September 22 2017

Briefs And Phrases From Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War
all right= L-RT
what= WHA
do you see= DOUZ
standard= STD
small= SMAUL
station= STAIGS
quiet= KWAET
street= STRAOET
target= TARGT
cameras= KMRAS
corner= KRORM
compromised= KPROMD
escaped= SKAEPD
afraid= FRAID
bulletproof= BLAOF
private= PRAOIFT
secure= SKAOUR
security= SKAOURT
which means= KH-MS
Shoulder= SHOURLD
nature= NAUR
paranoid= POID
folks= FOKZ
months= MOS
problem= BLEM
garbage= GARJ
X-ray= XRAI
max= MA*X
weight= WAET
battering= BAERGT
sarcasm= SKAFM
body= BOED
hostiles= HOFLS
practiced= PRAD
biological= BL-L
weapon= WEP
I don’t= YO
north= NORT
heading= HEGD
are you= RU
you are= UR
ditched= DIFPD
payroll= PAIRL
waiting= WAIGT
for this= F-RTS
empty= EMT
out of the= OUF
building= BL-G
I was= IFS
blender= BLERND
Rogers= ROJS
south side= S-DZ
of the= -FT
remember= RER
September= SEPT
goodbye= GAOIB
father= FA*ER
Christmas= KWAS
studying= STOIG
Monday= MOND
party= PAERT
Bahamas= BA/HA/MA*S
pentagon= PENT/GO*N
commissary= KMIS/SA*ER
someday= SDAI
to happen= TO*P
regret= GRET
you could= UKD
it happened= T-PD
augmented= AUG/-MTD or AUG/M*ENTD
retro= RET/TRO*E
hippocampus= HIP/O*E/KP*US
traumatic= TRAUMT
memories= MEMS
airport= AIRPT
processing= PROS/-G
million dollars= M-LDZ
therapeutic= THAERPKT or THAERKT
experiment= XERMT
mission= MIGS
statement= STAIMT
generate= JAIT
preserve= PREFRB
knowledge= KOJ
challenges= KHALS
you are the= URT
others= OERS
greatest= GRAEFT
of this= F-TS
equal= KWAL
recipient= RIPT
foundation= FOUNGS
future= FAOUT
break= BRAEK
eggs= EGS
breath= BR*ET
generous= JERNS
curiosity= KAOURT
faculty= FABLGT
you were= URP
approved= PROIFD
starting= STARGT
wow= WO*U
away= WA*I
money= MUN
available= VAIBL
chemical= KHEM
restroom= STRAOM
embedded= KBED/-D
canceled= KAELD
catch= KAFP
that was= THAFS
deserve= DEFRB
conscience= K-RBS
guilt= G-LT
correlation= KORLGS
I want= IPT
to be= TOB
sorry= SOR
occupation= OUPGS
hazard= HAZ
department= DEPT
human= HAOUM
resources= SRORSZ
enabled= KBAIBLD
proud= PRO*UD
to be= TOB
murdered= MURD/-D
in the= N-T
to you= TOU
you think= AOUNG
yourself= YOURZ
avenge= AFNG
avenger= AFRNG
avengers= AFRNGS
mercenaries= MERS/NA*ERS
outreach= TRAOEFP
Lagos= LA/GO*ES
attack= TW-K
traditionally= TRAL/LI
foreign= FOERN
actions= -XZ
criminals= KRINLS
independent= N-PT
expense= XENS
victory= VOIRKT
at all= TA*UL
and I= SKPI
confrontation= K-FRNGS
because of= BAUF
pledged= PLEJD
legal= LAOEL
authority= THORT
specific= SPEFK
Brooklyn= BLIN
people= PAOEPL
everybody= EFRB
as many= SMAEN
next= NEGT
maybe= MAEB
assumed= SAOUMD
thank you= THAUNG
apparently= PAERNLT
secretary= SEKT
years ago= Y-RGS or YAOERGS
middle= MILD
surgery= SURG
bypass= BIPS
army= AERM
perspective= PEFRPT
debt= DET
heroes= HOERS
there are= THR-R
prefer= PREFR
dangerous= DAIJS
enhanced= KBHANS/-D
individuals= VIDZ
sovereign= SOFRN
orders= ORDZ
inflict= FLIKT
New York= NORK
Washington, D.C.= WARBDZ
enough= NUF
that’s= THAES
years= Y-RS
power= POUR
supervision= SPR-FGS
governments= GOFTS
tolerate= TLAIT
solution= SLAOUGS
countries= KUNTS
organization= ORGS
instead= STAED
operate= PRAIT
panel= PANL
necessary= NES
only= OENL
do you know= DAOUN
contingencies= TIJSZ
decision= SDIGS
retire= RIR
Cleveland= KLAOEFLD
hello= HO*EL
is this= STH-
jumped= JUFRPD
we could= WEKD
ourselves= OURSZ
I guess= IGS
colonel= KOL
congratulations= GLAIGSZ
report= RORP
December= DAOES
I will= IL
question= KWE
did you find= SDUFND
public= PUB
millions= M-LS
released= RAOEFD
patience= PAIRBS
what do you want= WHAOUPT
methods= MEFS
forward= FAORD
congressional= KO*NL
potentially= POERBL
causality= KAUFLT
conflict= KIKT
already= L-RD
boy= BOI
headache= HAEK
electromagnetic= L-MG
engineer= GER
biker= BAOIRK
risen= RIFN
strength= STRENG
catastrophe= STROEF
dismissed= DMIFD
discomfort= SK-FRT
coffee= KO*EF
disposal= SDPOEFL
breakfast= BREFS
Charles= KHARLS
computer= KPAOURT
degree= DRE
intel= SBEL
he wanted= EPTD
service= SEFS
which is= KH-S
what I would= WHAILD
housing= HOUGS
sustainable= STAENL
process= PROS
we need= WEFRN
whatever= WHAFR
accept= SEP
limitation= LIMGS
limitations= LIMGSZ
responsibility= SPONLT
documents= DAOUMTS
agendas= JAENDZ
manufacturing= M-FG
to do= TAOD
surrender= SRERND
somewhere= SWR-
let us= L*ETS
perfect= P-FRT
later= LAIRT
better= BERT
protect= PROEKT
I have= IF
photograph= FOF
standing= STANG
pretty= PRIF
related= RAOELT
diplomacy= DPLOMZ
woman= WOM
succeed= S-KD
where you can= WRUK
something= S-G
had you= HU
vision= VIGS
retired= RIRD
Vienna= VAOE/*EN/NA*
plenty= PLENT
resistance= RAOEFNS
together= TOGT
special= SPERB
united= AOUNTD
nations= NAIGSZ
spotlight= SPOLT
flattering= FLARGT
company= K-P
particularly= PLARL
approve= PROIF
politics= PLIKS
really= R-L
hundred= HUN
unless= N-LS
piano= PAON
apologize= JAOIZ
today= TOD
everyone= EFRN
pleasure= PLERB
legacy= LEGZ
women= WIM
shadows= SHAODZ
misfortune= SFORN
improve= KBROF
initiative= NIFRBT
peace= PAES
practical= PRAL
terrorism= TRIFM
across the= KRAOTS
secrets= SKRETS
I didn’t want= YIPT
hidden= H*IND
suspect= S-PT
soldier= SOEL/J*ER
to go to= TOGTD
forensics= FRENSZ
very= VE
culture= KLUR
forever= FOFR
peaceful= PAEF
father= FA*ER
I am= IM
decide= SDAOI
myself= MAOIZ
arrest= AR
interfere= SB-FR
likely= LAOIL
options= OPGSZ
winter= WIRNT
briefing= BRAOEFG
we have= WEF
understood= NAOD
do you know= DAOUN
perimeter= PRIRMT
nervous= NEFS
to be= TOB
strategy= STRAJ
I don’t know= YON
behind= HIND
pitch= PIFP
paprika= PAP/RAOE/KA*
in my= NAOI
dislikes= SLAOIKS
you’re welcome= YOURM
amygdala= A/MIG/DA/LA*
synthetic= SIN/TH*EKT
after this= AFRTS
something else= S-LGS
I think= AOING
everyone else= EFRNLS
this is= TH-S
powered= POURD
abilities= ABLTS
mystery= STRAOE
understand= NAND
controls= KROELS
control= KROEL
minutes= MINS
pizza= PIZ
alternatively= NAEFLT
avoid= WOI
possibility= POBLT
incident= DIN
to see= TOZ
Berlin= BER/L*IN or BERNL
panther= PA*RNT
generations= JAIGSZ
mantle= MANLT
warrior= WAR/YO*R
ask you= SKU
king= KING
how long= HOUNG
do you think= DOUNG
you can= UK
happen= HAP
psychological= SKL-L
evaluation= VAELGS
extradition= XRAGS
commander= KMARND
lawyer= LAUR
what about= WHAB
receipt= RAOET
window= WID
office= OFS
provided= PROID
cell= KREL
intend= SBEN
for the record= FRORD
sanctioned= SANGS/-D
consequences= KWENSZ
obviously= OEFLS
I just= IJT
anything else= NILGS
technically= TLEBLG or TAEBLG
archives= AR/KHAO*IFS
alleys= LAELS
closer= KLOERS
branch= BRAFP
I didn’t see= YIZ
definitely= DAFL
difference= DIFRNS
defense= D-FNS or D-FS
always= AULS
each other= AOEFRP
mentioned= MENGS/-D
thousand= THOU
difficult= DIF
polite= PLOIT
situation= SWAIGS
south= SOUT
ignore= GOR
sometimes= STAOIMS
I could= IKD
no, I don’t= NYO
24 hours= 24OURS
American= MERN
punch= PUFP
legit= LEJT
transferred=] TR-FRD
prison= PRIS
impossible= KBOB
safeguards= SAIFGDZ
amended= AMD/-D
motion= MOEGS
compound= KPOUN
company= K-P
acres= AIKS
internment= SBERN/-MT
currently= KURNLT
protection= PROEX
protect= PROEKT
citizen= SIZ
destruction= SDRUX
stave= STAEF
evaluate= VAELT
do you mind= DOUMD
if I= FI
James= JAIMS
receipt= RAOET
judge= JUJ
I can’t= YA
photo= FOET
flush= FLURB
picture= PIR
billion= B-L
nothing= NOG
guarantee= GAERNT
guarantees= GAERNTS
we would= WELD
great deal= GRAOEL
horrors= HOR/-S
level= LEFL
what the= WHAT
discuss= SKUS
Romania= ROE/MAIN/YA*
empire= KBAOIR
civilians= SIFNLS
combatant= KBANT
active= TIF
duty= DAOUT
position= POGS
at least= TLAOEFT
recognize= REK
if you were= FURP
little= LIL
custody= KUD
newspapers= NUPS
shoes= SHAOUZ
inside= N-DZ
he had= ED
he wanted= EPTD
where I was= WRIFS
exactly= XLKT
would he need= WOEFRN
who were= WHORP
elite= AOELT
serum= SERM
languages= LANGS
infiltrate= KB-FLT
assassinate= SNAET
easier= AOERZ
idea= Y-D
they are= THER
24/7= 24OI7
objective= OFBT
provoked= PROEFKD
bullets= BULTS
differently= DIFRNL
last time= LAFMT
loafers= LOEFRZ
left arm= LERM
downstairs= DOUNTS
how was= HOUFS
school= SKAOL
crazy= KRAEZ
doing= DOG
emails= AOEMS
regarding= RARG
applied= PLAOID
business= BIS
surprises= SPRAOISZ
anyway= NAI
to believe= TOBL
exceptional= XEPGS/A*L
salvation= SWALGS
dumpster= DUFRP/ST*ER
diver= DAOIFR
at you= TU
rhetorical= WROL
miles an hour= MIRS
You Tube= YAOUB
video= VAO
spider= SPAO*IRD
onesie= WUNS/YI
what do you mean= WHAOUM
I can’t believe= YABL
perfectly= P-FRLT
algebra= AL/JA/BRA*
who else= WHOLS
anybody= MIB
attractive= TR-FK
she would= SHELD
tensile= TEN/SAO*IL
manufactured= M*FD
adhesive= DHAOEFS
gloves= GLOFS
I was= IFS
happened= HAPD
dialed= DAOILD
input= KBUT
focus= FOEX
dire= DAOIR
systemic= STPBLG
restoration= RES/STO*RGS
months= MOS
powers= POURS
build= BL-
football= FAOBL
I couldn’t= YU
I can’t tell= YAT
that I can= THAIK
because of= BAUF
it is= T-S
passport= PAFRPT
driver’s license= DLNS
Germany= GERM/N*I
homework= HOERK
pretend= PREND
serious= SAOERZ
dangerous= DAIJS
out of this= OUFTS
should have= SHUF
disappointing= SPOINGT
really= R-L
retire= RIR
consider= K-R
it’s= -TS
problems= BLEMS
high school= HAOL
amends= AMD/-D
stretched= STREFPD
I can’t let= YALT
I’m sorry= AOIMS
matter= MAERT
behavioral= BAIFRL
pattern= PAERN
biometric= BAOI/O*E/M*ERKT
entertaining= SBAING
that was= THAFS
I should= IRBD
I wouldn’t have= YAOF
recruit= KRAOUT
zone= SO*EN
audition= AU/D*IGS
what happened= WHAPD
psycho= SKOE
outside= OUDZ
what else= WHAELS
chopper= KHORP
evacuating= AOEFKT/-G
weird= WERD
psychiatrist= SKRIFT
highness= HAOINS
anyway= NAI
hours= HOURS
24 hours= 24OURS
judgment= JUMT
askew= A/SKAOU
yesterday= YED
super= SAOURP
conversation= K-FRGS
captain= KAPT
busy= B-Z
idiot= ID/Y*OT
rescuing= SKWUG
apart= POIRT
compunction= KPUNGS
hanger= HAIRNG
America= MERK
what should= WHARBD
distance= SDANS
copy= KPAOE
second= SEKD
gimmick= GIM/*IK or GIM/M*IK
metal= MAELT
awesome= AUFM
tickle= T*IBLG
exaggeration= XAJS
retirement= RIRMT
golf= GOFL
first time= FIRMT
multiple= MUMT
contusions= TAOUGSZ
detected= SDEKTD
lost= LO*S
carbon= KBON
rigidity= RIJT
flexibility= FLEBLT
ratio= RAIRB
in a= NA
unusually= NAOURBL
this much= TH-FP
impress= KBRES
water= WAURT
switch= SWIFP
it up= TUP
you believe= UBL
collective= KLEFKT
this is= TH-S
obey= BOEB
physics= FIFKZ
arrow= ROER
Friday= FRI
Queens= KWAO*ENS
suppression= SPREGS
system= ST-M
diversion= DWERGS
signal= SNAL
in a= N-A
fantastic= FAN/TA*FKT
abilities= ABLTS
disclose= SKLOES
suggestions= SUGSZ
I don’t care= YOK
Clint= KLINT
something= S-G
regret= GRET
movie= MO*EF
orange= ORNG
I said= IDZ
as I said= SIDZ
catastrophe= STRAOF
glider= GLAOIRD
thrusting= THRUFGT
vitals= VAO*ILTS
heartbeat= HARBT
medical= MEL
emergency= M-J
what you did= WHA*UD
choice= KHOIS
did this= SD-TS or D-TS
neither= NAOERT
shattered= SHARTD
extreme= STREM
laceration= LAEFRGS
paralysis= PRALS
scenario= SNAR
must be= MUB
agent= AGT
double= DUBL
ego= AOEG
priority= PRAOIRT
dispatched= DPAFPD
Geneva= JA/NAOEF/A*
someone else= SWUNLS
intelligence= TEJS
scorpion= SKORP/YO*N
squad= SQAD
prosthesis= PROS/THAO*EZ
satellites= SAT/LAO*ITS
facial= FAIRBL
scanning= SKANG
fiasco= FAOEFK
somewhere= SWR-
floating= FLOEGT
maniacs= MA*INGS
criminals= KRINLS
law= LAU
I don’t understand= YOND
wrong side= WRONGDZ
Colombia= KLO*M
tomorrow= TOM
Information= N-FGS
equipment= QIMT
fellow= FLEL
interrogate= SBROEGT
reservation= REFRBGS
easy= AOEZ
blink= BL*ING
you remember= URM
beach= BAEFP
what was= WHAFS
hundred= HUN
years old= YAOERLDZ
more than= MORN
defensive= D-FS
paperwork= PAIRK
Manchurian= MAN/KHAOUR/YA*N
candidate= KAND
signatures= SIGTS
how many= HOUM
comfort= K-FRT
did you really= SD*URL
grateful= GRAEF
brought= BRAUT
Soviets= SO*EFTS
launch= LAUFP
rockets= ROKTS
innocent= N-NT
studied= STOID
followed= FOLD
realized= RAELDZ
promise= PROM
toppled= TOP/*LD
enemies= NAOEMS
within= W-N
sergeant= SAERNGT
Howard= HOURD
it was= T-FS
did you know= SDUN
yes= YE
wasn’t= WAENT
bodies= BOEDZ
justice= JUS
analyze= NALZ
countermeasures= KROURNT/M*URZ
do this= DO*TS
belong= BLONG
deserve= DEFRB
combat= KBAT
missions= MIGSZ
I don’t think= YONG
by the way= BAE
bathroom= BARM
mansion= MA*NGS
rattling= RALGT
faith= FA*IT
for the most part= F-RMT
replaced= PLAEFRD
parents= PARNTS
breach= BRAEFP
no matter= NORMT
if you need= FUFRN
about this= B-TS
figure= FIG
to get= TO*GT
for this= F-RTS
victims= VIMS
peace= PAES
they find= THEFND
let them= LEMT
itchy= IFP/YO
no= NO
ouch= OUFP
you got= *UGT
actually= TWAEL
huge= HAOUJ

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