December 18 2015

Layout Conversion Figures

Lines of Text RulerWhen measuring margins for Case CATalyst settings, a ruler that has the inches divided into tenths is a useful tool. However, such a ruler is not always readily available. Most rulers divide the inches by sixteenths. Below is a list of figures that shows the decimal equivalents for sixteenths of an inch. These conversions are the next best thing to having a ruler divided by tenths when you have to create layout settings in Case CATalyst. When needing to set various layout measurement that may not measure up to whole numbers, you can use a regular foot-long ruler and combine the whole number measurements with these decimals as need.

1/16 of an inch= .063
1/16 of an inch= .063
1/16 of an inch= .063
2/16 of an inch (or 1/8 of an inch)= .125
3/16 of an inch= .188
4/16 of an inch (or 1/4 or an inch)= .250
5/16 of an inch= .313
6/16 of an inch (or 3/8 of an inch)= .375
7/16 of an inch= .438
8/16 of an inch (or 1/2 of an inch)= .500
9/16 of an inch= .563
10/16 of an inch (or 5/8 of an inch)= .625
11/16 of an inch= .688
12/16 of an inch (or 3/4 of an inch)= .750
13/16 of an inch= .813
14/16 of an inch (or 7/8 of an inch)= .875
16/16 of an inch= 1

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