November 19 2021

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 5, Episode 7

The Office Season 5 Episode 7
bridesmaid= BRAOIDZ/MA*ID
fiancée= FAOENZ
survey= SWAE
customer service= KMEFS
salespeople= SPAOEPL
Bluetooth= BLAO*T
Dijon= DAOE/JO*N
fabulous= FABLS
arrogant= AORNGT
hostile= HOFL
boundaries= BOURNDZ
listen to= L-NTD
bridal= BRAOILD
canvas= KWAS
are you serious= RUFZ
nook= NAOK
guacamole= GAUK/MOEL/YI
kidnap= KIP
I have to= IFTD
materials= TAOERLS
specifications= SPEBGSZ
generous= JERNS

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