October 2 2019

Amber Guyger Trial Jury Charge Briefs & Phrases

jury instructions= JIRX
deliberations= DLIBGS
closing statements= KLOEMTS
members of the jury= MEJS
on or about= OERB
not guilty= N-G
serious bodily injury= SBOJ
bodily injury= BOJ
firearm= FAOIRM
intentionally= SBLENL
knowingly= NOELG
beyond a reasonable doubt= Y-RD
indictment= DAOIMT
reasonable doubt= -RD
manslaughter= MAUTS
reckless= REBLGS
substantial= SB-L
ordinary person= OERP
circumstances= SIRX
deadly weapon= DWEP
guilty= GELT
murder= MURD
verdict= VERD
prosecution= PR-GS
statutory= STAOUFPT
self-defense= SD-FNS
unlawful= NAUF
justified= JUFD
deadly force= DPORS
aggravated= GRAEFTD
kidnapping= KIPG
sexual assault= SWAULT
aggravated sexual assault= SGRAULT
robbery= ROIB
aggravated robbery= GROIB
pertinent= PERNT
unlawfully= NAUFL
misdemeanor= M-M
presumption= PRUMGS
if you find= FUFND
attack= TW-K
standpoint= ST-PT
deceased= SDAO*EFD
intruder= SBRAOURD
felony= FLOIN
in this case= N*IK
witness stand= WAND
during the course of the trial= DRAOIL
conjecture= J-RK
sympathy= STHI
prejudice= PREJ
exclusive judges= XUJS
retire= RIR
presiding= PRIGD
juror= JAOR
equally= KWAEL
during your deliberations= DURBGS
bailiff= BIF
judicial= JURBL
district court= DRORT
we, the jury= WAOEJ
signatory= SIG/TO*ER

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