March 17 2016

Rules Of Grammar: Paul vs. Pall vs. Pawl

Rules Of Grammar LogoOf course, there is the name Paul. Then there is pawl and pall.

Pall has the following definitions: “(1) A cover for a coffin, bier, or tomb, often made of black, purple, or white velvet. (2) A coffin. (3) A covering that darkens or obscures. (4) A gloomy effect or atmosphere. (5) To become insipid, boring, or wearisome.”

A pawl is “a pivoted tongue or sliding bolt on one part of a machine that is adapted to fall into notches or interdental spaces on another part so as to permit motion in only one direction.”

Machine Briefs:

pall= PAUL
pawl= PA*UL

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Posted March 17, 2016 by Elsie Villega in category "Briefs", "Grammar", "Vocabulary

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