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Sep 13

Court Reporter Spotted: Matlock Intro

Sep 08

Court Reporter Spotted: Avant & Keke Wyatt, “Nothing In This World”

Sep 07

Court Reporter Spotted: Daddy’s Little Girls

Court Reporter Spotted Daddy's Little Girls Scene 1

Jun 22

Court Reporter Spotted: Alpha House

Alpha House Court Reporter Spotted Season 1 Episode 1

May 08

Court Reporter Spotted: House Of Cards, Chapter 25

Court Reporter Spotted House Of Cards Chapter 25 Part 1

There was a court reporter present during this episode’s House judiciary hearings. It looks like the reporter was using the ice blue Diamante.

Mar 21

Court Reporter Spotted: The Grinder

The Grinder

Mar 10

Court Reporter Spotted: Scream Queens- Season 1, Episode 13

Scream Queens Season 1

In The court scene, in season’s one final episode of Scream Queens, you can see a court reporter. It looks like she may be using a Stentura. I’ve never seen a court reporter write like this in real life, with their machine with an attached paper tray sitting slanted on top of a desk…I still …

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Dec 21

Court Reporter Spotted: GEICO Commercial- Objection: Great Answer

It looks like the reporter is using a Stenograph Mira. I LOVE that there’s a court reporter in this commercial!! I just wish she had proper machine and hand placement. GEICO, call me. I’ll tell you how to get the court reporter to look authentic.

Dec 08

Court Reporter Spotted: Boston Legal


I’m almost halfway through the first season of Boston Legal. So far, a court reporter has been shown multiple times in every episode…My kind of show!

Nov 04

Court Reporter Spotted: Treme- Series Finale


Season 1 of Treme featured a court reporter using a Mira machine, and the series finale featured a court reporter using a Diamante. Cool!

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