February 14 2019

Briefs And Phrases From The Punisher- Season 2, Episode 13

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 13
psychopath= SKPA*T
teenagers= TAIRJS
and I need= SKPIFRN
what do you think= WHAOUNG
Lemuel= LEM/AOU/*EL
you have the= UFT
bunch= BUFP
flowers= FLOURS
bridge= BRIJ
when you find= WHUFND
what he says= WHAESZ
bedside= BED/SAO*ID
flesh= FLERB
flinch= FLIFP
I didn’t want= YIPT
any of this= NIFTS
how could= HOUKD
poster= POEFRT
plausible= PLAUFBL
deniability= D-NLT
some of them= SM-FMT
prejudices= PREJS
legacy= LEGZ
right thing= RAOING
righteous= RAOIRBS
they believe it= TH*EBLT
plenty= PLENT
too late= TAOLT
trailer= TRAIRL
is that= STHA
who you are= WHOUR
here’s= HAO*ERS
therapy= THAERP
state of mind= STAIFMD
yourself= YOURZ
should have known= SHUFN
preserve= PREFRB
crime scene= KRAOEN
finish= FINS
flattered= FLARTD
liable= LAOIBL
to say= TO*S
murdering= MURGD
decency= SDAOENZ
airport= AIRPT
shuttles= SHULTS
tougher= TUFR
he’ll= HAO*EL

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