= BAR
complaint= KPLAINT
consortium= KON/SORT/Y*UM
mitigating= MIT/GA*IGT
factor= FAOK
legitimate= JIT
conducted= KUKTD
privacy= PRAOIFZ
courtroom= KRAOM
I object= IB
I object to= IBT
settlement= ST-MT
considering= K-RG
opponent= PAONT
demean= DMAOEN
profession= PROEFGS
warrant= WARNT
restraining order= STRAENG/ORD
is that= STHA
what you think= WHAUNG
congratulate= GLAIT
recommendation= REMGS
senior= S-R
person= PERN
he wants= EPTS
party= PAERT
tragedy= TRAJD
private= PRAOIFT
photocopy= FOEKT
machine= M-N
adjourn= JAURN
as soon as= SNS
outpatient= TPAIRBT
courthouse= KHOUS
precipitating= PRAOEPGT

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December 23 2016

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
city council= SKOUNL
and you are also= SKPURLS
and are you= SKPRU
cash register= KAFJ
cash registers= KAFJS
as you find= SUFND
voir dire= VOIRD
voir dire examination= VOIRGS
my mind= MAOIMD
fair consideration= FAIRGS

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December 21 2016


“Along the way I realized that to be really good at something, to truly excel, you have to love it even when it doesn’t love you. You have to be prepared to suck at it, and get good, and then suck again, and that may go on for a very long time, until you want to punch the thing you love in the face and get a job at Home Depot.

But if you really want something, you don’t punch it in the face. You stick with it until you stop wanting to hit it and start wanting to hug it.”-Aisha Tyler

Love, Speed & Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

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December 16 2016

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
malice aforethought= M-FT
deadly weapon= DWEP
deadly weapons= DWEPS
assault with a deadly weapon= SDWEP
dangerous weapon= DWAP
dangerous weapons= DWAPS
concealed weapon= SKWEP
concealed weapons= SKWEPS
chemical weapon= KWEP
chemical weapons= KWEPS

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Category: Briefs | LEAVE A COMMENT