October 23 2012

Practice Video: Opening Statement

Below is an instructional video for making opening statements. I found it to be good practice on the machine.

Here are some briefs from the video:
cocaine= KOIK
perfect= P-FRT
informant= N-FNT
police department= PLEPT
identity= AOEUD
transport= TR-PT
simply= SOIM
prosecution= PR-GS
reasonable doubt= -RD
expert= SPERT
pressure= PRERB
ask you= SKU
impossible= KBOB
at the end of= TEFN
positive= POF

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Posted October 23, 2012 by Elsie Villega in category "Briefs", "Practice Material


  1. By Virginia T. Kempson on

    Elsie, This is virginia. Thanks for the Opening Statment..(Mock Trial) I’m going to continue practicing it until I get it 100%.


  2. By Virginia T. Kempson on

    Elsie, I played & practiced at least 6 times. fingers r getting tired, but I’m going stop and take a brake then continue practicing. Yeah! Thanks again. Virginia.


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