July 19 2019

Coming Monday: 5 Briefs A Day

Coming 072219 5 Briefs A DayStarting July 22, 2019, Monday through Thursday, as consistently as possible, I will be posting 5 briefs a day. The 5 steno briefs will be briefs that I am personally studying in an attempt to shorten my writing. I will be posting these briefs in the form of a short video that can be repeatedly watched in order to commit the brief forms to memory.

I will be posting the briefs on my website: www.ILoveSteno.com. I will also be posting the videos on You Tube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I will post before 7 AM EST to allow for a full day of study. Thereafter, on a weekly or bimonthly basis, I will post a compilation of the briefs in an audio format with practice sentences.

Committing 5 briefs a day to memory is feasible. It is also a small step that can, over time, result in great advances in our writing.

Here’s to solidifying briefs that make us faster and more efficient writers.

Love, Speed & Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

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