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Nov 01

Steno Fitness: 3 Shoulder Strengthening Tai Chi Moves

Aug 23

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Burt’s Bees Hand Salve

Hand Salve

I’ve been using this hand salve this summer.

Mar 08

What Is Muscle Memory?

This video describes what muscle memory is and how it is created. This is all very relevant to how we learn stenography.

Nov 17

Sitting Smart

Yes, I got the following advice from a pregnancy book. Still, the advice is relevant for anyone who has to sit for prolonged periods of time. The authors of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” state the following: “Sit smart. Sitting puts more stress on your spine than almost any other activity.” The authors state …

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Oct 18

Steno Fitness: The Importance Of Getting Enough Sleep

A recent Inc. article entitled, “18 Behaviors of Emotionally Intelligent People,” written by, Travis Bradberry, discusses the importance of getting an adequate amount of sleep. Author Travis Bradberry states: “It’s difficult to overstate the importance of sleep…When you sleep, your brain literally recharges, shuffling through the day’s memories and storing or discarding them (which causes …

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Aug 26

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Wrist Exerciser

My husband wants to get this contraption for me. However, I already have a wrist exercise regimen as part of my workout that I do with free weights. He’s insisting on it though…It looks very terminator to me. Lol. If I actually do get one, I’ll do a review on it.

Jul 30

Steno Fitness: How To Improve Your Posture

I think I’m going to try this…

Jun 25

Steno Fitness: The Different Types Of Yoga (Part 1)

Hatha Yoga- Integrates postures, relaxation, breathing exercises, and meditation to stretch, condition, and strengthen. Vinyasa Yoga- Flowing sequences of challenging poses with an emphasis on breathing techniques. Iyengar Yoga- Focuses on precise body alignment. Helps to enhance flexibility, endurance, balance and strength via coordinated breathing. Bikram Yoga- Yoga done in a heated environment of at …

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May 04

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Finger Massager

Finger Massager

Mar 24

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Massage Pillow

Massage Pillow Covered

Homedics Massage Pillow

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