March 29 2014

Practice Audio: Q & A 170-210 (2-Voice)

I’m a big fan of John DeCaro’s practice audio. I especially love the way he does the Q & A. His Q & A actually has different people dictating along with him so that you hear more than one person’s voice. This is helpful to me because I noticed that I have developed a habit of making a stroke for a speaker designation every time I hear a voice inflection from a speaker. I believe that I developed this habit from practicing too much Q & A dictation where one speaker is doing two voices. Hopefully, practicing to John DeCaro’s Q & A dictation, and other Q & A dictation, where there is more than one speaker will help me break this habit.

Here are some briefs from the dictation:
modification= MOIFGS
retrospect= ROERT/SPEK
negotiation= GOERBGS
did you have= SDUF
I don’t remember= YORM
do you understand= DOUNDZ
consult= SKULT
real estate= RAE
occupancy= OUPZ
furniture= FURNT
premises= PREMS
carpet= KARPT
air conditioning= AIRNG
repairs= R-PS
maintenance= MAINS
supervisor= SPRFR
thereafter= THRAF
installation= SNAULGS
fabric= FA*RK
leather= L*ERT
pursue= PRAOU
possession= PEGS
thermometer= THERMT
temperature= TEM
windows= WIDZ
front side= FRONDZ
cooler= KAORL
building= BLG
because of the= BAUFT
disposition= DPOGS
dirty= DOIRT
notify= NOIF
composition= KPOGS
degrees= DREZ
average= AFRJ

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