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Jan 17

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 2

stupid= STAOUPD question= KWE examiner= X-R subject= SUBT we go= WEG Monday= MOND did you have= SDUF have you ever had= VUFRD notify= NOIF surrendered= SRERND/-D convicted= VIKTD yes or no= YORN immunity= KBAOUNT cooperate= KAOPT criminal= KRINL justice department= JEPT legal= LAOEL status= STAUS network= TWORK Syrian= SYRN Syrians= SYRNS husband= HUS coma= KMA …

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Jan 15

Friday Phrases: And Phrases Part 13

and I like= SKP*IBLG and I need= SKPIFRN and I object= SKPIB and I objected= SKPIBD and I observe= SKPIFRB and I observed= SKPIFRBD and I recall= SKPIRL and I recall the= SKP*IRLT and I recalled= SKPIRLD and I receive= SKPIFZ and I received= SKPIFDZ and I recollect= SKPIRK and I recollect the= SKPIRKT and …

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Jan 14

Theory Thursday: Words Ending in -TH- Part 1

To denote words ending with -th, I use an *T. Here are some briefs: bath= BA*T beneath= BAO*ENT or NAOE*TH bequeath= QAO*ET berth= B*ERT billionth= B_LT birth= B*IRT births= B*IRTS birthed= B*IRTD Bluetooth= BL*UT or BLAO*T tooth= TAO*TH booth= BAO*TH both= BO*T or BO*ET breadth= BRED/*T or BRA*ED breath= BR*ET broth= BRO*T cheth= KH*ET cloth= …

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Jan 13


“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope …

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Jan 12

New Word: Poutine

Poutine is the name of a Canadian dish that was reportedly created in Quebec. It is said that this dish got its name from the Quebecois slang word “poutine,” which means “mess.” Poutine is created with three main ingredients: French fries, topped with cheese curd and gravy. The word “poutine” was officially added to Websters …

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Jan 12

Legal Vocabulary: Demandant

A demandant is another term for a plaintiff. A demandant is one who makes a claim or demand. This is an archaic term that was first used in the 15th century. Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: demandant= DA/MAN/DA*NT OPTION #2: demandant= DAOE/MAN/DA*NT OPTION #3: demandant= DMAN/DA*NT OPTION #4: demandant= DMAN/A*NT OPTION #5: demandant= DA/MAND/DA*NT OPTION #6: …

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Jan 11

Medical Briefs From Concussion

Ritalin= RIT/L*IN Dextradine= DEX/TRA/D*IN or DEX/TRA/DAO*IN or DEX/TRA/DAO*EN Haldol= HAL/DO*L Prozac= PROE/SA*K tumor= TAOURM cardiac arrest= KAURKT pathology= THOLG pathologist= THOLGT autopsy= AUPZ contusion= KON/TAOUGS or KON/TAO*UGS or KAUN/TAOUGS or KAUN/TAO*UGS Alzheimer’s= ALZ CT scan= KR*T/SKA*N brain= BRAIN headaches= HAEKS delusions= DLAOUGSZ concussion= KON/KUGSor KON/K*UGS or KAUN/KUGS or KAUN/K*UGS dizziness= DOIFNS laboratory= LABT abnormality= BORLT …

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Jan 11

Medical Monday: Sed Rate

A sed rate is also known as an erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). The sed rate is a blood test that reveals inflammatory conditions in the body. Machine Brief: OPTION #1: sed rate= SED/RAIT

Jan 10

Court Reporter Spotted: Concussion


The court reporter was in the very first scene of the movie. There was a close-up of her writing on her machine too! [SIDEBAR: Yes, I went to the movie with a pen and pad to write down the medical terms mentioned. Look for a post on these terms in the coming days.]

Jan 08

Friday Phrases

exam room= X-RM or XRAOM or XAOM examining room= XAOMG examination room= XAOMGS or XRAOMGS or X-RMGS bypass surgery= BIPZ rules of= RAOUFLS immune system= KBAOUMT blood supply= BLAOPS in any case= N-NGS I can’t answer= YANS executive committee= SKAOUFK advisory committee= VOIRK

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