October 22 2012

“Court reporters often interrupt proceedings to get every word uttered by someone in a low tone or if more than one person is speaking at once. Recording equipment cannot do that, which explains the “inaudible” entries that often punctuate court transcripts from digital recordings.” -From the article, “Fewer Court Stenographers as N.J. Courts Go Digital” By: The Associated Press

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Posted October 22, 2012 by Elsie Villega in category "Status


  1. By Virginia T. Kempson on


    s long as New York doesn’t go Digital. Hey! the World needs us.

  2. By Virginia T. Kempson on


    When u do a reasonable doubt, do u use initia=,r-pbl or final = rpbld,=rnld? sometimes I use final and someitmes i use initial, frins,=for instance, R-N for reason, R-NL for reasonable or RNLD=reasonable doubt. which is correct? Because, If u wanted to use resonable care= R-BG, and reasonable certainty RERPBT

    How do u feel about this: CAN U REPHRASE THE QUESTION = KU, R-FRGS.OR KU, R-FRPGS?

    1. By Elsie (Post author) on

      That’s a good one for, “reasonable doubt!” I never thought about that. I do final -RD. Then, for “beyond a reasonable doubt,” I do Y-RD.

      For, “Can you rephrase the question?” I didn’t have anything in my dictionary for that; but, I think your suggestions are genius! :)


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