September 26 2017

Briefs And Phrases From Amy

Amy Movie Poster
everyone else= EFRNLS
this is= TH-S
lollipop= LOL/YI/PO*P
no one= NO*N
fourteenth= FO*URNT
birthday= B*IRTD
happy= HAEP
Washington= WARB/WARB
Vaughn= VAUN
learned= LERND
everything= EFRG
really= R-L
important= PORN
always= AULS
if I want= FIPT
what’s= WHAES
January= JAN
year= Y-R
lunchtime= LOIM or LUFPT
talent= TAENLT
singer= SIRNG
record= RORD
I just= IJT
poems= POEMS
personal= PERNL
punch= PUFP
touched= TOUFPD
artist= ART/IFT
behind= HIND
it= T-
publishing= PL-RBG
around= ARND
she had= SHAOED
amazing= MAEGS
young= YUNG
flat= FLAT
sing= SING
used= AOUFD
gigs= GIGS
music= MAOUK
we’re= WAO*ER
square= SQAIR
favorite= FAIFRT
comfortable= K-FRBL
that would= THALD
film= FIM
about him= BHIM
interest= TR-
stronger= STRORNG
longer= LORNG
who you think= WHOUNG
pop= PO*P
watered= WAURTD
challenge= KHAL
myself= MAOIZ
represented= REPD
experience= XERNS
nature= NAUR
Miami= MAO*I
resist= RAOEFT
capability= KPAIBLT
very= VE
bank account= BA*INGT
camera= KMRA
because= BAUS
handle= HANL
I don’t think= YONG
beautiful= BAOUF
lady= LAED
promise= PROM
do you= DOU
sister= ST-R
twenty= TWENT
jazz= JAZ
instrument= STRAOUMT
instrumentation= STRAOUMGS
think about it= TH*IBT
wasn’t= WAENT
misunderstood= MAOND
vocalist= VOEBLG/IFT
elocution= EL/KAO*UGS
lessons= LEFNS
realized= RAELDZ
murder= MURD
accepted= SEPD
children= KHIRN
single= SINL
affair= AIFR
until= N-L
makeup= MAIK/JUP
boyfriend= BOIF
teenager= TAIRJ
antidepressants= AOINT/DPREFNTS
depression= DPREFGS
musician= MAOUGS
suffer= SUFR
better= BERT
I don’t care= YOK
relationships= ROIPS
winner= WIRN
I don’t believe= YOBL
I don’t believe this= YOBLTS
year-old= YAOERLD
up and down= PO*UN
2004= TWOUR
sincere= SNAOER
crush= KRURB
honest= HONS
laugh= LAF
everything= EFRG
success= S-K
freedom= FRAOEM
whoever= WHOFR
I want= IPT
studio= STAOUD
responsibilities= SPONLTS
public= PUB
particularly= PLARL
realize= RAELZ
something= S-G
I guess= IGS
Camden= KAM/D*EN
property= PRORT
basically= BAIFL
trash= TRARB
enough= NUF
partying= PAERGT
she was= SHAOEFS
somebody else= S-BLS
infidelity= IN/FA/D*ELT
situation= SWAIGS
never= NEFR
next= NEGT
million= M-L
proud= PRO*UD
character= KHARK
relationship= ROIP
album= AL/B*UM
this is= TH-S
forget= FERGT
darling= DARLG
decided= SDAOID
incredibly= KBREBL/LI
disloyal= SLOIL
becoming= B-K/-G
places= PLAISZ
summer= SMER
sabotage= SBAUJ
I understood= IND
necessarily= NEFL
together= TOG
refuse= R-FS
tour= TOR
patio= PAT/YO*E
bedroom= BERM
master= MAFRT
shower= SHOUR
trouble= TRUBL
boy= BOI
all of a sudden= AUFLD
obsessing= OB/S*ES/-G
she wanted= SHEPTD
he went= HEFRG
again= GEN
finish= FIN
repeatedly= RAOEPTD/LY
stank= STA*ING
dirty= DOIRT
golf= GOFL
amount= AMT
I was= IFS
drinking= DR*ING/-G
impossible= KBOB
in the morning= NORNG
bottle= BOLT
out of= OUF
control= KROEL
help= HEP
technically= TLEBLG
kidnapped= KIPD
problem= BLEM
death= D*ET
rehab= RAB
managers= M-GS
opportunity= TAOUNT
professionals= PROEFLS
piece= PAOES
unconditionally= UN/KLNL
to be= TOB
backyard= BARD
to get= TO*GT
in the= N-T
I have= IF
ideas= Y-DZ
four= FOUR
five= FIF
you could= UKD
and then= SKPHEN
she said= SHAOEDZ
I can’t= YA
watch= WAFP
yourself= YOURZ
like this= LAOIKTS
concert= SKERT
contract= KR-T
bubbly= BUB/LI
switching= SWIFPG
should have= SHUF
business= BIS
understand= NAND
floating= FLOEGT
she would= SHELD
without= WOUT
hundred= HUN
I go= IG
you go= UG
procrastinating= PRAFNGT
management= M-GT
strength= STRENG
Cynthia= S*INT/YA*
she was= SHAOEFS
cancer= KAERN
she had= SHAOED
inside= N-DZ
necessary= NES
whiskey= WHIS/KAO*E
massive= MAFS
disappeared= SPAERD
minutes= MINS
later= LAIRT
dazed= DAIDZ
toilet= TOILT
towels= TOULS
kind of= KAOINF
serious= SAOERZ
obviously= OEFLS
did not= D*NT
think= THI
seriously= SAOERLZ
basically= BAIFL
bulimia= BLAOEM
doesn’t= DOENT
accessible= SKEFBL
elitist= AOELT/EFT
fiancé= FAOENS
New York= NORK
herself= HERZ
at all= TA*UL
embarrassed= KBRAFD
doing= DOG
to do= TAOD
in our= NOUR
textbook= TEGT/BAO*K
prepare= PRAOEP
at the end of the day= TEFNTD
encountered= KBOURNTD
shooting= SHAOGT
what do you think= WHAOUNG
scratch= SKRAFP
tenacity= TA/NAS/T*I or TA/NAS/TAO*E
doctor= DR-
cigar= SGAR
married= MAERD
she was= SHAOEFS
otherwise= OERZ
that’s= THAES
that was= THAFS
that was the= THAFTS
thank you very much= THAUFP
America= MERK
first time= FIRMT
enjoyed= GOI
completely= KPLAOELT
feelings= FAOELGS
husband= HUS
might be= MAOIB
phone call= FOENG
overdose= AUFRDZ
hospital= HOPT
circus= S*IRKS
intervention= SB-FNGS
within= W-N
every= EFR
single= SINL
awake= WOIK
eating= AOEGT
seizure= SHAOEZ
perform= P-F
when I= WHI
heroin= HOIRN
lawyers= LAURS
function= FUNGS
on this= ONTS
I felt= IFLT
family= FAEM
canceled= KAELD
admitted= DMITD
London= LOND
exhaustion= XAUGS
reputation= R-PGS
treatment= TRAOEMT
vulnerable= VUL/N*ERBL
clearly= KLAOERL
person= PERN
beneficial= BERBL
they were= THERP
insistent= KBIFNT
disastrous= SDA*S/R*US
unethical= UN/TH*EBLG
hotel= HOELT
suite= SWAO*ET
ugly= OIG
binged= BIJD
she said= SHAOEDZ
she felt= SHAOEFLT
consumption= SKUMGS
substances= SB-S
at the same time= TAIMT
pendulum= PEND/L*UM
losing= LAOUGZ
more than= MORN
battering= BAERGT
front door= FRAOR
arrested= ARD
arrest= AR
connected= KEKTD
spiraled= SPAOIRLD
pop= PO*P
vocal= VOEBLG
herself= HERZ
famous= FAIMS
wealthy= WOILT
infrastructure= SNRUR
facility= FAEFLT
you get= UGT
Beyoncé= BE/YONZ
Rihanna= RAOE/A/NA*
incarcerated= KRAITD
drugs= DRUGS
Grammy= GRAM/YI
concerned= KERND
disappear= SPAER
physically= F*IFL
mentally= MAENL
security= SKAOURT
skewed= SKAOUD
they want= THEPT
September= SEPT
foreseeable= FOERZ/-BL
contractually= KR-T/WA*EL
exhausted= XAUFTD
media= DWRA
edge= EJ
neglected= NEGD
frenzy= FRENZ
appearance= PAERNS
addictions= DIXZ
alone= LAON
disgusting= SGUFGT
months= MOS
cocaine= KOIK
crack cocaine= KROIK
alcohol= KHOL
picture= PIR
to you= TOU
wife= WAOIF
someone= SWUN
became= BAIM
entire= SBAOIR
anything= NIG
pregnant= PREG
tomorrow= TOM
sugarcoat= SHURG/KO*ET
thousand= THOU
people= PAOEPL
for the= F-RT
surrender= SRERND
do you want= DOUPT
do you want to= DOUPTD
airport= AIRPT
escape= SKAEP
musical= MAOUBLG
friendships= FROIPS
totally= TLOELT
major= MAIJ
July= JULY
completely= KPLAOELT
normal= NOL
sorry= SOR
clarity= KLAIRT
nightmare= NAOIT/MA*IR
panic= PA*NG
and then= SKPHEN
conversation= K-FRGS
talk= TAUK
to us= TOUS
Friday= FRI
hassle= HAFL
I would= ILD
combination= KBINGS
disorders= SDORDZ
truest= TRAOUFT

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