May 19 2021

Steno Fitness: Stretching

Stretch“The benefits of stretching are enormous. Stretching can increase your strength by 10%. It is a lot. The man explains that ‘when you lift a weight your muscles contract. And after the workout the muscles remain contracted for some time. The following restoration of the muscles’ length is what recovery is. Until the muscle has restored its length, it has not recovered. Hence he who does not stretch his muscles slows down the recuperation process and retards his gains.’ Besides tension and relaxation are two sides of the same coin, ‘if the muscle forgets how to lengthen, it will contract more poorly. And that is stagnation of strength.’” -Pavel Tsatsouline (From, “365 Days With Self-Discipline”)

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June 7 2018

Steno Fitness: The Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose Dos and DontsThe mountain pose, also referred to as “tadasana,” is the foundation for all standing yoga poses. According to the Yoga Journal, the mountain pose has the following benefits: Improves posture, reduces flat feet, firms abdomen and buttocks, relives sciatica, strengthens the knees and thighs, and strengthens the ankles.

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