Oct 23

Practice Video: Opening Statement

Below is an instructional video for making opening statements. I found it to be good practice on the machine.

Here are some briefs from the video:
cocaine= KOIK
perfect= P-FRT
informant= N-FNT
police department= PLEPT
identity= AOEUD
transport= TR-PT
simply= SOIM
prosecution= PR-GS
reasonable doubt= -RD
expert= SPERT
pressure= PRERB
ask you= SKU
impossible= KBOB
at the end of= TEFN
positive= POF

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  1. Virginia T. Kempson

    Elsie, This is virginia. Thanks for the Opening Statment..(Mock Trial) I’m going to continue practicing it until I get it 100%.


  2. Virginia T. Kempson

    Elsie, I played & practiced at least 6 times. fingers r getting tired, but I’m going stop and take a brake then continue practicing. Yeah! Thanks again. Virginia.

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