July 22 2021

Theory Thursday: Learn English: “Absolutely” Sample Sentences

absolutely= SLUL
starving= STAFRBG
positive= POF
it was= T-FS
she is= SHES
devoted= DWOETD
knives= NAOIFS
lethal= LAO*ELT
pouring= PORG
husband= HUS
adores= DORS
I feel= IFL
certain= SERN
roasting= ROEFGT
in this= NIS
she was= SHAOEFS
furious= FURBS
with him= WH-M
this is= TH-S
doctor= DR-
riveted= RIFTD
by the= B*IT
story= STOIR
hotel= HOELT
filthy= FLOIT
quiet= KWAET
perfect= P-FRT
it’s= -TS

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Posted July 22, 2021 by Elsie Villega in category "Briefs", "Practice Material", "Theory

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